Things you should know, 2019-20 Northumberland Regional, 2019-2020, Can Reg (International Silver Stick)

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Misc. - Shaking Hands

It is the Policy of the Silver Stick that teams will shake hands before each game.

Game Start Times

Games may start up to 15 minutes (max) ahead of the scheduled start time.  Sometimes we have change-over in referee crews or resurfacing conflicts so this may not be feasible for some games. 

New for 2018, we are using Electronic Game sheets for the tournament. We supply the iPads! For you as team manager... before each game need to

 1. Mark players who are sitting out for that game;  click their name and select reason. sitting out or  suspension
 2. Verify your players and their jersey numbers  to change a player #, touch their number and enter new # hit save
 3. Select your starting goalie and  goalie list just under coach list
 4. Have all of our bench staff sign the game sheet   touch the sign link, sign in the window and hit save button

Once the head coach of your team has signed the iPad, any change to the roster after that point will require the head coach to resign the iPad.

**if you have any questions about the electronic game sheets, please come to the tournament office at the CCC and we can give you a quick tutorial. 

All game sheets at Jack Burger arena will be kept on a table outside of the dressing rooms.  Please do not remove the iPads from this table.  After the games, you will be able to login, view and print your game sheet at  We will give you your invite code when you check-in on Friday.

For games at the CCC, teams are asked to sign the iPad game sheets at the Tournament Office.

Any ROSTERED coach, trainer or manager who will be on the bench for the game, MUST sign the iPad to avoid possible suspension by the OMHA. If the manager is not on the bench, they do not have to be listed on the game sheet.  Simply touch "coaching" and change it to "sitting out"
You must sign the game sheet in the spot for the corresponding position for which you are rostered.
The head coach position must always be filled-in and signed by either your head coach or assistant coach (if the head coach is away)

Only ROSTERED coaches, trainers or managers listed on your roster can go on your bench for the game. If you are on your associations coach-at-large or trainer-at-large list, you can fill that role, provided you bring a copy of the At-large list to the tournament and submit to tournament organizers.

If your Trainer is away, you are permitted to use the other team's trainer provided;
1. The other team agrees;
2. Have the referee write in the referee notes on the game sheet that your team is using the other team's trainer;

If your trainer is away and one of your players are injured, the trainer on the opposing team will accompany a coach from your team to the injured player on the ice.
If a player/coach received a suspension (other than a match penalty) prior to coming to the tournament, they may participate in tournament games but will continue to serve their remaining games after the tournament.  If you sit that player/coach out of a game during the tournament, it does not count in their total games served.
Any player/coach receiving a suspension during the tournament games, must start to serve their suspension in their next tournament game.  Important... any remaining games left in that suspension will carry over to your league play.  Any team who fails to sit a player/coach after receiving a suspension in our tournament game may result in a loss of points earned from that game due to an ineligible player.
Any player/coach receiving a match penalty during the tournament is out of the tournament.
If you sit-out a suspended player/coach but do list the player as sitting out suspended on the iPad, it is treated like they played in the game and could result in further possible suspensions i.e. in-eligble player and WILL NOT count toward their suspension games served.

Any player or coach who receives a suspension for fighting is out of the tournament.  No fighting is allowed at any Silver Stick tournament.

If you have a question about player/coach suspensions or eligibility, come see us first in the CCC Tournament Room before the coach/player participates in the game.
Always have a current and approved roster with you at ALL games.  The referees can ask to see it.  If you are using coach/trainer's at-large, bring that roster too.  Prior to the tournament, please upload an electronic PDF of your team's roster and travel permit.  If for any reason during the tournament, your roster changes, please bring us an updated copy.
All team managers or designated representative are required to "check-in" at the tournament room upstairs at the CCC Pond Arena at least forty-five (45) minutes prior to their first game.  Teams not playing their first game at the CCC will be required to sign in immediately following their first game. Even though you have sent us your roster and travel permit to us already, please bring your current roster and travel permit with you if it has changed. 
Our champions advance to the following International Silver Stick Finals

Novice A Pelham Finals
 January 10-13, 2019
Novice B Pelham Finals  January 10-13, 2019
Minor Atom A  Newmarket Finals   January 10-13, 2019
Atom A  Sarnia Finals   January 18-20, 2019
Atom AA Sarnia Finals    January 18-20, 2019
Peewee A Port Huron Finals   January 10-13, 2019
Minor Bantam A  Newmarket Finals   January 10-13, 2019
Minor Bantam AA  Newmarket Finals  January 10-13, 2019
Minor Midget A Newmarket Finals
 January 10-13, 2019
Minor Midget AA Newmarket Finals   January 10-13, 2019

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