Mite 8U, Divisions, Port Huron Regional, Metro Detroit Region, 2019-2020, American Regionals (International Silver Stick)

This Tournament is part of the 2019-2020 season, which is not set as the current season.
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Mite 8U
Group Schedule & Results
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Friday, November 22, 2019
MT Pool A13:00 PMGPC Flint Ice Raiders Blue0-4Port Huron Flags
MT Pool A23:00 PMGPC Troy Sting Black0-4Macomb Mavericks Black
MT Pool A33:30 PMGPC Troy Sting Black0-8Port Huron Flags
MT Pool A43:30 PMGPC Flint Ice Raiders Blue1-9Macomb Mavericks Black
MT Pool C53:45 PMMCM Port Huron Jets3-6Fraser Big Boy
MT Pool C63:45 PMMCM Port Huron Sharks0-8Macomb Mavericks White
MT Pool B74:00 PMGPC Detroit TLC Stars White9-1Port Huron Titans
MT Pool B84:00 PMGPC Mt. Clemens Bruins Black1-1Port Huron Broncos
MT Pool C104:15 PMMCM Port Huron Sharks1-3Fraser Big Boy
MT Pool C94:15 PMMCM Port Huron Jets1-9Macomb Mavericks White
MT Pool B114:30 PMGPC Mt. Clemens Bruins Black0-1Port Huron Titans
MT Pool B124:30 PMGPC Detroit TLC Stars White7-1Port Huron Broncos
MT Pool D134:45 PMMCM Bay County Blizzard1-1Port Huron Huskies
MT Pool D144:45 PMMCM St. Clair Shores Saints7-0Mt. Clemens Bruins White
MT Pool A155:15 PMGPC Soo Lakers Blue8-0Trenton Blades Black
MT Pool A165:15 PMGPC Downriver Otters Team 14-2Jackson Giants White
MT Pool D175:15 PMMCM Port Huron Huskies0-3Mt. Clemens Bruins White
MT Pool D185:15 PMMCM St. Clair Shores Saints0-2Bay County Blizzard
MT Pool A195:45 PMGPC Downriver Otters Team 110-2Trenton Blades Black
MT Pool A205:45 PMGPC Soo Lakers Blue1-0Jackson Giants White
MT Pool C216:00 PMMCM Trenton Blades White2-1Flint Ice Raiders Red
MT Pool C226:00 PMMCM Troy Sing White0-5Birmingham Jr. Rangers
MT Pool C236:30 PMMCM Trenton Blades White1-4Birmingham Jr. Rangers
MT Pool C246:30 PMMCM Troy Sing White2-2Flint Ice Raiders Red
MT Pool D258:00 PMMCM Jackson Giants Red1-6Soo Lakers Gold
MT Pool D268:00 PMMCM Bulldog Hockey Club Team 13-5Downriver Otters Team 2
MT Pool B278:15 PMGPC Jackson Giants Black1-0Troy Sting Gold
MT Pool B288:15 PMGPC Bulldog Hockey Club Team 27-0Trenton Blades Red
MT Pool D298:30 PMMCM Jackson Giants Red6-4Downriver Otters Team 2
MT Pool D308:30 PMMCM Bulldog Hockey Club Team 10-8Soo Lakers Gold
MT Pool B318:45 PMGPC Bulldog Hockey Club Team 22-6Troy Sting Gold
MT Pool B328:45 PMGPC Jackson Giants Black5-0Trenton Blades Red
Saturday, November 23, 2019
MT Pool C338:00 AMGPC Port Huron Sharks1-5Port Huron Jets
MT Pool C348:00 AMGPC Troy Sing White2-2Trenton Blades White
MT Pool A358:00 AMMCM Macomb Mavericks Black2-2Port Huron Flags
MT Pool A368:00 AMMCM Jackson Giants White8-0Trenton Blades Black
MT Pool C378:30 AMGPC Trenton Blades White5-2Port Huron Jets
MT Pool C388:30 AMGPC Troy Sing White5-1Port Huron Sharks
MT Pool A398:30 AMMCM Trenton Blades Black0-8Port Huron Flags
MT Pool A408:30 AMMCM Jackson Giants White0-7Macomb Mavericks Black
MT Pool C419:00 AMGPC Troy Sing White6-1Port Huron Jets
MT Pool C429:00 AMGPC Trenton Blades White5-1Port Huron Sharks
MT Pool A439:00 AMMCM Jackson Giants White1-9Port Huron Flags
MT Pool A449:00 AMMCM Trenton Blades Black0-8Macomb Mavericks Black
MT Pool C459:45 AMGPC Macomb Mavericks White8-0Fraser Big Boy
MT Pool C469:45 AMGPC Birmingham Jr. Rangers6-1Flint Ice Raiders Red
MT Pool A479:45 AMMCM Troy Sting Black3-2Flint Ice Raiders Blue
MT Pool A489:45 AMMCM Downriver Otters Team 15-4Soo Lakers Blue
MT Pool C4910:15 AMGPC Flint Ice Raiders Red5-5Fraser Big Boy
MT Pool C5010:15 AMGPC Birmingham Jr. Rangers1-2Macomb Mavericks White
MT Pool A5110:15 AMMCM Soo Lakers Blue0-0Flint Ice Raiders Blue
MT Pool A5210:15 AMMCM Downriver Otters Team 13-1Troy Sting Black
MT Pool C5310:45 AMGPC Birmingham Jr. Rangers5-3Fraser Big Boy
MT Pool C5410:45 AMGPC Flint Ice Raiders Red3-6Macomb Mavericks White
MT Pool A5510:45 AMMCM Downriver Otters Team 16-2Flint Ice Raiders Blue
MT Pool A5610:45 AMMCM Soo Lakers Blue2-1Troy Sting Black
MT Pool D5711:30 AMGPC St. Clair Shores Saints6-0Port Huron Huskies
MT Pool D5811:30 AMGPC Bulldog Hockey Club Team 11-6Jackson Giants Red
MT Pool B5911:30 AMMCM Port Huron Broncos4-4Port Huron Titans
MT Pool B6011:30 AMMCM Trenton Blades Red0-6Troy Sting Gold
MT Pool D6112:00 PMGPC Jackson Giants Red7-0Port Huron Huskies
MT Pool D6212:00 PMGPC Bulldog Hockey Club Team 10-4St. Clair Shores Saints
MT Pool B6312:00 PMMCM Troy Sting Gold6-2Port Huron Titans
MT Pool B6412:00 PMMCM Trenton Blades Red2-1Port Huron Broncos
MT Pool D6512:30 PMGPC Bulldog Hockey Club Team 11-0Port Huron Huskies
MT Pool D6612:30 PMGPC Jackson Giants Red1-7St. Clair Shores Saints
MT Pool B6712:30 PMMCM Trenton Blades Red1-4Port Huron Titans
MT Pool B6812:30 PMMCM Troy Sting Gold3-2Port Huron Broncos
MT Pool D691:15 PMGPC Bay County Blizzard6-1Mt. Clemens Bruins White
MT Pool D701:15 PMGPC Downriver Otters Team 20-8Soo Lakers Gold
MT Pool B711:15 PMMCM Mt. Clemens Bruins Black0-5Detroit TLC Stars White
MT Pool B721:15 PMMCM Bulldog Hockey Club Team 25-3Jackson Giants Black
MT Pool D731:45 PMGPC Soo Lakers Gold9-1Mt. Clemens Bruins White
MT Pool D741:45 PMGPC Downriver Otters Team 22-3Bay County Blizzard
MT Pool B751:45 PMMCM Jackson Giants Black4-6Detroit TLC Stars White
MT Pool B761:45 PMMCM Bulldog Hockey Club Team 22-0Mt. Clemens Bruins Black
MT Pool D772:15 PMGPC Downriver Otters Team 210-2Mt. Clemens Bruins White
MT Pool D782:15 PMGPC Soo Lakers Gold5-0Bay County Blizzard
MT Pool B792:15 PMMCM Bulldog Hockey Club Team 21-8Detroit TLC Stars White
MT Pool B802:15 PMMCM Jackson Giants Black2-1Mt. Clemens Bruins Black
MT Pool C813:15 PMGPC Flint Ice Raiders Red11-3Port Huron Jets
MT Pool C823:15 PMGPC Birmingham Jr. Rangers8-0Port Huron Sharks
MT Pool A833:15 PMMCM Soo Lakers Blue1-7Port Huron Flags
MT Pool A843:15 PMMCM Downriver Otters Team 11-5Macomb Mavericks Black
MT Pool C853:45 PMGPC Birmingham Jr. Rangers10-2Port Huron Jets
MT Pool C863:45 PMGPC Flint Ice Raiders Red10-3Port Huron Sharks
MT Pool A873:45 PMMCM Downriver Otters Team 11-9Port Huron Flags
MT Pool A883:45 PMMCM Soo Lakers Blue3-5Macomb Mavericks Black
MT Pool C894:15 PMGPC Trenton Blades White3-2Fraser Big Boy
MT Pool C904:15 PMGPC Macomb Mavericks White8-0Troy Sing White
MT Pool A914:15 PMMCM Flint Ice Raiders Blue1-1Trenton Blades Black
MT Pool A924:15 PMMCM Troy Sting Black4-0Jackson Giants White
MT Pool C934:45 PMGPC Macomb Mavericks White3-1Trenton Blades White
MT Pool C944:45 PMGPC Fraser Big Boy3-2Troy Sing White
MT Pool A954:45 PMMCM Troy Sting Black4-2Trenton Blades Black
MT Pool A964:45 PMMCM Flint Ice Raiders Blue2-3Jackson Giants White
MT Pool B1005:30 PMMCM Bulldog Hockey Club Team 27-2Port Huron Broncos
MT Pool D975:30 PMGPC Soo Lakers Gold8-0Port Huron Huskies
MT Pool D985:30 PMGPC Downriver Otters Team 21-1St. Clair Shores Saints
MT Pool B995:30 PMMCM Jackson Giants Black5-3Port Huron Titans
MT Pool D1016:00 PMGPC Downriver Otters Team 27-1Port Huron Huskies
MT Pool D1026:00 PMGPC Soo Lakers Gold7-1St. Clair Shores Saints
MT Pool B1036:00 PMMCM Bulldog Hockey Club Team 210-2Port Huron Titans
MT Pool B1046:00 PMMCM Jackson Giants Black1-0Port Huron Broncos
MT Pool D1056:30 PMGPC Mt. Clemens Bruins White3-7Jackson Giants Red
MT Pool D1066:30 PMGPC Bay County Blizzard8-0Bulldog Hockey Club Team 1
MT Pool B1076:30 PMMCM Detroit TLC Stars White3-0Troy Sting Gold
MT Pool B1086:30 PMMCM Mt. Clemens Bruins Black0-1Trenton Blades Red
MT Pool D1097:00 PMGPC Bay County Blizzard3-3Jackson Giants Red
MT Pool D1107:00 PMGPC Mt. Clemens Bruins White7-7Bulldog Hockey Club Team 1
MT Pool B1117:00 PMMCM Mt. Clemens Bruins Black2-2Troy Sting Gold
MT Pool B1127:00 PMMCM Detroit TLC Stars White8-0Trenton Blades Red
Sunday, November 24, 2019
MtGrnChamp1138:30 AMGPC Jackson Giants Red7-1Trenton Blades White
MtGrnChamp1148:30 AMGPC St. Clair Shores Saints4-0Fraser Big Boy
MtSilChamp1158:30 AMMCM Bay County Blizzard3-4Macomb Mavericks White
MtSilChamp1168:30 AMMCM Soo Lakers Gold10-2Birmingham Jr. Rangers
MtGrnChamp1179:00 AMGPC Troy Sting Gold0-3Downriver Otters Team 1
MtGrnChamp1189:00 AMGPC Jackson Giants Black0-2Soo Lakers Blue
MtSilChamp1199:00 AMMCM Bulldog Hockey Club Team 21-9Port Huron Flags
MtSilChamp1209:00 AMMCM Detroit TLC Stars White2-4Macomb Mavericks Black
MtGrnChamp1219:30 AMGPC St. Clair Shores Saints2-0Jackson Giants Red
MtGrnChamp1229:30 AMGPC Soo Lakers Blue2-0Downriver Otters Team 1
MtSilChamp1239:30 AMMCM Macomb Mavericks White0-4Soo Lakers Gold
MtSilChamp1249:30 AMMCM Macomb Mavericks Black2-8Port Huron Flags
MtGryChamp12510:30 AMGPC Port Huron Huskies4-1Port Huron Jets
MtGryChamp12610:30 AMGPC Mt. Clemens Bruins White4-1Port Huron Sharks
MtWhtChamp12710:30 AMMCM Trenton Blades Red0-3Troy Sting Black
MtWhtChamp12810:30 AMMCM Port Huron Titans0-3Jackson Giants White
MtGryChamp12911:00 AMGPC Port Huron Broncos1-2Flint Ice Raiders Blue
MtGryChamp13011:00 AMGPC Mt. Clemens Bruins Black3-4Trenton Blades Black
MtWhtChamp13111:00 AMMCM Bulldog Hockey Club Team 11-3Flint Ice Raiders Red
MtWhtChamp13211:00 AMMCM Downriver Otters Team 23-2Troy Sing White
MtGryChamp13311:30 AMGPC Port Huron Huskies1-4Mt. Clemens Bruins White
MtGryChamp13411:30 AMGPC Trenton Blades Black2-5Flint Ice Raiders Blue
MtWhtChamp13511:30 AMMCM Troy Sting Black1-2Jackson Giants White
MtWhtChamp13611:30 AMMCM Flint Ice Raiders Red0-3Downriver Otters Team 2
MtSilChamp1371:00 PMMCM Soo Lakers Gold1-0Port Huron Flags
MtGrnChamp1381:00 PMMCM St. Clair Shores Saints3-0Soo Lakers Blue
MtGryChamp1392:00 PMMCM Mt. Clemens Bruins White2-3Flint Ice Raiders Blue
MtWhtChamp1402:00 PMMCM Jackson Giants White1-5Downriver Otters Team 2
Venue(s) In This Schedule
  • GPC - Glacier Pointe Canada, 4150 Dove Rd, Port Huron, MI. Phone: 810-982-0242
  • MCM - McMorran Place, 701 McMorran Blvd, Port Huron, MI. Phone: 810-982-0242

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