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2019 International Silver Stick 
Stratford Regional Qualifier Rules

Playing rules and regulations are those of the Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario.

The tournament committee reserves the right to make any or all decisions regarding;

(a) Interpretation of the rules.

(b) Objections or protests involving disputes or conduct of the tournament.


The schedule as drawn is final.   NO EXCEPTIONS.

In order to protect our schedule the following will be applied:

(a)Any team accepted as an entrant in the tournament that cancels from the tournament after their initial acceptance will forfeit their entry fee.

(b)Any team that cannot fulfill our tournament schedule - re playing at their scheduled time will automatically forfeit their game that is missed plus all rights to participate in any final.

(c)Any team participating in concurrent tournaments will be reported to the Alliance governing body and dealt with as per their regulations.  (Policy for Tournament Play 5.1 to 5.1.4   Pg 161 in the Alliance Hockey Handbook).

(d)Registrations of teams is required one (1) hour prior to the scheduled start of each team’s first game at the arena where their first game is to be played. Approved player cards or official team rosters must be reviewed by our registration committee as well as written permission (travel permit) from your parent body, or in the case of Alliance teams, written permission of the president and/or the contact person of the local minor hockey association.


Teams must be ready to play 15 minutes prior to scheduled game time

We recommend that you to provide a responsible adult to be in your penalty box during your game.

Equipment - please ensure that your team’s equipment is monitored when in the arena. We cannot be responsible for the equipment.


Home team - DARK JERSEYS



All games Minor Atom to Major Pee Wee – Period Duration = 10 – 10 – 15
All games Minor Bantam to Major Bantam - Period Duration = 10 - 15 - 15

The ice will be resurfaced prior to each game for Minor Atom to Major Bantam

All games Minor Midget to Major Midget – Period Duration = 10 – 15 - 15

For Minor Midget and Major Midget only the ice will be resurfaced every two periods during round robin play or as indicated on the game sheet

For Round Robin only

All handshakes to be performed at end of game.

A four (4) minute warm up will be permitted at the start of each game. 

The clock will be set to 14 minutes, starting with the closure of the resurfacing doors.

No players are to be on the ice surface prior to this time.

The horn will sound with 45 seconds left in the warm-up period.

The clock will continue to run until the first stoppage of play.

5 Goal differential in Third Period:
All games will be stop time, unless there is a five goal difference in the third period, at which time the clock will not be stopped for the balance of the game regardless of any change in the score.  Penalties that are assessed in run time will be the same as regular time. (ie. - 2 min will be 2 min in run time, 4 min penalty will be 4 min)
If an injury occurs in run time the clock will be stopped and will start again at the face off.

Midget Round Robin will be 3 person referee system

a)  Scoring Format:    2   points for the team that wins game

                     1   point for each team if game ends in a tie

                     0   points for a loss


For all Championship games, Semi’s and Finals a (3) minute warm up and no running clock.
All semi finals and finals will start with new resurfaced ice
Minor Midget to Major Midget Semi Finals and Finals will have a flood between the second and third periods

Midget Finals will have a 4 person referee system



Round Robin Format

Divisions with 8 Teams- teams will play 3 Round Robin games. Top 2 teams in each pool will advance to Semi Finals.

Division with 6 Teams- teams will play 3 Round Robin games, teams will be seeded 1 through 6. Top 4 teams advance to Semi Finals. First seed vs 4th seed, 2nd seed vs 3rd seed, Winners of Semi Finals move on to Finals.


Divisions with 5 Teams – all 5 teams will play each other in Round Robin play.  Top 4 teams advance to Semi Finals. First seed vs 4th seed, 2nd seed vs 3rd seed, Winners of Semi Finals move on to Finals.

Divisions with 4 Teams
 – all 4 teams play RR, at the end of the round robin, teams will be seeded 1 through 4.  First seed vs 4th seed, 2nd seed vs 3rd seed, Winners of Semi Finals move on to Finals. 

Highest position play in round robin is Home Team through out Semi and Finals.

TIE breaker in qualifying round:

The following procedure will be used to break ties at the end of the qualifying round.

Two teams tied (use a to g excluding c) More than two teams tied (use c to g)

(a) In the event two teams are tied, the winner of the game between those teams will take the higher position.

(b) If still tied, then the team with the most wins takes the higher position.

(c) If more than 2 teams are tied; i)  the team with the most wins versus the other teams in the tiebreak will be seeded higher ii) the team with the most overall wins will be seeded higher

(d) If still tied, then the team with the best goal average will take the higher position. 

The goal average of a team is to be determined by dividing the total number of goals “for” into the total goals “for + against”, with the team having the higher percentage winning the higher position.

(e) If still tied, the team with the fewest goals allowed will take the higher position.

(f) If still tied, the team that scored their first goal of the tournament the quickest 
(g) If still tied, the team that received the least minutes in penalties during the round robin would take the higher position



Overtime, if necessary will apply in Championship play.



5 minute stop time period.  First goal scored is the winner. (Sudden Victory)

4 - 1 minute stop time periods, on a declining number of skater’s basis. 

Teams do not change ends at the completion of regulation time.  (End of third period)

All penalties in place at the end of regulation play will remain in place. This also applies at the end of the first five (5) minutes sudden victory overtime period.

In the event of a tie game - (after regulation game time)

THE GOALIE during the playing time  cannot be pulled at any time and can only go to the bench on a delayed penalty call or penalty for delay of game with be assessed

Four (or more) - one (1)  minute stop time periods, until a goal is scored (sudden victory) or the buzzer sounds.

First minute teams will play four (4), plus goalie

Second minute will play three (3), plus goalie

Third minute will play two (2), plus goalie

Fourth minute will play one (1), plus goalie

Each minute thereafter, same as fourth minute format above

This format is used to determine a winner, within a reasonable time frame


Faceoff at the end of each 1 minute overtime period will be where the puck is located and not back at centre every time

Penalty times during the overtime periods shall remain normal (same as tournament), example minor - 2 minutes, major - 5 minutes etc.

A player ejected in a game is not eligible for the overtime periods(s).

There will be no situation where a team has more than a two (2) man advantage.

A team after losing its last skater (fourth minute) due to a penalty will replace the skater. The other team will add a skater, to reflect the proper odd man advantage 2 vs 1.

In an odd man situation, the penalized player would return to the ice upon expiration of his penalty. The teams would go back to the proper number of skaters, after the first stoppage in play.

Players can change on the fly or at a stoppage in play.


No player or team official will be allowed to participate in the tournament without an approved certificate from the governing body of his/her association.

No team will be allowed to participate in the tournament without written approval, (Travel permit) from the governing body of its association.  (i.e.   GTHL, O.M.H.A., etc.).  


No player will be allowed to be added to your team roster after the initial registration, and prior to your first game.

Affiliated players will be eligible but must be numbered among the MAXIMUM nineteen (19) declared players on the “Official Roster” sign in sheet declared prior to your first game.

Teams must comply with their local association rules with regard to wearing of all required protection equipment.


Any player accessed with a Major Fighting penalty will be suspended for the balance of the tournament.


Any participant incurring a suspension during the tournament, as specified in the appropriate rule book, will serve that suspension during the tournament PLUS incur any suspension as dictated by their local governing body. 


                        NOTE: We will be using the current O.H.F. Minimum Suspension List 2018/2019.


Any damaged occurred by a team during the tournament the City of Stratford will invoice the teams respected associate for the cost of the damages occurred.

**Rules posted online are the official rules of the tournament and supercede any other copies.**


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