Schedule & Results, 2018-19 New Tecumseth (TNT) Regional, 2018-2019 (International Silver Stick)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, November 2, 2018
ATOM AE A-112:00 PMNTRC 1 Whitby Wildcats1-2Barrie Colts
ATOM AE A-21:15 PMNTRC 1 North Durham Warriors6-0Bradford Bulldogs
PWAE GRP APW-12:30 PMNTRC 1 Pickering Panthers1-10Barrie Colts
PWAE GRP APW-22:30 PMNTRC - 2 Newmarket Redmen4-2North Durham Warriors
PWAE GRP BPW-34:00 PMNTRC 1 Milton Winterhawks White10-0Bradford Bulldogs
ATOM AE A-35:00 PMNTRC - 2 Kingston Canadians5-0Centre Wellington Fusion
PWAE GRP BPW-45:30 PMNTRC 1 Kitchener Rangers Blue3-4Clarington Toros
Saturday, November 3, 2018
ATOM AE A-48:30 AMNTRC - 2 Bradford Bulldogs1-2Kingston Canadians
PWAE GRP APW-59:00 AMNTRC 1 North Durham Warriors1-6Barrie Colts
ATOM AE A-59:45 AMNTRC - 2 Centre Wellington Fusion1-8Whitby Wildcats
PWAE GRP APW-610:30 AMNTRC 1 Newmarket Redmen11-3Pickering Panthers
ATOM AE A-611:00 AMNTRC - 2 Barrie Colts5-0North Durham Warriors
PWAE GRP BPW-712:00 PMNTRC 1 Kitchener Rangers Blue2-3Milton Winterhawks White
PWAE GRP BPW-81:30 PMNTRC 1 Clarington Toros7-1Bradford Bulldogs
ATOM AE A-73:00 PMNTRC 1 Whitby Wildcats5-0Bradford Bulldogs
PWAE GRP APW-93:00 PMNTRC - 2 Barrie Colts2-2Newmarket Redmen
ATOM AE A-84:15 PMNTRC 1 Kingston Canadians2-2Barrie Colts
PWAE GRP APW-104:30 PMNTRC - 2 North Durham Warriors3-1Pickering Panthers
ATOM AE A-95:30 PMNTRC 1 North Durham Warriors8-1Centre Wellington Fusion
PWAE GRP BPW-116:00 PMNTRC - 2 Milton Winterhawks White4-4Clarington Toros
PWAE GRP BPW-127:00 PMNTRC 1 Bradford Bulldogs0-10Kitchener Rangers Blue
Sunday, November 4, 2018
ATAE CHAMPA-109:00 AMNTRC 1 North Durham Warriors0-6Kingston Canadians
ATAE CHAMPA-119:30 AMNTRC - 2 Whitby Wildcats0-5Barrie Colts
PWAE CHAMPPW-1310:30 AMNTRC 1 Clarington Toros4-3Barrie Colts
PWAE CHAMPPW-1411:00 AMNTRC - 2 Newmarket Redmen0-7Milton Winterhawks White
ATAE CHAMPA-121:00 PMNTRC 1 Barrie Colts8-0Kingston Canadians
PWAE CHAMPPW-152:30 PMNTRC 1 Clarington Toros0-2Milton Winterhawks White
Friday, November 16, 2018
MA AA RRMA-18:00 AMNTRC 1 Leaside Flames3-2TNT TORNADOS
MA AA RRMA-28:30 AMNTRC - 2 Mississauga Jets1-5Barrie Colts
MA AA RRMA-39:15 AMNTRC 1 Mississauga Terriers2-2Ajax Knights
MPW GRP AMPW-19:45 AMNTRC - 2 Caledon Hawks2-2TNT TORNADOS
MPW GRP AMPW-210:30 AMNTRC 1 Mississauga Jets0-8Forest Hill Force
MPW GRP BMPW-311:00 AMNTRC - 2 Orangeville Flyers2-2Barrie Colts
MPW GRP BMPW-411:45 AMNTRC 1 Vaughan Rangers3-5Oakville Rangers Red
MB GRP AMB-112:15 PMNTRC - 2 Halton Hills Thunder3-4TNT TORNADOS
MB GRP AMB-21:00 PMNTRC 1 Greater Toronto Capitals2-2Vaughan Panthers
MB GRP BMB-31:45 PMNTRC - 2 Whitby Wildcats3-4Vaughan Rangers
MA AA RRMA-42:00 PMTCC TNT TORNADOS2-4Mississauga Jets
MB GRP BMB-42:30 PMNTRC 1 Mississauga Terriers3-1Forest Hill Force
MA AA RRMA-53:15 PMTCC Barrie Colts4-2Mississauga Terriers
MPW GRP AMPW-53:15 PMNTRC - 2 Caledon Hawks3-1Mississauga Jets
MPW GRP AMPW-64:00 PMNTRC 1 Forest Hill Force4-0TNT TORNADOS
MA AA RRMA-64:30 PMTCC Ajax Knights4-2Leaside Flames
MPW GRP BMPW-74:30 PMNTRC - 2 Vaughan Rangers2-4Orangeville Flyers
MPW GRP BMPW-85:15 PMNTRC 1 Oakville Rangers Red0-5Barrie Colts
MB GRP AMB-55:45 PMNTRC - 2 Greater Toronto Capitals3-2Halton Hills Thunder
MB GRP AMB-66:30 PMNTRC 1 Vaughan Panthers3-1TNT TORNADOS
MB GRP BMB-77:15 PMNTRC - 2 Mississauga Terriers1-3Whitby Wildcats
MB GRP BMB-88:00 PMNTRC 1 Forest Hill Force0-3Vaughan Rangers
Saturday, November 17, 2018
MA AA RRMA-78:00 AMNTRC 1 Mississauga Terriers4-4TNT TORNADOS
MA AA RRMA-88:30 AMNTRC - 2 Leaside Flames4-3Barrie Colts
MA AA RRMA-99:15 AMNTRC 1 Mississauga Jets2-3Ajax Knights
MPW GRP AMPW-99:45 AMNTRC - 2 Forest Hill Force1-3Caledon Hawks
MPW GRP AMPW-1010:30 AMNTRC 1 Mississauga Jets1-4TNT TORNADOS
MPW GRP BMPW-1111:00 AMNTRC - 2 Barrie Colts3-0Vaughan Rangers
MPW GRP BMPW-1211:45 AMNTRC 1 Orangeville Flyers1-2Oakville Rangers Red
MB GRP AMB-912:15 PMNTRC - 2 Greater Toronto Capitals4-1TNT TORNADOS
MB GRP AMB-101:00 PMNTRC 1 Vaughan Panthers3-0Halton Hills Thunder
MB GRP BMB-111:45 PMNTRC - 2 Mississauga Terriers1-4Vaughan Rangers
MB GRP BMB-122:30 PMNTRC 1 Forest Hill Force2-2Whitby Wildcats
MA CHAMPMA-103:30 PMNTRC - 2 Barrie Colts3-6Leaside Flames
MA CHAMPMA-114:00 PMNTRC 1 Mississauga Jets3-1Ajax Knights
MPW CHAMPMPW-135:00 PMNTRC - 2 Oakville Rangers Red2-5Caledon Hawks
MPW CHAMPMPW-145:30 PMNTRC 1 Forest Hill Force3-2Barrie Colts
MB CHAMPMB-136:30 PMNTRC - 2 Whitby Wildcats4-5Vaughan Panthers
MB CHAMPMB-147:00 PMNTRC 1 Greater Toronto Capitals2-1Vaughan Rangers
Sunday, November 18, 2018
MA CHAMPMA-1210:00 AMNTRC 1 Mississauga Jets0-4Leaside Flames
MPW CHAMPMPW-1512:00 PMNTRC 1 Forest Hill Force3-2Caledon Hawks
MB CHAMPMB-152:00 PMNTRC 1 Greater Toronto Capitals3-4Vaughan Panthers
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