Schedule & Results, 2018-19 Sarnia Girls Finals, 2018-2019 (International Silver Stick)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, January 11, 2019
PWB POOL A18:45 AMPASSA1 Sarnia Lady Sting3-0Chicago Wilmette Braves
PWB POOL B29:00 AMPASSA2 Lindsay Lynx6-0Wallaceburg Lakers
AB - RR59:00 AMPTED Mooretown Lady Flags0-3Sarnia Lady Sting
AB - RR1110:00 AMPTED Bluewater Hawks1-1South Huron Sabres
MB - POOLA710:00 AMPASSA1 Chicago Wilmette Braves0-4Sarnia Lady Sting
PWB POOL B310:15 AMCWB Ilderton Jets6-3Little Caesars
PWB POOL A610:15 AMSARNIA Lucan 0-3Mount Forest Rams
PWB POOL B410:30 AMCWR London Devilettes1-3Mississauga Chiefs
MB - POOLB810:30 AMPASSA2 Lambton Attack2-2Lucan Irish
PWBB - RR1711:00 AMPTED Bluewater Hawks1-5London Devilettes
PWAA - RR1011:30 AMCWR London Devilettes3-1Bluewater Hawks
PWB POOL A1211:30 AMSARNIA West Oxford Inferno3-2St. Clair Shores Saints
MBB - RR1311:30 AMPASSA1 Wallaceburg Lakers4-2Sarnia Lady Sting
PWA - RR911:30 AMCWB St. Thomas Panthers5-3Toronto Leaside Wildcats
MBB - RR1412:00 PMPASSA2 Woodstock Wildcats14-0Omaha Lady Lancers
PWBB - RR2312:15 PMPTED Windsor Wildcats0-2South Huron Sabres
PWA - RR1512:45 PMCWB Detroit Belle Tire0-5Clearview Ice Cats
PWAA - RR1612:45 PMCWR Brampton Canadettes0-1Oakville Hornets
PWA - RR1812:45 PMSARNIA Oakville Hornets1-2Sault Ste Marie Wilcats
MB - POOLB191:00 PMPASSA1 Stratford Aces0-3Kincardine Kinucks
MB - POOLB201:30 PMPASSA2 West Oxford Inferno6-2North Halton Twisters
AB - RR291:30 PMPTED Sarnia Lady Sting6-0Woolwich Wild
PWB POOL B212:00 PMCWB Wallaceburg Lakers1-1Ilderton Jets
PWB POOL A242:00 PMSARNIA Chicago Wilmette Braves6-2Lucan
PWB POOL B222:15 PMCWR Little Caesars0-5London Devilettes
MB - POOLA252:30 PMPASSA1 Woolwich Wild1-3Sarnia Lady Sting
PWBB - RR332:30 PMPTED Huron Heat0-2North Halton Twisters
MB - POOLA263:00 PMPASSA2 South Huron Sabres3-0Bluewater Hawks
PWB POOL B273:15 PMCWB Mississauga Chiefs0-7Lindsay Lynx
PWAA - RR343:15 PMSARNIA Little Caesars1-2Bluewater Hawks
PWB POOL A283:30 PMCWR Mount Forest Rams0-0West Oxford Inferno
AB - RR383:45 PMPTED Mooretown Lady Flags0-5South Huron Sabres
MBB - RR304:30 PMSARNIA Wallaceburg Lakers0-3Huron Heat
PWB POOL A314:30 PMPASSA2 St. Clair Shores Saints4-3Sarnia Lady Sting
PWA - RR324:30 PMCWB Sault Ste Marie Wilcats1-2Toronto Leaside Wildcats
AB - RR424:45 PMPTED Bluewater Hawks10-0Woolwich Wild
PWA - RR365:45 PMCWB Detroit Belle Tire1-9St. Thomas Panthers
PWBB - RR475:45 PMPTED Windsor Wildcats1-3Bluewater Hawks
MB - POOLB356:00 PMPASSA2 Kincardine Kinucks1-1Lambton Attack
PWAA - RR376:00 PMCWR London Devilettes2-1Oakville Hornets
PWA - RR407:00 PMCWB Clearview Ice Cats0-3Oakville Hornets
MBB - RR437:00 PMSARNIA Omaha Lady Lancers1-4Sarnia Lady Sting
PWBB - RR497:00 PMPTED London Devilettes2-2North Halton Twisters
PWAA - RR417:15 PMCWR Little Caesars1-1Brampton Canadettes
MB - POOLB397:30 PMPASSA2 North Halton Twisters2-4Stratford Aces
PWBB - RR508:15 PMPTED Huron Heat2-2South Huron Sabres
MB - POOLA458:30 PMCWB South Huron Sabres4-0Chicago Wilmette Braves
MB - POOLA468:30 PMCWR Bluewater Hawks2-1Woolwich Wild
MBB - RR488:30 PMSARNIA Huron Heat0-2Woodstock Wildcats
MB - POOLB449:00 PMPASSA2 Lucan Irish1-3West Oxford Inferno
Saturday, January 12, 2019
MB - POOLA519:00 AMPASSA1 Woolwich Wild1-8South Huron Sabres
PWB POOL A539:00 AMCWB Mount Forest Rams1-1St. Clair Shores Saints
AB - RR559:00 AMPTED South Huron Sabres2-1Sarnia Lady Sting
PWB POOL A569:00 AMSARNIA West Oxford Inferno2-2Chicago Wilmette Braves
MB - POOLB529:15 AMPASSA2 North Halton Twisters2-4Lucan Irish
PWB POOL A549:15 AMCWR Lucan 0-5Sarnia Lady Sting
AB - RR6110:00 AMPTED Woolwich Wild0-5Mooretown Lady Flags
PWAA - RR5910:15 AMCWB Bluewater Hawks1-2Oakville Hornets
PWB POOL B6210:15 AMSARNIA Mississauga Chiefs2-3Little Caesars
MB - POOLA5710:30 AMPASSA1 Bluewater Hawks2-0Sarnia Lady Sting
PWAA - RR6010:30 AMCWR London Devilettes3-1Brampton Canadettes
MB - POOLB5810:45 AMPASSA2 West Oxford Inferno3-2Kincardine Kinucks
PWBB - RR6711:00 AMPTED Windsor Wildcats0-2London Devilettes
PWA - RR6511:30 AMCWB St. Thomas Panthers4-4Oakville Hornets
PWB POOL B6811:30 AMSARNIA London Devilettes0-1Wallaceburg Lakers
PWA - RR6611:45 AMCWR Sault Ste Marie Wilcats4-2Clearview Ice Cats
MBB - RR6312:00 PMPASSA1 Huron Heat5-2Sarnia Lady Sting
MB - POOLB6412:15 PMPASSA2 Stratford Aces2-1Lambton Attack
PWBB - RR7212:15 PMPTED Bluewater Hawks1-0Huron Heat
PWA - RR7112:45 PMCWB Toronto Leaside Wildcats6-0Detroit Belle Tire
PWB POOL B7312:45 PMSARNIA Lindsay Lynx4-2Ilderton Jets
MBB - RR691:30 PMPASSA1 Wallaceburg Lakers6-0Omaha Lady Lancers
AB - RR781:30 PMPTED Sarnia Lady Sting0-3Bluewater Hawks
MB - POOLA701:45 PMPASSA2 Woolwich Wild2-1Chicago Wilmette Braves
PWB POOL A762:00 PMCWB Chicago Wilmette Braves0-1Mount Forest Rams
PWB POOL A772:15 PMCWR Sarnia Lady Sting1-1West Oxford Inferno
PWBB - RR822:30 PMPTED South Huron Sabres1-1North Halton Twisters
MB - POOLA743:00 PMPASSA1 South Huron Sabres6-1Sarnia Lady Sting
MB - POOLB753:15 PMPASSA2 Kincardine Kinucks5-2North Halton Twisters
PWB POOL A833:15 PMSARNIA St. Clair Shores Saints5-2Lucan
PWAA - RR813:30 PMCWR Oakville Hornets1-1Little Caesars
MBB - RR794:30 PMPASSA1 Sarnia Lady Sting1-2Woodstock Wildcats
AB - RR864:30 PMCWB Woolwich Wild0-10South Huron Sabres
PWB POOL B894:30 PMSARNIA Little Caesars2-2Wallaceburg Lakers
MB - POOLB804:45 PMPASSA2 Lambton Attack0-3West Oxford Inferno
PWA - RR874:45 PMCWR Clearview Ice Cats6-0Toronto Leaside Wildcats
AB - RR884:45 PMPTED Mooretown Lady Flags1-6Bluewater Hawks
PWA - RR925:45 PMCWB Sault Ste Marie Wilcats3-1St. Thomas Panthers
PWB POOL B955:45 PMSARNIA London Devilettes2-3Lindsay Lynx
MB - POOLA846:00 PMPASSA1 Chicago Wilmette Braves2-5Bluewater Hawks
PWA - RR936:00 PMCWR Oakville Hornets3-1Detroit Belle Tire
PWBB - RR946:00 PMPTED South Huron Sabres3-2London Devilettes
MB - POOLB856:15 PMPASSA2 Lucan Irish2-6Stratford Aces
PWAA - RR967:00 PMCWB Brampton Canadettes1-2Bluewater Hawks
PWBB - RR987:00 PMPTED North Halton Twisters6-3Bluewater Hawks
PWB POOL B997:00 PMSARNIA Ilderton Jets1-1Mississauga Chiefs
PWAA - RR977:15 PMCWR Little Caesars1-4London Devilettes
MBB - RR908:00 PMPASSA1 Huron Heat14-0Omaha Lady Lancers
PWBB - RR1008:15 PMPTED Windsor Wildcats2-6Huron Heat
MBB - RR918:30 PMPASSA2 Wallaceburg Lakers1-4Woodstock Wildcats
Sunday, January 13, 2019
PWA - SF1018:00 AMPASSA1 Clearview Ice Cats4-1Sault Ste Marie Wilcats
PWB - SF1038:00 AMCWR Ilderton Jets1-4Mount Forest Rams
PWA - SF1028:15 AMPASSA2 Oakville Hornets3-2St. Thomas Panthers
PWB - SF1048:15 AMCWB St. Clair Shores Saints4-1Lindsay Lynx
PWBB - SF1079:15 AMCWR Bluewater Hawks2-0North Halton Twisters
MB - SF1059:30 AMPASSA1 Stratford Aces0-3South Huron Sabres
PWBB - SF1089:30 AMCWB London Devilettes2-4South Huron Sabres
MB - SF1069:45 AMPASSA2 Bluewater Hawks2-1West Oxford Inferno
PWAA - F10911:00 AMCWR Oakville Hornets0-3London Devilettes
MBB - F11011:15 AMCWB Huron Heat4-0Woodstock Wildcats
AB - F11112:30 PMCWR South Huron Sabres1-2Bluewater Hawks
PWA -F11212:45 PMCWB Oakville Hornets3-4Clearview Ice Cats
PWBB F1132:00 PMCWR South Huron Sabres4-0Bluewater Hawks
PWB - F1142:15 PMCWB St. Clair Shores Saints1-0Mount Forest Rams
MB - F1153:30 PMCWR Bluewater Hawks1-7South Huron Sabres
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