Schedule & Results, 2016-17 Sarnia Boys Finals, 2016-2017 (International Silver Stick)

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Friday, January 13, 2017
Flight A (XOVER)18:00 AMCWB Don Mills Flyers2-3Lambton Jr. Sting
Flight A (XOVER)238:00 AMPASA 1 Team Ohio Blue Jackets0-2Cambridge Hawks
Flight A (XOVER)388:00 AMSAR Montgomery Blue Devils6-0Krivo School of Hockey
Flight A (XOVER)488:00 AMPE Mississauga Senators6-0Chicago Fury
M/AAA (XOVER)588:00 AMPET York Simcoe Express5-5Invite 1
Flight A (XOVER)128:10 AMCWR Sault Ste. Marie Jr. Greyhounds0-10Toronto Marlboros
Flight A (XOVER)298:15 AMPASA 2 Cleveland Barons3-3Detroit Little Caesars
Atom AA 29:15 AMCWB *London Knights (Green)0-5North Toronto
Atom AA 249:15 AMPASA 1 Vaughn Panthers1-2Milton Winterhawks
M/AAA (XOVER)399:15 AMSAR Invite 3 4-3Invite 4
Atom AA 139:25 AMCWR Tampa Bay Scorpions4-3Tri City Eagles
Atom AA 309:30 AMPASA 2 Birmingham Rangers5-5Old York Road Raiders
M/AAA (XOVER)599:30 AMPET Invite 2
Atom AA 2510:30 AMPASA 1 NW Chargers3-6Caledon Hawks
Atom AA 310:30 AMCWB Port Huron Flags3-3Cleveland Lumberjacks
Atom AA 1410:40 AMCWR *London Knights (White)3-4Mississauga Terriers
Atom AA 3110:45 AMPASA 2 Mt. Lebanon Hornets2-2Skylands Kings
Atom A4010:45 AMSAR *Strathroy Rockets5-5Dundas Blues
Atom A5010:45 AMPE Pelham Penguins1-2Steel City Renegades
Atom A2611:45 AMPASA 1 San Jose Jr. Sharks10-0Tampa Bay Scorpions
Atom A411:45 AMCWB Erindale Spitfires9-2Montgomery Blue Devils
Atom A1511:55 AMCWR Columbus Blue Jackets2-5London Mustangs Purple
Atom A3212:00 PMPASA 2 Burlington Eagles3-3Sarnia Jr. Sting
Atom A4112:00 PMSAR Cambridge Hawks2-1Nickel City North Stars
M/AAA (XOVER)4912:00 PMPET Windsor Spitfires4-3Tampa Bay Scorpions
Atom A5112:00 PMPE Sault Ste. Marie Lakers6-1Denver Junior Pioneers
Atom AAA (XOVER)271:00 PMPASA 1 Cambridge Hawks1-4Cleveland Barons
Atom AAA (XOVER)51:00 PMCWB Lambton Jr. Sting3-3Sault Ste. Marie Jr. Greyhounds
Atom AAA (XOVER)161:10 PMCWR Toronto Marlboros9-1Team Ohio Blue Jackets
Atom AAA (XOVER)331:15 PMPASA 2 Detroit Little Caesars0-8Montgomery Blue Devils
Atom AAA (XOVER)421:15 PMSAR Krivo School of Hockey 1-13Mississauga Senators
Atom AAA (XOVER)521:15 PMPE Chicago Fury2-2Don Mills Flyers
Atom AA 62:15 PMCWB Tri City Eagles4-4*London Knights (Green)
M/AAA (XOVER)602:15 PMPET Invite 2 3-4York Simcoe Express
Atom AA 172:25 PMCWR Milton Winterhawks7-3Birmingham Rangers
Midget A282:30 PMPASA 1 New Mexico Ice Wolves2-0Bayonne Rangers
Atom AA 342:30 PMPASA 2 North Toronto 2-4Tampa Bay Scorpions
Atom AA 432:30 PMSAR Cleveland Lumberjacks4-10*London Knights (White)
Atom AA 532:30 PMPE Old York Road Raiders1-4Vaughn Panthers
Atom AA 73:30 PMCWB Caledon Hawks4-2Mt. Lebanon Hornets
Atom AA 183:40 PMCWR Skylands Kings0-3NW Chargers
Atom AA 353:45 PMPASA 2 Mississauga Terriers12-2Port Huron Flags
Atom A443:45 PMSAR Dundas Blues7-1Pelham Penguins
Atom A543:45 PMPE Steel City Renegades2-4*Strathroy Rockets
M/AAA (XOVER)613:45 PMPET Invite 4 2-2Windsor Spitfires
Atom A84:45 PMCWB Nickel City North Stars3-3Sault Ste. Marie Lakers
Atom A194:55 PMCWR Denver Junior Pioneers2-4Cambridge Hawks
Atom A365:00 PMPASA 2 Montgomery Blue Devils2-3Columbus Blue Jackets
Atom A455:00 PMSAR London Mustangs Purple3-3Erindale Spitfires
Atom A555:00 PMPE Sarnia Jr. Sting4-6San Jose Jr. Sharks
Atom A625:15 PMPET Tampa Bay Scorpions2-8Burlington Eagles
Midget A96:00 PMCWB Miami Redhawks0-10Strathroy Rockets
Midget A206:10 PMCWR Caledonia Thunder1-3Bradford Bulldogs
Midget A376:30 PMPASA 2 Sarnia Jr. Sting3-0Ajax Knights
Midget A466:30 PMSAR *Midland Centennials2-6Lorne Park Clarkson Wild
Midget A566:30 PMPE Lehigh Valley Phantoms3-3Port Huron Flags
M/AAA (XOVER)636:30 PMPET Invite 1 4-2Invite 3
Midget AA 107:30 PMCWB Metro Jr. Jets1-6Caledon Hawks
Midget AA 217:40 PMCWR Hershey Bears2-2Northumberland Nighthawks
Midget AA 478:00 PMSAR Ted Reeve Thunder1-1West Chester Quakers
Midget AA 578:00 PMPE Dayton Stealth0-3Stratford Warriors
M/AAA (XOVER)648:00 PMPET Tampa Bay Scorpions
Midget AA 119:00 PMCWB Team Midwest 0-5Golden State Eagles
Midget AA 229:10 PMCWR *Aurora Tigers2-3Gulf Coast Flames
Saturday, January 14, 2017
Flight A (XOVER)1057:00 AMSAR Team Ohio Blue Jackets0-4Lambton Jr. Sting
Flight A (XOVER)1157:00 AMPE Sault Ste. Marie Jr. Greyhounds2-6Chicago Fury
Flight A (XOVER)657:00 AMCWB Don Mills Flyers10-0Krivo School of Hockey
Flight A (XOVER)857:00 AMPASA 1 Montgomery Blue Devils7-1Cambridge Hawks
Flight A (XOVER)757:15 AMCWR Cleveland Barons1-5Toronto Marlboros
Flight A (XOVER)957:15 AMPASA 2 Mississauga Senators7-2Detroit Little Caesars
Midget A1068:15 AMSAR Lorne Park Clarkson Wild10-1Miami Redhawks
Midget A1168:15 AMPE Strathroy Rockets2-3*Midland Centennials
Midget AA 668:15 AMCWB Caledon Hawks3-3Hershey Bears
Midget A868:15 AMPASA 1 Port Huron Flags2-2Caledonia Thunder
Midget A1258:30 AMPET Bayonne Rangers1-5Sarnia Jr. Sting
Midget AA 768:30 AMCWR Gulf Coast Flames5-3Team Midwest
Midget A968:30 AMPASA 2 Lehigh Valley Phantoms0-7Bradford Bulldogs
Atom A1079:45 AMSAR Columbus Blue Jackets0-3Erindale Spitfires
Atom A1179:45 AMPE Sarnia Jr. Sting12-0Tampa Bay Scorpions
Midget AA 679:45 AMCWB Northumberland Nighthawks1-3Metro Jr. Jets
Midget AA 879:45 AMPASA 1 Stratford Warriors1-5Ted Reeve Thunder
Atom A12610:00 AMPET Steel City Renegades1-4Dundas Blues
Midget AA 7710:00 AMCWR West Chester Quakers5-1Dayton Stealth
Midget AA 9710:00 AMPASA 2 Golden State Eagles3-3*Aurora Tigers
Atom A10811:30 AMSAR Cambridge Hawks3-3Sault Ste. Marie Lakers
Atom A11811:30 AMPE Nickel City North Stars8-4Denver Junior Pioneers
Atom A12711:30 AMPET Pelham Penguins4-5*Strathroy Rockets
M/AAA (XOVER)6811:30 AMCWB Windsor Spitfires7-1Invite 1
Atom A8811:30 AMPASA 1 London Mustangs Purple8-1Montgomery Blue Devils
M/AAA (XOVER)7811:45 AMCWR Invite 3 3-1Invite 2
Atom A9811:45 AMPASA 2 Burlington Eagles3-10San Jose Jr. Sharks
Atom AA 10912:45 PMSAR Birmingham Rangers2-5Vaughn Panthers
Atom AA 11912:45 PMPE Skylands Kings2-4Caledon Hawks
Atom AA 12812:45 PMPET Old York Road Raiders5-4Milton Winterhawks
Atom AA 8912:45 PMPASA 1 Port Huron Flags1-9*London Knights (White)
M/AAA (XOVER)691:00 PMCWB Invite 4
Atom AA 991:00 PMPASA 2 Mt. Lebanon Hornets1-6NW Chargers
M/AAA (XOVER)791:15 PMCWR York Simcoe Express5-3Tampa Bay Scorpions
Atom AA 1102:00 PMSAR Tri City Eagles2-2North Toronto
Atom AA 1202:00 PMPE Cleveland Lumberjacks1-12Mississauga Terriers
Atom AA 1292:00 PMPET Tampa Bay Scorpions3-4*London Knights (Green)
Atom AAA (XOVER)902:00 PMPASA 1 Cambridge Hawks0-5Mississauga Senators
Atom AAA (XOVER)1002:15 PMPASA 2 Detroit Little Caesars0-5Don Mills Flyers
Atom AAA (XOVER)702:30 PMCWB Lambton Jr. Sting4-4Cleveland Barons
Atom AAA (XOVER)802:45 PMCWR Toronto Marlboros2-2Montgomery Blue Devils
Midget A1113:15 PMSAR New Mexico Ice Wolves0-8Sarnia Jr. Sting
Midget A1213:15 PMPE Miami Redhawks1-8*Midland Centennials
Midget A1303:15 PMPET Bayonne Rangers1-13Ajax Knights
Midget A913:15 PMPASA 1 Lehigh Valley Phantoms2-3Caledonia Thunder
Midget A1013:30 PMPASA 2 Port Huron Flags2-6Bradford Bulldogs
Atom AAA (XOVER)713:45 PMCWB Chicago Fury5-1Team Ohio Blue Jackets
Atom AAA (XOVER)814:00 PMCWR Krivo School of Hockey 1-0Sault Ste. Marie Jr. Greyhounds
Midget AA 1125:00 PMSAR Northumberland Nighthawks0-4Caledon Hawks
Midget AA 1225:00 PMPE *Aurora Tigers5-3Team Midwest
Midget A1315:00 PMPET Strathroy Rockets1-3Lorne Park Clarkson Wild
Atom A725:00 PMCWB Sarnia Jr. Sting1-2Erindale Spitfires
Atom A925:00 PMPASA 1 Sault Ste. Marie Lakers4-6Dundas Blues
Atom A1025:15 PMPASA 2 *Strathroy Rockets1-5Cambridge Hawks
Atom A825:15 PMCWR London Mustangs Purple3-6San Jose Jr. Sharks
Midget AA 1136:30 PMSAR Hershey Bears1-2Metro Jr. Jets
Midget AA 1236:30 PMPE Dayton Stealth2-3Ted Reeve Thunder
Midget AA 1326:30 PMPET Stratford Warriors1-6West Chester Quakers
Atom AA736:30 PMCWB Vaughn Panthers3-2Tampa Bay Scorpions
Atom AA936:30 PMPASA 1 *London Knights (White)8-1Caledon Hawks
Atom AA1036:45 PMPASA 2 NW Chargers2-7Mississauga Terriers
Atom AA836:45 PMCWR North Toronto 7-2Milton Winterhawks
Midget AA 1148:00 PMSAR Gulf Coast Flames0-2Golden State Eagles
Midget A1248:00 PMPE Ajax Knights8-1New Mexico Ice Wolves
M/AAA (XOVER)748:00 PMCWB Tampa Bay Scorpions5-4Invite 3
M/AAA (XOVER)948:00 PMPASA 1 Invite 1
M/AAA (XOVER)1048:15 PMPASA 2 Invite 4 4-3York Simcoe Express
M/AAA (XOVER)848:15 PMCWR Invite 2 1-6Windsor Spitfires
Sunday, January 15, 2017
Atom A1337:30 AMCWB Dundas Blues4-2Erindale Spitfires
Atom A1367:30 AMCWR Cambridge Hawks2-3San Jose Jr. Sharks
Midget A1397:30 AMPASA 1 Ajax Knights2-4Sarnia Jr. Sting
Midget A1497:30 AMPASA 2 Lorne Park Clarkson Wild3-6Bradford Bulldogs
Atom AA1349:00 AMCWB *London Knights (White)3-2Vaughn Panthers
Atom AA1379:00 AMCWR North Toronto 2-3Mississauga Terriers
Midget AA1409:00 AMPASA 1 Ted Reeve Thunder1-2Golden State Eagles
Midget AA1439:00 AMPASA 2 Caledon Hawks4-2West Chester Quakers
Atom AAA13510:30 AMCWB Lambton Jr. Sting1-7Mississauga Senators
Atom AAA13810:30 AMCWR Toronto Marlboros3-2Montgomery Blue Devils
Midget AAA14110:30 AMPASA 1 York Simcoe Express0-7Tampa Bay Scorpions
Midget AAA14410:30 AMPASA 2 Invite 4 0-1Windsor Spitfires
Midget A14512:00 PMCWB Bradford Bulldogs3-2Sarnia Jr. Sting
Atom A14812:00 PMCWR Dundas Blues6-3San Jose Jr. Sharks
Midget AA1491:30 PMCWR Caledon Hawks5-1Golden State Eagles
Atom AA1462:00 PMCWB *London Knights (White)1-3Mississauga Terriers
Midget AAA1473:30 PMCWB Tampa Bay Scorpions1-5Windsor Spitfires
Atom AAA1503:30 PMCWR Toronto Marlboros1-4Mississauga Senators
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