Schedule & Results, 2018-19 Newmarket Finals, 2018-2019, Final (International Silver Stick)

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Thursday, January 10, 2019
MP A D11405:30 PMM-FORHAN Big Boy Hockey Club 1-3Vaughan Rangers
MB A D11815:30 PMM-HYUNDA Orillia Terriers 2-5Centre Wellington Fusion
MA A D11005:45 PMM-HONDA Macomb Mavericks 2-0Newmarket Redmen
MA A D21015:45 PMM-PFAFF Whitby Wildcats 3-5East Gwillimbury Eagles
MA A D11035:45 PMRT2 Quinte West Hawks 0-2Glanbrook Rangers
MP A D11426:00 PMHOLL Orillia Terriers 2-2Barrie Colts
MA AA D11216:45 PMM-HYUNDA London Jr Knights White 1-6Upper Ottawa Valley Aces
MP AA D11606:45 PMM-FORHAN Mississauga Terriers 1-0London Jr Knights White
MA A D21027:00 PMM-PFAFF Midland Northstars 2-7North Toronto
MP A D21417:00 PMRT2 Oakville Rangers Red 1-2Essex Ravens
MB A D11807:00 PMM-HONDA Nickel City Coyotes 3-2Metcalfe Jets
MP A D21437:15 PMHOLL St. Thomas Jr Stars 6-1Newmarket Redmen
MP AA D21618:00 PMM-FORHAN Copper Cliff Redmen 5-2Newmarket Redmen
MP AA D21628:00 PMM-HYUNDA Stratford Warriors 2-0Burlington Jr Cougars
MA AA D21208:15 PMM-HONDA Newmarket Redmen 0-3Leaside Flames
MA AA D11228:15 PMRT2 Rochester Rattlers 3-4North Durham Warriors
MP AA D11638:15 PMM-PFAFF North Durham Warriors 5-0Forest Hill Force
MA AA D21238:30 PMHOLL Gloucester Rangers Green 1-3Kanata Blazers
MB AA D22009:15 PMM-FORHAN Orchard Lake United 3-0Vaughan Panthers
MB AA D22029:15 PMM-HYUNDA Hamilton Huskies 1-0Newmarket Redmen
MB A D21829:30 PMM-PFAFF Ann Arbor Wolves 1-4Newmarket Redmen
MB A D21839:30 PMRT2 Woodstock Jr Navy Vets 1-3Burlington Eagles
MB AA D12019:30 PMM-HONDA Nickel City Junior Sons 1-2Flint Jr. Firebirds Blue
MB AA D12039:45 PMHOLL York Mills Rangers 2-3Goulding Park Rangers
Friday, January 11, 2019
MA A D11058:00 AMM-HYUNDA Macomb Mavericks 2-3Quinte West Hawks
MA A D21088:00 AMRT1 Midland Northstars 1-9Whitby Wildcats
MA A D11108:00 AMSAC Newmarket Redmen 2-9Glanbrook Rangers
MP A D11448:00 AMM-FORHAN Vaughan Rangers 0-4Barrie Colts
MA A D21098:15 AMRT2 North Toronto 2-3East Gwillimbury Eagles
MA AA D11248:15 AMM-HONDA North Durham Warriors 2-5Upper Ottawa Valley Aces
MA AA D11268:15 AMM-PFAFF Rochester Rattlers 1-6London Jr Knights White
MA AA D21289:15 AMRT1 Leaside Flames 1-6Kanata Blazers
MA AA D21319:15 AMSAC Newmarket Redmen 0-4Gloucester Rangers Green
MP A D11459:15 AMM-HYUNDA Big Boy Hockey Club 1-7Orillia Terriers
MB A D11849:15 AMM-FORHAN Metcalfe Jets 1-2Centre Wellington Fusion
MP A D21479:30 AMM-PFAFF Newmarket Redmen 3-4Essex Ravens
MP AA D11649:30 AMM-HONDA North Durham Warriors 4-0Mississauga Terriers
MP AA D11679:30 AMRT2 Forest Hill Force 1-2London Jr Knights White
MP AA D216610:30 AMRT1 Newmarket Redmen 5-3Burlington Jr Cougars
MP AA D217110:30 AMSAC Copper Cliff Redmen 0-2Stratford Warriors
MB A D218510:30 AMM-FORHAN Newmarket Redmen 0-3Burlington Eagles
MB A D118710:30 AMM-HYUNDA Nickel City Coyotes 2-1Orillia Terriers
MP A D214910:45 AMRT2 St. Thomas Jr Stars 6-1Oakville Rangers Red
MB A D218610:45 AMM-HONDA Ann Arbor Wolves 4-7Woodstock Jr Navy Vets
MB AA D120610:45 AMM-PFAFF Goulding Park Rangers 2-4Flint Jr. Firebirds Blue
MB AA D120811:45 AMRT1 York Mills Rangers 0-1Nickel City Junior Sons
MB AA D221111:45 AMSAC Hamilton Huskies 2-1Orchard Lake United
MM A D222011:45 AMM-FORHAN Halton Hills Thunder 1-1Orillia Terriers
MM AA D325511:45 AMM-HYUNDA Hershey Junior Bears 1-4London Jr Knights White
MB AA D221012:00 PMRT2 Newmarket Redmen 3-6Vaughan Panthers
MM A D222212:00 PMM-HONDA London Jr. Mustangs White 1-2Mt. Clemens Wolves
MM A D322612:00 PMM-PFAFF Lehigh Valley Phantoms 1-5Tri Valley Blue Devils
MA A D21111:00 PMSAC North Toronto 1-3Whitby Wildcats
MM A D32271:00 PMRT1 Newmarket Redmen 0-5Stratford Warriors
MM A D12301:00 PMHOLL Ajax Knights 2-2Centre Wellington Fusion
MM AA D22501:15 PMM-FORHAN Arizona Jr. Coyotes 0-3Goulding Park Rangers
MM AA D12561:15 PMM-HYUNDA Newmarket Redmen 4-0Mississauga North Stars
MM AA D12601:15 PMRT2 Hyland Hills 1-4Belle River Jr Canadiens
MM AA D32531:30 PMM-HONDA Orange County Hockey Club 4-5Northumberland Nighthawks
MM AA D22571:30 PMM-PFAFF Hatfield Ice Dogs 1-6Oakland Grizzlies Gold
MP A D11502:15 PMSAC Barrie Colts 9-0Big Boy Hockey Club
MP A D11482:30 PMRT1 Vaughan Rangers 4-4Orillia Terriers
MP AA D21692:30 PMHOLL Newmarket Redmen 2-2Stratford Warriors
MA A D11062:45 PMM-HYUNDA Glanbrook Rangers 6-0Macomb Mavericks
MA AA D21302:45 PMRT2 Kanata Blazers 12-0Newmarket Redmen
MM A D12212:45 PMM-FORHAN Texas Jr Stars 2-3Delco Phantoms
MA A D11043:00 PMM-HONDA Newmarket Redmen 1-8Quinte West Hawks
MA A D21073:00 PMM-PFAFF East Gwillimbury Eagles 9-0Midland Northstars
MP A D21513:30 PMSAC Essex Ravens 1-5St. Thomas Jr Stars
MA AA D11293:45 PMRT1 Upper Ottawa Valley Aces 6-0Rochester Rattlers
MP AA D21703:45 PMHOLL Burlington Jr Cougars 7-3Copper Cliff Redmen
MP A D21464:00 PMM-HYUNDA Newmarket Redmen 3-3Oakville Rangers Red
MP AA D11684:00 PMRT2 London Jr Knights White 4-4North Durham Warriors
MA AA D11254:15 PMM-HONDA North Durham Warriors 4-4London Jr Knights White
MA AA D21274:15 PMM-PFAFF Leaside Flames 0-4Gloucester Rangers Green
MP AA D11655:30 PMM-HONDA Forest Hill Force 3-3Mississauga Terriers
MB A D21916:00 PMHOLL Burlington Eagles 4-1Ann Arbor Wolves
MB AA D12056:00 PMM-HYUNDA Goulding Park Rangers 3-6Nickel City Junior Sons
MB AA D22096:00 PMRT1 Newmarket Redmen 0-1Orchard Lake United
MB A D11906:15 PMRT2 Centre Wellington Fusion 6-2Nickel City Coyotes
MB AA D22076:15 PMM-PFAFF Vaughan Panthers 3-1Hamilton Huskies
MB AA D12046:45 PMM-HONDA Flint Jr. Firebirds Blue 5-2York Mills Rangers
MB A D21897:15 PMRT1 Newmarket Redmen 0-3Woodstock Jr Navy Vets
MM A D22247:15 PMM-HYUNDA London Jr. Mustangs White 3-5Halton Hills Thunder
MM A D32317:15 PMHOLL Lehigh Valley Phantoms 3-1Newmarket Redmen
MB A D11887:30 PMM-PFAFF Metcalfe Jets 0-7Orillia Terriers
MM A D22287:30 PMRT2 Mt. Clemens Wolves 1-3Orillia Terriers
MM AA D12517:45 PMM-FORHAN Hyland Hills 1-4Newmarket Redmen
MM AA D22548:00 PMM-HONDA Arizona Jr. Coyotes 1-0Hatfield Ice Dogs
MM AA D22598:30 PMRT1 Goulding Park Rangers 3-2Oakland Grizzlies Gold
MM A D32258:45 PMM-HYUNDA Tri Valley Blue Devils 0-5Stratford Warriors
MM AA D12588:45 PMM-PFAFF Belle River Jr Canadiens 4-4Mississauga North Stars
MM AA D32618:45 PMHOLL Orange County Hockey Club 0-1Hershey Junior Bears
MM A D12299:00 PMRT2 Texas Jr Stars 0-3Ajax Knights
MM AA D32529:15 PMM-FORHAN Northumberland Nighthawks 2-2London Jr Knights White
MM A D12239:30 PMM-HONDA Delco Phantoms 1-2Centre Wellington Fusion
Saturday, January 12, 2019
MA A D1 (XOVER)1138:00 AMM-HYUNDA East Gwillimbury Eagles 6-0Macomb Mavericks
MA AA D1 (XOVER)1338:00 AMRT1 Gloucester Rangers Green 3-4North Durham Warriors
MA AA D2 (XOVER)1348:00 AMHOLL London Jr Knights White 7-0Leaside Flames
MA AA D1 (XOVER)1358:00 AMSAC Kanata Blazers 9-0Rochester Rattlers
MA A D2 (XOVER)1128:15 AMM-HONDA Glanbrook Rangers 8-0Midland Northstars
MA A D2 (XOVER)1148:15 AMM-PFAFF Quinte West Hawks 4-3North Toronto
MA A D1 (XOVER)1158:15 AMRT2 Whitby Wildcats 4-1Newmarket Redmen
MP A D2 (XOVER)1529:15 AMM-HYUNDA Barrie Colts 1-3St. Thomas Jr Stars
MP A D1 (XOVER)1559:15 AMHOLL Oakville Rangers Red 4-2Vaughan Rangers
MP AA D1 (XOVER)1729:15 AMRT1 Stratford Warriors 3-1Forest Hill Force
MP AA D2 (XOVER)1749:15 AMSAC London Jr Knights White 3-3Copper Cliff Redmen
MA AA D2 (XOVER)1329:30 AMM-HONDA Upper Ottawa Valley Aces 7-1Newmarket Redmen
MP A D1 (XOVER)1539:30 AMM-PFAFF Essex Ravens 5-0Big Boy Hockey Club
MP A D2 (XOVER)1549:30 AMRT2 Orillia Terriers 3-0Newmarket Redmen
MP AA D2 (XOVER)17510:30 AMSAC Mississauga Terriers 4-3Newmarket Redmen
MB A D2 (XOVER)19410:30 AMRT1 Centre Wellington Fusion 8-2Ann Arbor Wolves
MB A D2 (XOVER)19510:30 AMHOLL Orillia Terriers 5-1Newmarket Redmen
MB AA D1 (XOVER)21210:30 AMM-HYUNDA Orchard Lake United 0-0Goulding Park Rangers
MP AA D1 (XOVER)17310:45 AMRT2 Burlington Jr Cougars 5-1North Durham Warriors
MB A D1 (XOVER)19210:45 AMM-HONDA Woodstock Jr Navy Vets 3-0Metcalfe Jets
MB A D1 (XOVER)19310:45 AMM-PFAFF Burlington Eagles 2-0Nickel City Coyotes
MB AA D2 (XOVER)21311:45 AMM-HYUNDA Nickel City Junior Sons 3-2Newmarket Redmen
MB AA D1 (XOVER)21511:45 AMHOLL Vaughan Panthers 1-1York Mills Rangers
MB AA D2 (XOVER)21412:00 PMRT2 Flint Jr. Firebirds Blue 5-0Hamilton Huskies
MM A D123412:00 PMM-HONDA Centre Wellington Fusion 4-2Texas Jr Stars
MM A D223912:00 PMM-PFAFF Mt. Clemens Wolves 1-0Halton Hills Thunder
MM A D22371:00 PMM-HYUNDA Orillia Terriers 2-1London Jr. Mustangs White
MM A D32431:15 PMRT2 Stratford Warriors 3-1Lehigh Valley Phantoms
MM A D32351:30 PMM-HONDA Tri Valley Blue Devils 1-4Newmarket Redmen
MM AA D12681:30 PMM-PFAFF Mississauga North Stars 4-0Hyland Hills
MM A D12322:00 PMM-FORHAN Delco Phantoms 0-5Ajax Knights
MM AA D22662:30 PMM-HYUNDA Hatfield Ice Dogs 1-1Goulding Park Rangers
MM AA D32712:30 PMRT1 London Jr Knights White 5-1Orange County Hockey Club
MM AA D32722:45 PMRT2 Hershey Junior Bears 0-2Northumberland Nighthawks
MM AA D12643:00 PMM-HONDA Newmarket Redmen 0-2Belle River Jr Canadiens
MM AA D22693:00 PMM-PFAFF Oakland Grizzlies Gold 3-2Arizona Jr. Coyotes
MP AA SF11763:30 PMM-FORHAN Burlington Jr Cougars 3-2North Durham Warriors
MA A SF11164:00 PMM-HYUNDA Whitby Wildcats 2-3Glanbrook Rangers
MA AA SF11364:00 PMRT1 Gloucester Rangers Green 2-6Upper Ottawa Valley Aces
MA A SF21174:15 PMRT2 Quinte West Hawks 3-2East Gwillimbury Eagles
MA AA SF21374:30 PMM-PFAFF London Jr Knights White 2-6Kanata Blazers
MB AA SF12165:00 PMM-FORHAN Vaughan Panthers 3-2Flint Jr. Firebirds Blue
MP A SF11565:30 PMM-HYUNDA Essex Ravens 3-2Orillia Terriers
MP AA SF21775:30 PMRT1 Mississauga Terriers 0-3Stratford Warriors
MP A SF21575:45 PMRT2 Barrie Colts 1-2St. Thomas Jr Stars
MB A SF11966:00 PMM-HONDA Woodstock Jr Navy Vets 1-5Centre Wellington Fusion
MB AA SF22176:00 PMM-PFAFF Nickel City Junior Sons 1-2Orchard Lake United
MM A D2 (XOVER)2336:30 PMM-FORHAN Stratford Warriors 4-2London Jr. Mustangs White
MM A D3 (XOVER)2387:00 PMM-HYUNDA Centre Wellington Fusion 4-2Lehigh Valley Phantoms
MM A D3 (XOVER)2417:00 PMRT1 Halton Hills Thunder 3-6Tri Valley Blue Devils
MB A SF21977:15 PMRT2 Nickel City Coyotes 0-4Burlington Eagles
MM A D1 (XOVER)2367:30 PMM-HONDA Orillia Terriers 6-1Texas Jr Stars
MM A D2 (XOVER)2407:30 PMM-PFAFF Ajax Knights 7-0Mt. Clemens Wolves
MM AA D3 (XOVER)2628:00 PMM-FORHAN Belle River Jr Canadiens 0-2Hershey Junior Bears
MM A D1 (XOVER)2428:30 PMRT1 Newmarket Redmen 1-0Delco Phantoms
MM AA D1 (XOVER)2678:30 PMM-HYUNDA Oakland Grizzlies Gold 3-1Hyland Hills
MM AA D3 (XOVER)2738:45 PMRT2 Goulding Park Rangers 2-1Orange County Hockey Club
MM AA D2 (XOVER)2659:00 PMM-HONDA Mississauga North Stars 3-0Arizona Jr. Coyotes
MM AA D1 (XOVER)2709:00 PMM-PFAFF London Jr Knights White 3-0Newmarket Redmen
MM AA D2 (XOVER)2639:30 PMM-FORHAN Northumberland Nighthawks 2-4Hatfield Ice Dogs
Sunday, January 13, 2019
MA A Champ1188:00 AMRT1 Quinte West Hawks 2-5Glanbrook Rangers
MM A SF22458:00 AMM-HYUNDA Orillia Terriers 0-6Ajax Knights
MM A SF12448:15 AMM-HONDA Centre Wellington Fusion 0-2Stratford Warriors
MA AA Cham1389:30 AMRT1 Kanata Blazers 4-3Upper Ottawa Valley Aces
MM AA SF22759:45 AMM-HYUNDA Oakland Grizzlies Gold 4-2Goulding Park Rangers
MM AA SF127410:00 AMM-HONDA Belle River Jr Canadiens 2-3London Jr Knights White
MP A Champ15811:00 AMRT1 Essex Ravens 3-2St. Thomas Jr Stars
MP AA Cham17812:30 PMRT1 Stratford Warriors 1-2Burlington Jr Cougars
MB A Champ1982:00 PMRT1 Burlington Eagles 2-0Centre Wellington Fusion
MB AA Cham2183:30 PMRT1 Orchard Lake United 5-3Vaughan Panthers
MM A Champ2465:00 PMRT1 Stratford Warriors 1-2Ajax Knights
MM AA Cham2766:30 PMRT1 Oakland Grizzlies Gold 3-2London Jr Knights White
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