Schedule & Results, 2018-19 Stratford Regional, 2018-2019 (International Silver Stick)

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Friday, November 2, 2018
RR A18:00 AMRBC Milton Winterhawks4-1Stratford Warriors
RR MA28:00 AMAll Kanata Blazers8-0Stratford Warriors
RR MA38:00 AMDuff Milton Winterhawks3-2Hamilton Huskies
RR A48:15 AMMol North Toronto 1-4Burlington Eagles Gold
MPW RR59:10 AMRBC Burlington Eagles Gold2-2Stratford Warriors
MPW RR69:10 AMAll Burlington Jr Cougars5-4Streetsville Tigers
PW79:10 AMDuff Vaughan Rangers1-1Kitchener Jr Rangers
PW89:25 AMMol Toronto Shamrocks4-0Stratford Warriors
MB RR0910:20 AMDuff Oakville Rangers0-0Burlington Eagles Blue
MB RR1010:20 AMAll Hamilton Huskies6-1Burlington Jr Cougars
MM RR1110:20 AMRBC Belle River Jr Canadiens1-0Burlington Eagles Gold
MM RR1210:35 AMMol Waterloo Wolves1-2Kitchener Jr Rangers
B RR1311:30 AMAll Stratford Warriors1-3Duffield Devils
B RR1411:30 AMDuff Woodstock Jr Navy Vets2-0Kitchener Jr Rangers
M1511:50 AMRBC Kitchener Jr Rangers3-5Kent Cobras
M1612:05 PMMol Toronto Eagles1-5Oakville Rangers
RR MA1712:40 PMDuff North Toronto 3-1Peterborough Petes
RR MA1812:40 PMAll Stratford Warriors1-6Milton Winterhawks
RR A191:20 PMRBC Stratford Warriors1-5North Toronto
RR A201:35 PMMol Burlington Eagles Gold2-7Milton Winterhawks
PW211:50 PMAll Stratford Warriors2-8West Hill Goldon Hawks
PW221:50 PMDuff Kitchener Jr Rangers2-4Toronto Shamrocks
MB RR232:30 PMRBC West Hill Goldon Hawks5-2Hamilton Huskies
MB RR242:45 PMMol Burlington Jr Cougars1-4Oakville Rangers
MPW RR253:00 PMAll Streetsville Tigers2-1Burlington Eagles Gold
MPW RR263:00 PMDuff Stratford Warriors2-1Burlington Jr Cougars
MM RR273:40 PMRBC Burlington Eagles Gold5-3Windsor Jr Spitfires
M283:55 PMMol Belle River Jr Canadiens3-2Kitchener Jr Rangers
B RR294:10 PMAll Tecumseh Eagles0-6Stratford Warriors
B RR304:10 PMDuff Duffield Devils1-1Woodstock Jr Navy Vets
MM RR315:10 PMRBC Kitchener Jr Rangers1-1Belle River Jr Canadiens
RR MA325:20 PMDuff Peterborough Petes4-7Kanata Blazers
M335:25 PMMol Kent Cobras4-1Toronto Eagles
RR MA346:30 PMDuff Hamilton Huskies5-6North Toronto
PW356:40 PMRBC West Hill Goldon Hawks0-3Vaughan Rangers
MB RR366:55 PMMol Burlington Eagles Blue2-1West Hill Goldon Hawks
MM RR378:00 PMRBC Windsor Jr Spitfires2-1Waterloo Wolves
B RR388:10 PMDuff Kitchener Jr Rangers6-0Tecumseh Eagles
M398:15 PMMol Oakville Rangers2-4Belle River Jr Canadiens
Saturday, November 3, 2018
RR MA408:00 AMRBC North Toronto 2-2Stratford Warriors
RR A418:00 AMAll Stratford Warriors3-3Burlington Eagles Gold
RR A428:00 AMDuff North Toronto 3-2Milton Winterhawks
RR MA438:15 AMMol Peterborough Petes4-4Hamilton Huskies
MB RR449:10 AMRBC Oakville Rangers2-2Hamilton Huskies
PW459:10 AMAll Stratford Warriors2-5Kitchener Jr Rangers
PW469:10 AMDuff West Hill Goldon Hawks0-8Toronto Shamrocks
MB RR479:25 AMMol Burlington Jr Cougars2-4West Hill Goldon Hawks
MM RR4810:20 AMRBC Burlington Eagles Gold2-1Kitchener Jr Rangers
B RR4910:20 AMDuff Tecumseh Eagles1-4Duffield Devils
B RR5010:20 AMAll Stratford Warriors2-1Woodstock Jr Navy Vets
MM RR5110:35 AMMol Windsor Jr Spitfires0-0Belle River Jr Canadiens
MPW RR5211:30 AMDuff Burlington Jr Cougars1-1Burlington Eagles Gold
MPW RR5311:30 AMAll Streetsville Tigers2-3Stratford Warriors
M5411:50 AMRBC Toronto Eagles0-0Kitchener Jr Rangers
M5512:05 PMMol Kent Cobras2-0Belle River Jr Canadiens
A semi5612:40 PMAll Burlington Eagles Gold4-3Milton Winterhawks
A semi5712:40 PMDuff Stratford Warriors4-1North Toronto
RR MA581:20 PMRBC Hamilton Huskies0-6Kanata Blazers
RR MA591:35 PMMol Milton Winterhawks3-1North Toronto
PW601:50 PMAll Vaughan Rangers4-1Stratford Warriors
PW611:50 PMDuff Kitchener Jr Rangers2-2West Hill Goldon Hawks
MB RR622:30 PMRBC Hamilton Huskies0-1Burlington Eagles Blue
MB RR632:45 PMMol West Hill Goldon Hawks2-3Oakville Rangers
B RR643:00 PMAll Kitchener Jr Rangers1-1Stratford Warriors
B RR653:00 PMDuff Woodstock Jr Navy Vets2-0Tecumseh Eagles
MM RR663:40 PMRBC Waterloo Wolves0-3Burlington Eagles Gold
M674:00 PMMol Kitchener Jr Rangers3-8Oakville Rangers
MPW semi684:10 PMAll Burlington Eagles Gold0-4Stratford Warriors
MPW semi694:10 PMDuff Streetsville Tigers1-10Burlington Jr Cougars
MM RR705:10 PMRBC Kitchener Jr Rangers4-1Windsor Jr Spitfires
M715:25 PMMol Belle River Jr Canadiens3-2Toronto Eagles
RR MA725:40 PMAll Kanata Blazers6-0Milton Winterhawks
RR MA735:40 PMDuff Stratford Warriors2-3Peterborough Petes
PW746:40 PMRBC Toronto Shamrocks7-2Vaughan Rangers
MB RR756:50 PMAll Burlington Eagles Blue3-3Burlington Jr Cougars
B RR767:00 PMMol Duffield Devils2-4Kitchener Jr Rangers
MM RR778:00 PMRBC Belle River Jr Canadiens1-3Waterloo Wolves
M788:25 PMMol Oakville Rangers3-2Kent Cobras
Sunday, November 4, 2018
PW semi797:45 AMMol Kitchener Jr Rangers1-3Vaughan Rangers
MA Semi Fi808:00 AMAll Peterborough Petes4-6Kanata Blazers
MA Semi Fi818:00 AMDuff North Toronto 3-2Milton Winterhawks
PW semi828:00 AMRBC West Hill Goldon Hawks1-12Toronto Shamrocks
MM 839:15 AMMol Belle River Jr Canadiens2-1Kitchener Jr Rangers
MB semi849:30 AMDuff Hamilton Huskies3-2Oakville Rangers
MB semi859:30 AMAll West Hill Goldon Hawks2-3Burlington Eagles Blue
MM semi869:30 AMRBC Windsor Jr Spitfires2-3Burlington Eagles Gold
M semi8710:45 AMMol Belle River Jr Canadiens1-6Oakville Rangers
B semi8811:00 AMAll Duffield Devils4-2Kitchener Jr Rangers
B semi8911:00 AMDuff Woodstock Jr Navy Vets2-3Stratford Warriors
M semi9011:00 AMRBC Kitchener Jr Rangers1-4Kent Cobras
PW Finals9112:15 PMMol Vaughan Rangers1-2Toronto Shamrocks
A Finals9212:15 PMAll Stratford Warriors1-4Burlington Eagles Gold
MPW Finals9312:30 PMRBC Burlington Jr Cougars2-1Stratford Warriors
MA Finals941:45 PMAll North Toronto 0-8Kanata Blazers
MB Finals951:45 PMMol Hamilton Huskies3-2Burlington Eagles Blue
MM Finals962:00 PMRBC Belle River Jr Canadiens4-3Burlington Eagles Gold
B Finals973:15 PMMol Duffield Devils3-2Stratford Warriors
M Finals983:30 PMRBC Oakville Rangers5-0Kent Cobras
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