Schedule & Results, 2017-18 Northumberland Regional, 2017-2018, Can Reg (International Silver Stick)

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Friday, November 24, 2017
NovB (B) (XOVER)12:45 PMCCC-Bowl Frontenac Flyers2-0Ennismore Eagles
NovB (B) (XOVER)23:00 PMCCC-Pond Campbellford Colts3-3Vaughan Rangers Black
AtmA (A)34:00 PMCCC-Bowl Napanee Stars1-3Peterborough Petes
mPewee (B)44:00 PMMemorial Cumberland Jr Grads4-0Ajax Knights
NovB (A) (XOVER)54:15 PMCCC-Pond Gananoque Islanders7-3Ayr Flames
mPewee (A)65:10 PMCCC-Bowl Quinte West Hawks5-0Northumberland Nighthawks
PeweeA (B)75:15 PMMemorial PEC Kings3-2Kingston Canadians
mPewee (A)85:30 PMCCC-Pond Niagara Falls Flyers1-6Kanata Blazers
PeweeA (A)106:30 PMCCC-Bowl Richmond Hill Stars5-0Northumberland Nighthawks
PeweeA (B)96:30 PMMemorial Burlington Eagles4-2Quinte West Hawks
mPewee (B)116:45 PMCCC-Pond North Durham Warriors4-2West Carleton Crusaders
PeweeA (A)127:45 PMCCC-Bowl Peterborough Petes0-5Napanee Stars
AtmA (A)137:45 PMMemorial Napanee Stars4-1Kingston Canadians
Saturday, November 25, 2017
NovB (B) (XOVER)148:10 AMCCC-Bowl Frontenac Flyers5-2Gananoque Islanders
AtmA (A)159:15 AMCCC-Bowl Kingston Canadians1-2Clarington Toros
NovB (B) (XOVER)169:15 AMMemorial Ayr Flames1-5Vaughan Rangers Black
NovB (B) (XOVER)1710:00 AMCCC-Pond Campbellford Colts3-3Ennismore Eagles
mPewee (B)1810:30 AMCCC-Bowl West Carleton Crusaders4-5Cumberland Jr Grads
mPewee (A)1910:30 AMMemorial Northumberland Nighthawks4-1Niagara Falls Flyers
mPewee (B)2011:05 AMCCC-Pond Ajax Knights1-3North Durham Warriors
PeweeA (A)2111:45 AMCCC-Bowl Napanee Stars2-5Richmond Hill Stars
mPewee (A)2211:45 AMMemorial Kanata Blazers2-3Quinte West Hawks
PeweeA (A)2312:20 PMCCC-Pond Northumberland Nighthawks3-2Peterborough Petes
PeweeA (B)241:00 PMCCC-Bowl Quinte West Hawks3-0PEC Kings
AtmA (A)251:00 PMMemorial Clarington Toros3-2Napanee Stars
PeweeA (B)261:30 PMCCC-Pond Kingston Canadians2-3Burlington Eagles
NovB (A) (XOVER)272:15 PMCCC-Bowl Vaughan Rangers Black3-3Frontenac Flyers
NovB (A) (XOVER)282:45 PMCCC-Pond Gananoque Islanders1-6Campbellford Colts
NovB (A) (XOVER)293:30 PMCCC-Bowl Ennismore Eagles5-0Ayr Flames
mPewee (A)303:30 PMMemorial Quinte West Hawks5-0Niagara Falls Flyers
mPewee (B)313:50 PMCCC-Pond North Durham Warriors5-4Cumberland Jr Grads
mPewee (A)324:45 PMCCC-Bowl Northumberland Nighthawks0-5Kanata Blazers
mPewee (B)334:45 PMMemorial West Carleton Crusaders4-4Ajax Knights
AtmA (A)345:05 PMCCC-Pond Clarington Toros4-4Peterborough Petes
PeweeA (A)356:00 PMCCC-Bowl Peterborough Petes0-5Richmond Hill Stars
PeweeA (A)366:15 PMCCC-Pond Napanee Stars4-0Northumberland Nighthawks
PeweeA (B)377:15 PMCCC-Bowl Quinte West Hawks5-1Kingston Canadians
PeweeA (B)387:30 PMCCC-Pond Burlington Eagles1-4PEC Kings
Sunday, November 26, 2017
AtmA (A)398:00 AMCCC-Bowl Peterborough Petes4-1Kingston Canadians
NovB Semi408:10 AMCCC-Pond Campbellford Colts3-2Frontenac Flyers
mPewee Sem419:10 AMCCC-Bowl Cumberland Jr Grads3-2Quinte West Hawks
NovB Semi429:15 AMCCC-Pond Ennismore Eagles3-0Vaughan Rangers Black
mPewee Sem439:30 AMMemorial Kanata Blazers1-0North Durham Warriors
PeweeA Sem4410:20 AMCCC-Pond PEC Kings2-3Richmond Hill Stars
PeweeA Sem4510:25 AMCCC-Bowl Napanee Stars0-5Quinte West Hawks
AtmA Semi4611:35 AMCCC-Pond Kingston Canadians2-3Peterborough Petes
AtmA Semi4711:40 AMCCC-Bowl Napanee Stars3-1Clarington Toros
NovB Final4812:55 PMCCC-Bowl Ennismore Eagles3-6Campbellford Colts
mPewee Fin492:10 PMCCC-Bowl Cumberland Jr Grads3-6Kanata Blazers
PeweeA Fin503:35 PMCCC-Bowl Quinte West Hawks2-1Richmond Hill Stars
ATA-Final515:00 PMCCC-Bowl Napanee Stars3-2Peterborough Petes
Friday, December 1, 2017
NovA (B)5211:00 AMBewdley New Hamburg Huskies4-0PEC Kings
mMidAA (C)5312:00 PMBaltimor Peterborough Petes0-4West Hill Golden Hawks
NovA (B)5412:00 PMBewdley Napanee Stars3-2Cumberland Jr Grads
NovA (A)5512:00 PMCCC-Pond Waterloo Wolves Gold5-0Peterborough Petes
mMidAA (A) (XOVER)5612:00 PMJackBurg Vaughan Panthers3-0Markham Waxers
mAtom (A) (XOVER)571:00 PMBewdley Quinte West Hawks4-2Kingston Canadians
mMidAA (A) (XOVER)581:00 PMCCC-Bowl North Durham Warriors3-0Northumberland Nighthawks
NovA (A)591:00 PMMemorial Kanata Blazers0-1Nepean Raiders
mMidAA (C)601:15 PMBaltimor Ottawa Silver Seven1-1Barrie Colts
mAtom (A) (XOVER)611:15 PMCCC-Pond Clarington Toros2-3Osgoode Richmond Romans
mMidAA (D)621:15 PMJackBurg Whitby Wildcats2-0Oshawa Generals
mAtom (A) (XOVER)632:00 PMMemorial Kanata Blazers White6-6Peterborough Petes
mAtom (C) 642:15 PMBewdley Oshawa Generals1-1New Hamburg Huskies
mMidAA (A) (XOVER)652:15 PMCCC-Bowl Caledon Hawks5-3York Mills
mBantA (A)662:30 PMBaltimor North Durham Warriors4-2Whitby Wildcats White
AtmAA (B)672:30 PMCCC-Pond Northumberland Nighthawks3-1Toronto Eagles
mBanAA (A) (XOVER)682:30 PMJackBurg Northumberland Nighthawks3-4Peterborough Petes
mAtom (C) 693:15 PMMemorial Casselman-Embrun Icedogs2-5Whitby Wildcats
mMidAA (D)703:30 PMCCC-Bowl Ottawa Sting0-2Humber Valley Sharks
mBanAA (A) (XOVER)713:45 PMJackBurg Scarborough Young Bruins2-2Rideau St Lawrence Kings
mBanAA (A) (XOVER)723:50 PMCCC-Pond Oakville Rangers Blue2-5Kingston Canadians
AtmAA (A)734:30 PMMemorial Ottawa Silver Seven3-5Vaughan Panthers
NovA (A)744:45 PMCCC-Bowl Peterborough Petes1-5Kanata Blazers
mBantA (A)755:00 PMJackBurg Aurora Tigers2-3Kingston Canadians
mMidAA (B) (XOVER)765:10 PMCCC-Pond Markham Waxers5-0North Durham Warriors
NovA (B)775:30 PMBewdley Napanee Stars0-3New Hamburg Huskies
NovA (A)785:45 PMCCC-Bowl Nepean Raiders0-5Waterloo Wolves Gold
AtmAA (A)795:45 PMMemorial West Mall Lightning2-5Whitby Wildcats
mMidAA (C)806:15 PMJackBurg Barrie Colts4-2Peterborough Petes
mBantA (B)816:30 PMBewdley Peterborough Petes3-5Clarington Toros
mMidAA (B) (XOVER)826:30 PMCCC-Pond York Mills 1-6Vaughan Panthers
mMidAA (B) (XOVER)836:45 PMCCC-Bowl Northumberland Nighthawks2-1Caledon Hawks
NovA (B)847:00 PMMemorial PEC Kings0-3Cumberland Jr Grads
mMidA (A)857:30 PMJackBurg Aurora Tigers3-0Oshawa Generals
mBantA (B)867:45 PMBewdley King Rebellion2-2Hespeler Shamrocks
mMidA (B)877:45 PMCCC-Pond Ajax Knights2-2Quinte West Hawks
mMidA (B)888:00 PMCCC-Bowl Orillia Terriers8-3Osgoode Richmond Romans
AtmAA (B)898:00 PMMemorial Don Mills Mustangs2-0Kanata Blazers
mMidAA (D)908:45 PMJackBurg Humber Valley Sharks4-1Whitby Wildcats
mMidAA (C)919:00 PMCCC-Pond West Hill Golden Hawks0-2Ottawa Silver Seven
mMidAA (D)929:15 PMCCC-Bowl Oshawa Generals1-4Ottawa Sting
mMidA (A)939:15 PMMemorial Stittsville Rams1-0Brampton 45s
Saturday, December 2, 2017
mAtom (B) (XOVER)948:00 AMBewdley Peterborough Petes1-2Quinte West Hawks
AtmAA (A)958:00 AMJackBurg Vaughan Panthers4-1West Mall Lightning
mAtom (C) 968:00 AMMemorial New Hamburg Huskies2-2Casselman-Embrun Icedogs
AtmAA (B)978:00 AMCCC-Bowl Kanata Blazers1-2Northumberland Nighthawks
AtmAA (A)988:15 AMCCC-Pond Ottawa Silver Seven1-2Whitby Wildcats
mAtom (C) 1009:15 AMCCC-Bowl Whitby Wildcats4-0Oshawa Generals
NovA (B)1019:15 AMMemorial New Hamburg Huskies6-2Cumberland Jr Grads
AtmAA (B)1029:15 AMJackBurg Toronto Eagles4-2Don Mills Mustangs
mAtom (B) (XOVER)999:15 AMBewdley Osgoode Richmond Romans3-4Kanata Blazers White
mAtom (B) (XOVER)1039:30 AMCCC-Pond Kingston Canadians0-5Clarington Toros
NovA (B)10410:15 AMMemorial Napanee Stars2-4PEC Kings
NovA (A)10510:30 AMBewdley Waterloo Wolves Gold7-2Kanata Blazers
mMidAA (A) (XOVER)10610:30 AMCCC-Bowl Vaughan Panthers1-1Northumberland Nighthawks
mBanAA (B) (XOVER)10710:30 AMJackBurg Peterborough Petes4-3Oakville Rangers Blue
mBanAA (B) (XOVER)10810:45 AMCCC-Pond Kingston Canadians0-3Scarborough Young Bruins
mBanAA (B) (XOVER)10911:15 AMMemorial Rideau St Lawrence Kings6-1Northumberland Nighthawks
NovA (A)11011:30 AMBewdley Nepean Raiders2-0Peterborough Petes
mMidA (A)11111:45 AMCCC-Bowl Oshawa Generals2-3Stittsville Rams
mMidAA (A) (XOVER)11211:45 AMJackBurg North Durham Warriors1-6York Mills
mMidAA (A) (XOVER)11312:00 PMCCC-Pond Caledon Hawks1-4Markham Waxers
mBantA (B)11412:30 PMBewdley Clarington Toros5-2King Rebellion
mBantA (A)11512:30 PMMemorial Whitby Wildcats White2-2Aurora Tigers
mMidA (B)1161:00 PMCCC-Bowl Quinte West Hawks1-4Orillia Terriers
mMidA (A)1171:00 PMJackBurg Brampton 45s2-5Aurora Tigers
mMidA (B)1181:15 PMCCC-Pond Osgoode Richmond Romans6-1Ajax Knights
mBantA (B)1191:45 PMBewdley Hespeler Shamrocks4-2Peterborough Petes
mBantA (A)1201:45 PMMemorial Kingston Canadians2-3North Durham Warriors
mMidAA (D)1212:15 PMCCC-Bowl Whitby Wildcats2-3Ottawa Sting
mMidAA (C)1222:15 PMJackBurg Barrie Colts2-2West Hill Golden Hawks
mMidAA (C)1232:30 PMCCC-Pond Peterborough Petes1-3Ottawa Silver Seven
mAtom (A) (XOVER)1243:00 PMBewdley Clarington Toros5-0Peterborough Petes
mAtom (A) (XOVER)1253:00 PMMemorial Kanata Blazers White5-1Kingston Canadians
AtmAA (A)1263:30 PMCCC-Bowl Whitby Wildcats1-0Vaughan Panthers
mAtom (C) 1273:30 PMJackBurg Whitby Wildcats3-4New Hamburg Huskies
mMidAA (D)1283:45 PMCCC-Pond Humber Valley Sharks4-3Oshawa Generals
mAtom (C) 1294:15 PMBewdley Oshawa Generals2-4Casselman-Embrun Icedogs
mAtom (A) (XOVER)1304:15 PMMemorial Quinte West Hawks2-3Osgoode Richmond Romans
AtmAA (A)1314:45 PMCCC-Bowl West Mall Lightning0-3Ottawa Silver Seven
AtmAA (B)1324:45 PMJackBurg Northumberland Nighthawks4-0Don Mills Mustangs
mBanAA (A) (XOVER)1335:00 PMCCC-Pond Northumberland Nighthawks2-2Kingston Canadians
mBantA (A)1345:30 PMBewdley Aurora Tigers2-2North Durham Warriors
AtmAA (B)1355:30 PMMemorial Kanata Blazers0-7Toronto Eagles
mBanAA (A) (XOVER)1366:00 PMCCC-Bowl Scarborough Young Bruins4-2Peterborough Petes
mBantA (B)1376:00 PMJackBurg King Rebellion3-4Peterborough Petes
mBanAA (A) (XOVER)1386:15 PMCCC-Pond Oakville Rangers Blue2-4Rideau St Lawrence Kings
mBantA (B)1396:40 PMMemorial Clarington Toros1-1Hespeler Shamrocks
mBantA (A)1406:45 PMBewdley Whitby Wildcats White1-0Kingston Canadians
mMidAA 1/41417:15 PMCCC-Bowl Northumberland Nighthawks1-2Humber Valley Sharks
mMidAA 1/41427:15 PMJackBurg West Hill Golden Hawks3-4Vaughan Panthers
mMidAA 1/41437:30 PMCCC-Pond Barrie Colts2-3Ottawa Silver Seven
mMidAA 1/41447:55 PMMemorial Ottawa Sting0-3Markham Waxers
mMidA (A)1458:35 PMCCC-Bowl Brampton 45s1-3Oshawa Generals
mMidA (B)1468:35 PMJackBurg Orillia Terriers3-1Ajax Knights
mMidA (A)1478:50 PMCCC-Pond Aurora Tigers1-1Stittsville Rams
mMidA (B)1489:15 PMMemorial Quinte West Hawks1-2Osgoode Richmond Romans
Sunday, December 3, 2017
mAtom Semi1498:00 AMCCC-Bowl New Hamburg Huskies1-3Kanata Blazers White
NA-Semi1508:00 AMCCC-Pond Nepean Raiders3-4New Hamburg Huskies
mAtom Semi1518:00 AMMemorial Whitby Wildcats3-1Clarington Toros
NA-Semi1528:00 AMJackBurg Cumberland Jr Grads1-6Waterloo Wolves Gold
AtmAA Semi1539:05 AMCCC-Pond Toronto Eagles0-1Whitby Wildcats
mBanAA Sem1549:10 AMJackBurg Kingston Canadians3-5Rideau St Lawrence Kings
mBanAA Sem1559:15 AMMemorial Peterborough Petes2-1Scarborough Young Bruins
AtmAA Semi1569:20 AMCCC-Bowl Vaughan Panthers2-4Northumberland Nighthawks
mBantA Sem15710:20 AMCCC-Pond Whitby Wildcats White1-6Clarington Toros
mMidA Semi15810:30 AMJackBurg Osgoode Richmond Romans1-2Aurora Tigers
mBantA Sem15910:35 AMCCC-Bowl Hespeler Shamrocks3-2North Durham Warriors
mMidAA Sem16011:45 AMCCC-Pond Ottawa Silver Seven2-3Vaughan Panthers
mMidA Semi16111:50 AMJackBurg Stittsville Rams1-2Orillia Terriers
mMidAA Sem16211:55 AMCCC-Bowl Markham Waxers2-1Humber Valley Sharks
NovA-Final1631:15 PMCCC-Bowl New Hamburg Huskies1-4Waterloo Wolves Gold
mAtom Fina1641:35 PMCCC-Pond Whitby Wildcats3-4Kanata Blazers White
AtmAA Fina1652:30 PMCCC-Bowl Whitby Wildcats2-1Northumberland Nighthawks
mBanAA Fin1663:00 PMCCC-Pond Peterborough Petes1-3Rideau St Lawrence Kings
mBantA Fin1673:55 PMCCC-Bowl Hespeler Shamrocks1-0Clarington Toros
mMidA Fina1684:30 PMCCC-Pond Aurora Tigers0-2Orillia Terriers
mMidAA Fin1695:25 PMCCC-Bowl Markham Waxers1-4Vaughan Panthers
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