Schedule & Results, 2018-19 Vaughan Regional, 2018-2019 (International Silver Stick)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Thursday, November 29, 2018
Midget Sr.MID SR -17:00 PMGAW Lorne Park Wild 1-2Vaughan Panthers
Midget Sr.MID SR -28:15 PMGAW Goulding Park Rangers 4-4Vaughan Rangers
Friday, November 30, 2018
Atom AAtom-18:45 AMAl Pal A Toronto Eagles 0-3North Toronto
Atom AAtom-29:00 AMVSV-B Lorne Park Clarkson 3-2Applewood Coyotes
Atom AAtom-39:00 AMVSV-C Owen Sound Attack 6-3Port Credit Storm
Atom AAtom-49:15 AMVSV-A Willowdale Blackhawks 2-7Vaughan Rangers
Atom AAtom-59:15 AMVSV-D Erindale Spitfires 0-3Toronto Avalanche
Group AM Atom-19:30 AMAl Pal B Brampton 45's 2-4Meadowvale Hawks
Group BM PW-110:00 AMAl Pal A Barrie Colts 2-1Toronto Eagles
Minor BantM Ban-110:15 AMVSV-B Port Credit Storm 0-3Vaughan Rangers
Minor BantM Ban-210:15 AMVSV-C Don Mills Mustangs 4-3North Toronto
Minor BantM Ban-310:30 AMVSV-A Erindale Spitfires #80 1-4Toronto Avalanche
Minor BantM Ban-410:30 AMVSV-D Westmall Lightning 2-4Heartland Dragons #81
Group BM Atom-210:45 AMAl Pal B Vaughan Panthers 2-2Ted Reeve Thunder
Minor BantM Ban-511:15 AMAl Pal A Greater Toronto Capitals 7-0Toronto Eagles
Bantam ABAN-111:30 AMVSV-B Vaughan Rangers 7-2LPC Wild
Bantam ABAN-211:30 AMVSV-C Toronto Wolverines 3-2Markham Islanders
Bantam ABAN-311:45 AMVSV-A Port Credit Storm 1-9Duffield Devils
Bantam ABAN-411:45 AMVSV-D West Mall Lightning 5-2Heartland Dragons #90
Bantam ABAN-512:30 PMAl Pal A Toronto Royals 1-1Erindale Spitfires
Minor MidgM MID-112:45 PMVSV-B West Mall Lightning 0-4Scarborough Ice Raiders
Minor MidgM MID-212:45 PMVSV-C Toronto Avalanche 3-2Vaughan Rangers
Minor MidgM MID-31:00 PMVSV-A Humberview Huskies 1-5Erindale Spitfires
Minor MidgM MID-41:00 PMVSV-D Toronto Royals 1-3Don Mills Mustangs
Group BM Atom-31:30 PMAl Pal B Orilla Terriers 2-1Whitby Wildcats Blue
Midget Sr.MID SR -31:45 PMAl Pal A Goulding Park Rangers 1-4Vaughan Panthers
Group CM PW-22:00 PMVSV-C Markham Waxers 1-3Bradford Bulldogs
Group APW 12:00 PMVSV-B Toronto Avalanche 2-6Erindale Spitfires
Minor MidgM MID-52:15 PMVSV-D Heartland Dragons 1-7Greater Toronto Capitals
Group BPW 22:15 PMVSV-A Don Mills Mustangs 4-0Port Credit Storm
Group AM Atom-42:45 PMAl Pal B Vaughan Rangers 2-0North Toronto
Midget Sr.MID SR -43:00 PMAl Pal A Lorne Park Wild 0-3Heartland Dragons
Atom AAtom-63:15 PMVSV-B Willowdale Blackhawks 1-7Owen Sound Attack
Atom AAtom-73:15 PMVSV-C Erindale Spitfires 1-2Lorne Park Clarkson
Atom AAtom-83:30 PMVSV-A Toronto Eagles 4-4Port Credit Storm
Atom AAtom-93:30 PMVSV-D Vaughan Rangers 2-4Applewood Coyotes
Group AM PW-34:00 PMAl Pal B Goulding Park Rangers 3-5Vaughan Rangers
Atom AAtom-104:30 PMVSV-B Toronto Avalanche 2-3North Toronto
Minor BantM Ban-64:30 PMVSV-C Heartland Dragons #81 5-1Erindale Spitfires #80
Minor BantM Ban-74:45 PMVSV-A Toronto Eagles 2-4Don Mills Mustangs
Minor BantM Ban-84:45 PMVSV-D Toronto Avalanche 5-1Port Credit Storm
Group BM PW-45:15 PMAl Pal B Toronto Royals 1-4North Durham Warriors
Minor BantM Ban-105:45 PMVSV-C Vaughan Rangers 3-0Greater Toronto Capitals
Minor BantM Ban-95:45 PMVSV-B North Toronto 5-3Westmall Lightning
Bantam ABAN-66:00 PMVSV-A West Mall Lightning 5-1Port Credit Storm
Bantam ABAN-76:00 PMVSV-D Markham Islanders 3-1Toronto Royals
Group AM PW-56:00 PMGAW Markham Islanders 1-6Greater Toronto Capitals
Midget A JMID JR -16:15 PMAl Pal A Toronto Avalanche Jr. 5-2Vaughan Rangers Jr.
Group BPW 36:30 PMAl Pal B Toronto Eagles 0-2Goulding Park Rangers
Bantam ABAN-87:00 PMVSV-B LPC Wild 1-3Duffield Devils
Bantam ABAN-97:00 PMVSV-C Heartland Dragons #90 1-2Toronto Wolverines
Bantam ABAN-107:15 PMVSV-D Erindale Spitfires 1-1Vaughan Rangers
Minor MidgM MID-67:15 PMVSV-A Toronto Royals 5-1Humberview Huskies
Group CM PW-67:15 PMGAW Toronto Avalanche 0-2Vaughan Panthers
Midget Sr.MID SR -57:30 PMAl Pal A Lorne Park Wild 1-4Goulding Park Rangers
Group APW 47:45 PMAl Pal B Heartland Dragons 0-11Vaughan Rangers
Minor MidgM MID-78:15 PMVSV-B Heartland Dragons 0-5Vaughan Rangers
Minor MidgM MID-88:15 PMVSV-C West Mall Lightning 2-2Erindale Spitfires
Minor MidgM MID-108:30 PMVSV-D Greater Toronto Capitals 3-3Scarborough Ice Raiders
Minor MidgM MID-98:30 PMVSV-A Don Mills Mustangs 2-3Toronto Avalanche
Midget A JMID JR -28:30 PMGAW Greater Toronto Capitals Jr. 2-6Meadowvale Hawks Jr.
Midget Sr.MID SR -68:45 PMAl Pal A Heartland Dragons 3-3Vaughan Rangers
Midget A JMID JR -39:00 PMAl Pal B Humber Valley Sharks Jr. 1-5Heartland Dragons Jr.
Saturday, December 1, 2018
Group AM Atom-58:00 AMVSV-B Brampton 45's 0-3North Toronto
Group BM Atom-68:00 AMVSV-C Orilla Terriers 5-0Vaughan Panthers
Group CM PW-78:00 AMGAW Vaughan Panthers 0-5Markham Waxers
Group BM PW-88:00 AMMaple Toronto Eagles 5-0Toronto Royals
Group AM PW-98:00 AMRose Greater Toronto Capitals 2-6Goulding Park Rangers
Group BM Atom-78:15 AMVSV-A Whitby Wildcats Blue 4-2Ted Reeve Thunder
Group AM Atom-88:15 AMVSV-D Meadowvale Hawks 1-6Vaughan Rangers
Group AM PW-109:15 AMGAW Vaughan Rangers 10-0Markham Islanders
Group BM PW-119:15 AMMaple North Durham Warriors 2-2Barrie Colts
Group CM PW-129:15 AMRose Bradford Bulldogs 5-2Toronto Avalanche
ChampionshMB Elim-19:15 AMVSV-B Port Credit Storm 1-4Westmall Lightning
ChampionshMB Elim-29:15 AMVSV-C Toronto Eagles 5-3Erindale Spitfires #80
ChampionshAtom-Elim 19:30 AMVSV-A Erindale Spitfires 2-7Port Credit Storm
ChampionshAtom-Elim 29:30 AMVSV-D Willowdale Blackhawks 2-4Toronto Eagles
Midget A JMID JR -410:30 AMVSV-B Vaughan Rangers Jr. 6-4Greater Toronto Capitals Jr.
Midget A JMID JR -510:30 AMVSV-C Meadowvale Hawks Jr. 3-0Humber Valley Sharks Jr.
Group BPW 510:30 AMGAW Port Credit Storm 2-3Goulding Park Rangers
Group BPW 610:30 AMMaple Don Mills Mustangs 2-2Toronto Eagles
ChampionshBAN Elim-110:45 AMVSV-A Port Credit Storm 2-4Toronto Royals
ChampionshBAN Elim-210:45 AMVSV-D LPC Wild 3-6Heartland Dragons #90
Midget Sr.MID SR -711:45 AMVSV-B Heartland Dragons 3-1Goulding Park Rangers
Midget Sr.MID SR -811:45 AMVSV-C Vaughan Rangers 3-1Vaughan Panthers
Group APW 711:45 AMGAW Heartland Dragons 1-4Erindale Spitfires
Group APW 811:45 AMMaple Vaughan Rangers 5-3Toronto Avalanche
ChampionshM MID-Elim 112:00 PMVSV-A Heartland Dragons 2-3Don Mills Mustangs
ChampionshM MID-Elim 212:00 PMVSV-D Humberview Huskies 4-2West Mall Lightning
Group BM Atom-101:00 PMMaple Ted Reeve Thunder 3-2Orilla Terriers
Group BM Atom-91:00 PMWood Whitby Wildcats Blue 7-4Vaughan Panthers
Midget A JMID JR -61:00 PMGAW Heartland Dragons Jr. 3-2Toronto Avalanche Jr.
ChampionshAtom-QF-11:30 PMVSV-B Toronto Eagles 1-3Owen Sound Attack
ChampionshAtom-QF-21:30 PMVSV-C Port Credit Storm 5-3North Toronto
ChampionshAtom-QF-31:45 PMVSV-A Applewood Coyotes 1-3Lorne Park Clarkson
ChampionshAtom-QF-41:45 PMVSV-D Vaughan Rangers 3-0Toronto Avalanche
Group AM PW-132:00 PMWood Markham Islanders 0-9Goulding Park Rangers
Group AM Atom-112:15 PMGAW Vaughan Rangers 5-0Brampton 45's
Group AM Atom-122:15 PMMaple North Toronto 6-3Meadowvale Hawks
ChampionshMB-QF-12:45 PMVSV-B Toronto Eagles 1-7Vaughan Rangers
ChampionshMB-QF-22:45 PMVSV-C Westmall Lightning 3-6Toronto Avalanche
ChampionshMB-QF-33:00 PMVSV-A North Toronto 1-3Heartland Dragons #81
ChampionshMB-QF-43:00 PMVSV-D Greater Toronto Capitals 5-0Don Mills Mustangs
Group CM PW-143:15 PMWood Bradford Bulldogs 3-1Vaughan Panthers
Group AM PW-153:30 PMGAW Greater Toronto Capitals 0-4Vaughan Rangers
Group BM PW-163:30 PMMaple Toronto Eagles 4-1North Durham Warriors
Group BPW 104:00 PMVSV-C Goulding Park Rangers 1-3Don Mills Mustangs
Group BPW 94:00 PMVSV-B Toronto Eagles 2-1Port Credit Storm
Group APW 114:15 PMVSV-A Toronto Avalanche 3-1Heartland Dragons
Group APW 124:15 PMVSV-D Erindale Spitfires 0-5Vaughan Rangers
Group CM PW-174:30 PMWood Markham Waxers 2-3Toronto Avalanche
Group BM PW-184:45 PMGAW Barrie Colts 8-1Toronto Royals
ChampionshBAN-QF-15:15 PMVSV-B Heartland Dragons #90 0-3Duffield Devils
ChampionshBAN-QF-25:15 PMVSV-C Toronto Royals 4-3West Mall Lightning
ChampionshBAN-QF-35:30 PMVSV-A Erindale Spitfires 4-9Toronto Wolverines
ChampionshBAN-QF-45:30 PMVSV-D Markham Islanders 1-0Vaughan Rangers
ChampionshM MID-QF-16:45 PMVSV-B Humberview Huskies 2-3Toronto Avalanche
ChampionshM MID-QF-26:45 PMVSV-C Don Mills Mustangs 4-1Greater Toronto Capitals
ChampionshM MID-QF-37:00 PMVSV-A Toronto Royals 2-0Scarborough Ice Raiders
ChampionshM MID-QF-47:00 PMVSV-D Vaughan Rangers 2-3Erindale Spitfires
Midget A JMID JR -78:00 PMVSV-B Humber Valley Sharks Jr. 2-1Vaughan Rangers Jr.
Midget Sr.MID SR -98:00 PMVSV-C Lorne Park Wild 1-2Vaughan Rangers
Midget A JMID JR -88:15 PMVSV-A Greater Toronto Capitals Jr. 3-7Heartland Dragons Jr.
Midget A JMID JR -98:15 PMVSV-D Toronto Avalanche Jr. 2-4Meadowvale Hawks Jr.
Midget Sr.MID SR -109:15 PMVSV-B Heartland Dragons 0-2Vaughan Panthers
Sunday, December 2, 2018
ChampionshM Atom SF18:00 AMVSV-B North Toronto 4-3Orilla Terriers
ChampionshM Atom SF28:00 AMVSV-C Whitby Wildcats Blue 3-1Vaughan Rangers
ChampionshAtom SF18:15 AMVSV-A Vaughan Rangers 2-1Lorne Park Clarkson
ChampionshAtom SF28:15 AMVSV-D Port Credit Storm 2-6Owen Sound Attack
ChampionshPW SF19:15 AMVSV-B Erindale Spitfires 2-1Don Mills Mustangs
ChampionshPW SF29:15 AMVSV-C Goulding Park Rangers 0-6Vaughan Rangers
ChampionshM PW- SF 19:30 AMVSV-A Bradford Bulldogs 3-5Barrie Colts
ChampionshM PW- SF 29:30 AMVSV-D Toronto Eagles 4-5Vaughan Rangers
ChampionshM Ban SF110:30 AMVSV-B Heartland Dragons #81 1-3Toronto Avalanche
ChampionshM Ban SF210:30 AMVSV-C Greater Toronto Capitals 1-5Vaughan Rangers
ChampionshBAN-SF 110:45 AMVSV-A Markham Islanders 2-3Toronto Wolverines
ChampionshBAN-SF 210:45 AMVSV-D Toronto Royals 5-3Duffield Devils
ChampionshM MID-SF 111:45 AMVSV-B Toronto Royals 2-3Erindale Spitfires
ChampionshM MID-SF 211:45 AMVSV-C Don Mills Mustangs 1-3Toronto Avalanche
ChampionshMID JR -SF-112:00 PMVSV-A Vaughan Rangers Jr. 2-0Meadowvale Hawks Jr.
ChampionshMID JR -SF-212:00 PMVSV-D Toronto Avalanche Jr. 1-4Heartland Dragons Jr.
ChampionshM Atom Final1:15 PMVSV-D Whitby Wildcats Blue 3-5North Toronto
ChampiosnhMID SR -Final1:30 PMVSV-B Vaughan Panthers 0-4Vaughan Rangers
ChampionshPW Final1:30 PMVSV-C Erindale Spitfires 1-4Vaughan Rangers
ChampionshAtom Final1:45 PMVSV-A Vaughan Rangers 0-4Owen Sound Attack
ChampionshM Ban Final2:45 PMVSV-C Toronto Avalanche 3-2Vaughan Rangers
ChampionshBAN Final3:00 PMVSV-B Toronto Royals 4-3Toronto Wolverines
ChampionshM PW-Final3:15 PMVSV-A Barrie Colts 3-1Vaughan Rangers
ChampionshMID JR Final4:15 PMVSV-B Vaughan Rangers Jr. 4-3Heartland Dragons Jr.
ChampionshM Mid Final4:30 PMVSV-A Erindale Spitfires 2-3Toronto Avalanche
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