Schedule & Results, 2019-20 Northumberland Regional, 2019-2020, Can Reg (International Silver Stick)

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Friday, November 22, 2019
MinorAtomA112:00 PMCCC-Bowl North Toronto Minor Atom3-3Ottawa Sting
MinorAtomA21:00 PMCCC-Bowl Ottawa West Golden Knights0-6Kanata Blazers
MinorAtomA31:15 PMCCC-Pond Gloucester Orleans Blues3-2Welland Tigers
AtomA (A)42:00 PMCCC-Bowl Napanee Stars5-0Ajax Knights
AtomA (A)52:15 PMCCC-Pond Kingston Canadians1-3Whitby Wildcats
mBantA (A)63:00 PMCCC-Bowl Metcalfe Jets3-3Clarington Toros
mBantA (A)73:15 PMCCC-Pond Whitby Wildcats3-3East Gwillimbury Eagles
mBantA (A)84:15 PMCCC-Bowl Kingston Canadians A2-0Pickering Panthers
MinorAtomA94:30 PMCCC-Pond Stittsville Rams4-2North Toronto Minor Atom
MinorAtomA105:30 PMCCC-Bowl Gloucester Orleans Blues3-1Ottawa Sting
MinorAtomA115:45 PMCCC-Pond Ottawa West Golden Knights0-5Welland Tigers
mBantA (A)126:45 PMCCC-Bowl Leitrim Hawks4-0Northumberland Nighthawks
mBantA (A)137:00 PMCCC-Pond Kingston Canadians AE1-3Quinte West Hawks
mMidA (A)148:00 PMCCC-Bowl Clarington Toros5-1North Durham Warriors
mMidA (A)158:15 PMCCC-Pond Mississippi Thunder Kings2-1Oakville Rangers (Blue)
mMidA (B)169:15 PMCCC-Bowl Ajax Knights2-2Gloucester Orleans Blues
mMidA (B)179:30 PMCCC-Pond Castor River Canucks2-1Whitby Wildcats
Saturday, November 23, 2019
MinorAtomA188:00 AMJackBurg Kanata Blazers1-5Stittsville Rams
MinorAtomA198:00 AMCCC-Bowl Ottawa Sting5-2Ottawa West Golden Knights
MinorAtomA208:00 AMCCC-Pond Welland Tigers1-1North Toronto Minor Atom
AtomA (A)219:00 AMCCC-Pond Whitby Wildcats3-1Ajax Knights
mBantA (A)229:15 AMCCC-Bowl Clarington Toros6-3East Gwillimbury Eagles
AtomA (A)239:15 AMJackBurg Napanee Stars5-3Kingston Canadians
mBantA (A)2410:30 AMJackBurg Whitby Wildcats3-1Quinte West Hawks
mBantA (A)2510:30 AMCCC-Bowl Metcalfe Jets4-0Kingston Canadians A
mBantA (A)2611:00 AMCCC-Pond Northumberland Nighthawks3-4Pickering Panthers
mMidA (A)2711:45 AMCCC-Bowl Oakville Rangers (Blue)1-2North Durham Warriors
mBantA (A)2811:45 AMJackBurg Leitrim Hawks5-0Kingston Canadians AE
mMidA (A)2912:15 PMCCC-Pond Mississippi Thunder Kings5-3Clarington Toros
MinorAtomA301:00 PMCCC-Bowl Gloucester Orleans Blues1-3Kanata Blazers
mMidA (B)311:00 PMJackBurg Whitby Wildcats1-6Gloucester Orleans Blues
AtomA (A)321:30 PMCCC-Pond Kingston Canadians3-2Ajax Knights
MinorAtomA332:15 PMCCC-Bowl Stittsville Rams4-5Ottawa Sting
mMidA (B)342:15 PMJackBurg Castor River Canucks2-5Ajax Knights
AtomA (A)352:45 PMCCC-Pond Whitby Wildcats2-3Napanee Stars
mBantA (A)364:00 PMCCC-Pond Clarington Toros3-7Quinte West Hawks
mBantA (A)374:45 PMCCC-Bowl Kingston Canadians A2-4East Gwillimbury Eagles
mBantA (A)384:45 PMJackBurg Northumberland Nighthawks3-8Metcalfe Jets
mBantA (A)395:15 PMCCC-Pond Leitrim Hawks0-1Whitby Wildcats
MinorAtomA406:00 PMJackBurg Ottawa West Golden Knights2-4Stittsville Rams
MinorAtomA416:00 PMCCC-Bowl Gloucester Orleans Blues4-1North Toronto Minor Atom
MinorAtomA426:30 PMCCC-Pond Kanata Blazers3-5Welland Tigers
mBantA (A)437:15 PMCCC-Bowl Pickering Panthers6-1Kingston Canadians AE
mMidA (A)457:45 PMCCC-Pond Oakville Rangers (Blue)4-2Clarington Toros
mMidA (B)468:30 PMCCC-Bowl Whitby Wildcats1-6Ajax Knights
mMidA (A)449:00 PMCCC-Pond Mississippi Thunder Kings2-1North Durham Warriors
mMidA (B)479:45 PMCCC-Bowl Castor River Canucks4-1Gloucester Orleans Blues
Sunday, November 24, 2019
mAtomA-Sem489:00 AMCCC-Pond Ottawa Sting4-3Stittsville Rams
mAtomA-Sem499:15 AMCCC-Bowl Welland Tigers5-2Gloucester Orleans Blues
AtomA Semi5010:00 AMCCC-Pond Ajax Knights0-6Napanee Stars
AtomA Semi5110:15 AMCCC-Bowl Kingston Canadians0-4Whitby Wildcats
mBantA Sem5211:00 AMCCC-Pond Pickering Panthers1-3Metcalfe Jets
mBantA Sem5311:15 AMCCC-Bowl Leitrim Hawks2-3Whitby Wildcats
mMidA Semi5412:30 PMCCC-Bowl Castor River Canucks1-3Mississippi Thunder Kings
mMidA Semi5512:30 PMCCC-Pond Oakville Rangers (Blue)1-3Ajax Knights
mAtomA FL562:15 PMCCC-Bowl Ottawa Sting2-4Welland Tigers
AtomA FL572:15 PMCCC-Pond Whitby Wildcats2-3Napanee Stars
mbantA FL583:30 PMCCC-Bowl Whitby Wildcats2-1Metcalfe Jets
mMidA FL593:30 PMCCC-Pond Ajax Knights4-3Mississippi Thunder Kings
Friday, November 29, 2019
Peewee A110:00 AMCCC-Bowl Niagara-on-the-Lake Wolves3-0Northumberland Nighthawks
Minor PeeW210:30 AMCCC-Pond Welland Tigers4-1Orillia Terriers
Minor PeeW311:00 AMCCC-Bowl Clarington Toros1-3Quinte West Hawks
Minor PeeW411:00 AMJackBurg Peterborough Petes1-4North Durham Warriors
Peewee A511:30 AMCCC-Pond Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets0-2Quinte West Hawks
Atom AA612:00 PMCCC-Bowl North York Knights2-2Scarborough Young Bruins
Minor PeeW712:00 PMJackBurg Russell Warriors2-2Northumberland Nighthawks
mBanAA (A)812:30 PMCCC-Pond Kingston Canadians 0-4Markham Islanders
mMidAA (A)91:00 PMJackBurg Stouffville Clippers2-5Nepean Raiders
mBanAA (A)101:15 PMCCC-Bowl St. Catharines Jr. Falcons3-1St. Lawrence Kings
mBanAA (A)111:45 PMCCC-Pond Toronto Aeros0-3Belleville Bulls
mMidAA (B)122:30 PMCCC-Bowl Glancaster Bombers1-0Leaside Flames
mBanAA (A)132:30 PMJackBurg Glancaster Bombers1-0Peterborough Petes
mMidAA (C)143:15 PMCCC-Pond Rideau St Lawrence Kings0-5Vaughn Rangers
mMidAA (A)153:45 PMCCC-Bowl Seaway Valley Rapids4-2Northumberland Nighthawks
mMidAA (B)163:45 PMJackBurg Clarington Toros2-2Belleville Jr. Bulls
Minor PeeW174:30 PMCCC-Pond Gloucester Orleans Blues3-1Leitrim Hawks
Atom AA185:00 PMCCC-Bowl Scarborough Young Bruins2-1Ottawa Valley Silver Seven
Minor PeeW195:00 PMJackBurg Orillia Terriers4-3Peterborough Petes
Minor PeeW205:30 PMCCC-Pond Clarington Toros1-4Welland Tigers
Minor PeeW216:15 PMCCC-Bowl Quinte West Hawks4-1Russell Warriors
mBanAA (A)226:45 PMCCC-Pond St. Lawrence Kings6-0Glancaster Bombers
mBanAA (A)236:45 PMJackBurg Kingston Canadians 1-1St. Catharines Jr. Falcons
mBanAA (A)247:15 PMCCC-Bowl Richmond Hill Stars3-3Northumberland Nighthawks
mBanAA (A)258:00 PMCCC-Pond Markham Islanders4-2Toronto Aeros
mMidAA (A)268:00 PMJackBurg Nepean Raiders1-1Seaway Valley Rapids
Peewee A278:30 PMCCC-Bowl Peterborough Petes1-3Napanee Stars
mMidAA (B)289:15 PMCCC-Pond Leaside Flames4-0Belleville Jr. Bulls
mMidAA (A)299:15 PMJackBurg Northumberland Nighthawks1-1Stouffville Clippers
mMidAA (C)309:30 PMCCC-Bowl Peterborough Petes0-1Scarborough Young Bruins
Saturday, November 30, 2019
Minor PeeW318:00 AMCCC-Bowl North Durham Warriors4-3Northumberland Nighthawks
Minor PeeW328:00 AMCCC-Pond Leitrim Hawks1-3Quinte West Hawks
Minor PeeW338:00 AMJackBurg Welland Tigers1-0Russell Warriors
mBanAA (A)349:00 AMCCC-Bowl Richmond Hill Stars3-3Peterborough Petes
Atom AA359:00 AMCCC-Pond Northumberland Nighthawks2-6North York Knights
Minor PeeW369:00 AMJackBurg Gloucester Orleans Blues1-4Orillia Terriers
Peewee A3710:00 AMJackBurg Quinte West Hawks1-1Peterborough Petes
Peewee A3810:15 AMCCC-Bowl Northumberland Nighthawks3-0Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
Minor PeeW3911:00 AMCCC-Pond Peterborough Petes3-5Clarington Toros
mBanAA (A)4011:00 AMJackBurg Glancaster Bombers0-5Kingston Canadians
mBanAA (A)4111:30 AMCCC-Bowl St. Catharines Jr. Falcons3-0Toronto Aeros
mMidAA (C)4212:00 PMCCC-Pond Scarborough Young Bruins1-3Vaughn Rangers
mBanAA (A)4312:30 PMJackBurg Markham Islanders2-2Northumberland Nighthawks
Peewee A4412:45 PMCCC-Bowl Napanee Stars3-2Niagara-on-the-Lake Wolves
Minor PeeW451:15 PMCCC-Pond Northumberland Nighthawks2-2Leitrim Hawks
Atom AA461:45 PMCCC-Bowl Ottawa Valley Silver Seven7-2Northumberland Nighthawks
mBanAA (A)471:45 PMJackBurg Peterborough Petes6-4Belleville Bulls
mMidAA (B)482:30 PMCCC-Pond Glancaster Bombers1-1Clarington Toros
mMidAA (C)493:00 PMJackBurg Peterborough Petes1-6Rideau St Lawrence Kings
mMidAA (A)503:45 PMCCC-Pond Northumberland Nighthawks2-1Nepean Raiders
Peewee A514:00 PMCCC-Bowl Peterborough Petes5-2Northumberland Nighthawks
mMidAA (A)524:15 PMJackBurg Stouffville Clippers3-3Seaway Valley Rapids
Minor PeeW535:00 PMCCC-Bowl North Durham Warriors6-4Gloucester Orleans Blues
mBanAA (A)545:15 PMCCC-Pond Northumberland Nighthawks4-1Belleville Bulls
Atom AA555:30 PMJackBurg Northumberland Nighthawks0-3Scarborough Young Bruins
mBanAA (A)566:15 PMCCC-Bowl St. Lawrence Kings6-1Richmond Hill Stars
Atom AA576:30 PMCCC-Pond Ottawa Valley Silver Seven2-3North York Knights
Peewee A586:45 PMJackBurg Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets2-2Napanee Stars
mMidAA (B)597:15 PMCCC-Bowl Clarington Toros1-3Leaside Flames
mMidAA (C)607:30 PMCCC-Pond Vaughn Rangers6-1Peterborough Petes
Peewee A617:45 PMJackBurg Niagara-on-the-Lake Wolves1-6Quinte West Hawks
mMidAA (B)628:30 PMCCC-Bowl Glancaster Bombers3-1Belleville Jr. Bulls
mMidAA (C)638:45 PMCCC-Pond Scarborough Young Bruins2-2Rideau St Lawrence Kings
Sunday, December 1, 2019
Minor Peew648:00 AMCCC-Bowl Orillia Terriers2-0Welland Tigers
Minor Peew658:00 AMCCC-Pond North Durham Warriors2-3Quinte West Hawks
PeweeA Sem668:00 AMJackBurg Niagara-on-the-Lake Wolves2-6Quinte West Hawks
mMidAA 1/4679:00 AMCCC-Bowl Rideau St Lawrence Kings1-5Leaside Flames
mMidAA 1/4689:00 AMCCC-Pond Nepean Raiders3-0Seaway Valley Rapids
AtomAASemi699:00 AMJackBurg Northumberland Nighthawks0-3Scarborough Young Bruins
PeweeA Sem7010:00 AMJackBurg Peterborough Petes3-2Napanee Stars
mBanAA Sem7110:15 AMCCC-Bowl Northumberland Nighthawks1-2St. Catharines Jr. Falcons
mBanAA Sem7210:15 AMCCC-Pond St. Lawrence Kings3-4Markham Islanders
AtomAASemi7311:00 AMJackBurg Ottawa Valley Silver Seven1-5North York Knights
mMidAA Sem7411:45 AMCCC-Bowl Nepean Raiders3-2Vaughn Rangers
mMidAA Sem7511:45 AMCCC-Pond Leaside Flames4-3Glancaster Bombers
PeweeA FL761:15 PMCCC-Bowl Peterborough Petes0-3Quinte West Hawks
Minor Peew771:15 PMCCC-Pond Orillia Terriers4-0Quinte West Hawks
mMidAA FL782:30 PMCCC-Bowl Nepean Raiders2-1Leaside Flames
AtomAA FL792:30 PMCCC-Pond North York Knights2-3Scarborough Young Bruins
mBantAA FL803:45 PMCCC-Bowl Markham IslandersSt. Catharines Jr. Falcons
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