Schedule & Results, 2018-19 South Huron Regional, 2018-2019 (International Silver Stick)

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Friday, November 23, 2018
Pool AA18:00 AMHEN Mount Brydges 2-5Ilderton
Pool AM18:00 AMSHRC Mount Brydges 4-3Mitchell
Pool AML18:00 AMSTA Ilderton 1-0Mitchell
Pool BA29:10 AMHEN Strathroy 5-1Kincardine
Pool AM29:10 AMSHRC Petrolia 1-2BCH
Pool AML29:10 AMSTA Strathroy Blue 3-0South Huron
Pool BA310:20 AMHEN Petrolia 0-5Mooretown
Pool BM310:20 AMSHRC Strathroy 3-1Blyth Brussels
Pool BML310:20 AMSTA Lucan 3-9North Middlesex Silver
Pool AA411:30 AMHEN South Huron 2-1Essa
Pool B (XOVER)B111:30 AMSHRC South Huron 0-5BCH
Pool BML411:30 AMSTA Wallaceburg 5-2Lambton Shores Black
Pool B (XOVER)B212:40 PMSHRC Mount Brydges 2-0Strathroy
Pool ABL112:40 PMSTA Dorchester 3-2Kincardine
Pool AP112:40 PMHEN Strathroy 4-1Petrolia
Pool A (XOVER)B31:50 PMSHRC Mooretown 3-1Lambeth
Pool ABL21:50 PMSTA Midland 6-2South Huron
Pool BP21:50 PMHEN Mount Brydges 4-3Napanee
Pool BBL33:00 PMSHRC Wingham 4-5Strathroy Red
Pool AM43:00 PMSTA Mount Brydges 4-0Petrolia
Pool BP33:00 PMHEN Wallaceburg 1-5Lambeth
Pool BA54:10 PMHEN Strathroy 1-0Petrolia
Pool BBL44:10 PMSHRC Ilderton 5-0Penetang
Pool BM54:10 PMSTA Strathroy 5-3Listowel
Pool AA65:20 PMHEN Essa 1-1Mount Brydges
Pool AA85:20 PMSHRC Ilderton 5-0South Huron
Pool BM65:20 PMSTA Blyth Brussels 0-2Dorchester
Pool BA76:30 PMHEN Mooretown 2-1Kincardine
Pool AM76:30 PMSTA Mitchell 5-1BCH
Pool AP46:30 PMSHRC Mooretown 0-5South Huron
Pool A (XOVER)B47:40 PMSHRC Strathroy 2-1South Huron
Pool AML57:40 PMSTA Ilderton 1-1Strathroy Blue
Pool ABL58:50 PMSHRC Kincardine 3-1South Huron
Pool BBL68:50 PMSTA Ilderton 2-1Wingham
Pool BBL710:00 PMSTA Penetang 2-7Strathroy Red
Pool AML610:00 PMSHRC Mitchell 4-2South Huron
Saturday, November 24, 2018
Pool B (XOVER)B58:00 AMSHRC Lambeth 1-1BCH
Pool ABL88:00 AMSTA Midland 7-1Dorchester
Pool AP58:00 AMHEN South Huron 2-1Petrolia
Pool A (XOVER)B69:10 AMSHRC Mooretown 2-1Mount Brydges
Pool BML89:10 AMSTA Lucan 5-0Lambton Shores Black
Pool AP69:10 AMHEN Mooretown 0-15Strathroy
Pool BM810:20 AMSHRC Listowel 1-1Dorchester
Pool BML910:20 AMSTA North Middlesex Silver 6-0Wallaceburg
Pool BP710:20 AMHEN Lambeth 7-1Napanee
Pool BBL911:30 AMSTA Ilderton 5-3Strathroy Red
Pool AML711:30 AMSHRC Mitchell 1-2Strathroy Blue
Pool BP811:30 AMHEN Wallaceburg 0-3Mount Brydges
Pool BA912:40 PMHEN Kincardine 3-1Petrolia
Pool BBL1012:40 PMSTA Wingham 7-6Penetang
Pool AML1012:40 PMSHRC South Huron 2-7Ilderton
Pool BA101:50 PMHEN Mooretown 1-2Strathroy
Pool ABL111:50 PMSTA Kincardine 0-1Midland
Pool ABL121:50 PMSHRC South Huron 2-0Dorchester
Pool AA113:00 PMHEN Essa 0-3Ilderton
Pool A (XOVER)B73:00 PMSTA BCH 0-2Mount Brydges
Pool BML113:00 PMSHRC Lambton Shores Black 1-7North Middlesex Silver
Pool AA124:10 PMHEN Mount Brydges 5-1South Huron
Pool B (XOVER)B84:10 PMSTA Lambeth 1-5Strathroy
Pool BML124:10 PMSHRC Wallaceburg 2-6Lucan
Pool B (XOVER)B95:15 PMSHRC South Huron 3-0Mooretown
Pool AM95:20 PMSTA BCH 2-6Mount Brydges
Pool AP95:20 PMHEN Petrolia 2-1Mooretown
Pool AM106:30 PMSTA Petrolia 3-1Mitchell
Pool BM116:30 PMSHRC Listowel 4-0Blyth Brussels
Pool BP106:30 PMHEN Mount Brydges 6-1Lambeth
Semi FinalBL137:40 PMSTA Strathroy Red 6-4Midland
Pool BM127:40 PMSHRC Dorchester 1-0Strathroy
Pool BP117:40 PMHEN Napanee 1-6Wallaceburg
Semi FinalBL148:50 PMSHRC Kincardine 3-2Ilderton
Semi FinalML138:50 PMSTA Lucan 0-4Ilderton
Pool AP128:50 PMHEN South Huron 2-5Strathroy
Semi FinalML1410:00 PMSHRC Strathroy Blue 0-6North Middlesex Silver
Sunday, November 25, 2018
Semi FinalA138:00 AMHEN Mooretown 3-2Ilderton
Semi FinalB108:00 AMSHRC South Huron 3-1Mount Brydges
Semi FinalB119:10 AMSHRC Mooretown 2-1Strathroy
Semi FinalP139:10 AMHEN Lambeth 2-5Strathroy
Semi FinalA1410:20 AMSHRC Mount Brydges 5-3Strathroy
Semi FinalM1310:20 AMHEN Mitchell 1-2Dorchester
FinalBL1511:30 AMSHRC Kincardine 0-6Strathroy Red
Semi FinalM1411:30 AMHEN Strathroy 0-1Mount Brydges
Semi FinalP1412:40 PMSHRC South Huron 0-7Mount Brydges
FinalML151:50 PMSHRC Ilderton 0-6North Middlesex Silver
FinalA153:00 PMSHRC Mount Brydges 4-3Mooretown
FinalP154:10 PMSHRC Mount Brydges 2-0Strathroy
FinalB125:20 PMSHRC South Huron 2-4Mooretown
FinalM156:30 PMSHRC Dorchester 2-3Mount Brydges
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