Frequently Asked Questions, 2016-17 Newmarket Finals, 2016-2017 (International Silver Stick)

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Pin Exchanges?

We do not mandate pin exchanges. We feel that the added cost to a team should be the team's choice. But, most teams bring pins. Before your games, talk to the opposing team's manager. If you can agree, advise the ref and they will allow a little extra time during the pre-game handshake. Team captains exchange the pins in a bag at centre ice.

Opening Ceremonies -- when are they?

Friday evening at the Magna Centre. We ask teams to be there at 7pm and it starts at 7:30pm. The Silver Stick Arena Manager will speak to when you register for your first game. One player from each team will be introduced on the ice representing their team. The Newmarket Council will be represented, the RCMP will be there with our Silver Stick and the game between a Newmarket Team and a US Team will be preceded by the signing of the national anthems. Here's your chance to get your picture taken with our Silver Stick and a Mountie (sorry no horse). Yes, some games are still in progress when this is on. We haven't got enough ice time to shut everything down.

Streaming of Games

We do not stream games to the internet. Rogers Cable will be recording some games played at RT Complex 1 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In the past, they have use multiple cameras and commentators. They will rebroadcast these games on their local networks. A purchase of these games is usually available directly from Rogers. More info tho follow.

Labels for game sheets?

Yes....but they must fit in the designated areas. We try to have scissors available to help make things fit.

How Playing Divisions are made up?

Here are our guidelines that we TRY to follow. In some circumstances, they just don't work but we try to make the best of the situation.
We do not use outside rankings, league standings, team records or past performance.
Champions are all ranked the same.  Invitees are all ranked the same.
Keeping  teams away from each other:
1. We try to separate teams advancing from the same qualifier.
2. We try to separate teams that who play each other on a regular basis.
3 .We try not to have two invitees in the same division.
Putting teams together:
1. We try to spread the American teams across divisions.

Overall, we do not control which teams go to which qualifier or who are regional champions. Our mandate is to host a tournament of champions where ever the come from. To fill out divisions to viable numbers, we invite competitive teams solely from regional qualifiers.

Game Scores  ** Under Review **

We are operating in three arenas on seven pads. We use text messaging to inform other arenas of the game scores. This is not nessarily done after every game. Periodically, the arena manages will post the scores in the arena lobbies. Scores will be posted on the website every 3 games or so. When they are entered on the website they are automatically tweeted. On Saturday, the arena managers review the standings and apply the tie-breaking rules and post the results in the lobbies. Afterwards, the results are posted on the website.

Michigan 'A' teams play in 'AA' or 'A' ? 

Yes, in Michigan 'A' represents first year or 'minor' aged players while 'AA' represents second year or 'major' aged players. In other states and Canada, teams are designated minor/major to represent age and 'A'/'AA' to represent level of competition. Basically 'AA' is second  level of competition with 'AAA' or USA Tier I representing the first level. 'A' is the third level of competition. From Squirt through Bantam, they are all the same birth years. MAHA recognizes that not all 'A' teams are equal and divides them into Yserman, Howe1, Howe2 and Lidstrom for play in Michigan. Michigan teams advancing from qualifying tournaments from Yserman and Howe1 will play at 'AA' and Howe2 and Lidstrom at 'A'. Competition at the Regional tournament is designated as GREEN(A) and SILVER(AA).

Neck or Mouth Guards?

Your home association's equipment requirements should be used. If you wear mouth or neck guards at home, then you must wear them at the Minor Final.

Pre-tournament documentation-- why so much?
It's all about the money... insurance actually. Your official USA Hockey or Hockey Canada roster shows that your team has insurance and your travel permit demonstrates that you have permission to play. The town of Newmarket requires us to prove that you are covered. We must prepare a book for each arena which contains all rosters and travel permits. These can be reviewed at any time by the town or the OMHA. We realize your roster might have changed since submitting it, so we ask you to bring your current roster and travel permit with you. The one you bring is the official roster used for the tournament. Your online team registration gets you in our database and on our email list. Your program roster gets your players and staff names into the tournament program.

 Game Rules, Penalties and Suspensions?

Newmarket Minor Hockey is a member of the Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA) which is governed by Hockey Canada. Games are played using their rule book. Here is the Referee's Case Book.

Misconducts and Suspensions are detailed on page 238-9 of the following OMHA document.

Our Referee-in-Chief has highlighted some of  the major differences or recent changes in between Canada and our American Cousins rules.

As Follows:

There is no longer a 2 line pass in Minor Hockey in Canada, the Center Red Line is just used for Icings now.(you can pass the puck two lines). 

Off sides are delayed (players must "tag up"), meaning all attacking players must clear and stay clear of the zone (in other words all players must be out before any can go back into the attacking zone) before the delayed offside is no longer in affect. 

Some other confusion is usually when attacking players are in the crease, the face-off does not come outside the zone here as it does in the States. 

High Sticking the puck, the face off only comes outside the attacking zone and not all the way down the ice as it does in the States. 

Checking from Behind here carries a 2 or 5 minute penalty, game misconduct, or match unlike the States which is 2 minutes and a 10 minute misconduct. 

All face-offs are on the dots.

USA Hockey / Hockey Canada


The US has Tier I which is equivalent to AAA in Canada. The US has Tier II which is all hockey which is not Tier I. This includes all levels from AA to ‘house rec’. In Michigan (MAHA), all minor aged players are assigned to ‘A’ and major aged assigned to ‘AA’ regardless of their competition level. Note: Michigan A teams play at AA at the Minor Final in Newmarket. Other US jurisdictions use ‘major’ and ‘minor’ to designate birth years and levels (A, AA) for competition. In recent years a move has been made to designate groups by xxU. where xx is the 'under' age.

In Canada (Ontario), we have the Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) governing all hockey with a number members including OMHA, Alliance, GTHL, and Northern Ontario. Excluding AAA, most centres are assigned competetion levels from AA and below based upon the population and/or number of players in the organization. OHF members may also assign levels based upon their own particular needs. Hockey organizations may have teams at multiple levels. If they do, they are usually assigned ever lower levels AA, A, A/E, BB, B, MD … etc as teams are picked.

Ages (birth years):

From Atom (US Squirt) to Bantam the birth years are the same for minor/major.

In the US, Midget Hockey is four years with the first two birth years designated as Minor and the last two as Major. .

In Canada, Midget is 3 years with the first birth year designated as Minor and the last two as Major. An exception is OMHA where BB centres and below, Minor is the first two birth years. This matches the US approach with a mixture of first and second birth year players participating. There is also a mixture of birth years at the Major level in Canada.

Silver Stick  Minor Midget and competitiveness

There are usually more American teams in the Minor Midget divisions than Canadian ones because there are more US Qualifiers,

The percentage of teams advancing to playoff positions is roughly equal to the Canadian / American ratio of overall Minor Midget teams.

What is happening on Davis Dr.

We now have dedicated express bus lanes running from Southlake Regional Health Centre to Yonge St. They have begun work on Yonge St. from Davis to Mulock. Don't drive on rust coloured pavement. It is for buses. Obey advance left turn signals. U turns are ok at certain intersections with advanced greens. Watch out for other drivers. We are all adjusting to the new rules. 

Dos and Don'ts

  • Get your Citizenship documents in order
    All US citizens require proof of citizenship. Sometimes it's a passport and sometimes it's a birth certicicate
    check out the following link
  • Buckle Up
    It's the law.
  • Don't drink and drive
    Ontario's DUI laws are as tough as you'll find in North America.
  •  Hands Free is required
    You cannot use a hand held cell phone, GPS, PDA or game while you're driving. In fact, using a hand held device while idling at a stop light can get you a $499 fine.
  •  Don't speed
    If you're caught going more than 50km (32mph) over the posted speed limit, the Ontario Provincial Police, will impound your vehicle on the spot. There is no appeal. Your troubles are just the beginning and you'll be charged as a 'street racer'. It will be expensive and bad news for a long time.
  •  Slow down and move over
    If you come upon emergency vehicles on the side of the road, slow down and move over. Fines are heavy.
  •  Do not smoke when a minor is in your vehicle.
    It might sound crazy but you can get a ticket for this.
  •  Do park on the west side of the Magna Centre
     That entrance is to the dressing room level
  • Do park on the west side (back) for RT Complex 2 ice surface
    The Arena office overlooks RTC 1 ice surface
  • Do not idle your vehicle for more than three minutes
    You can get a ticket.... save our environment !!
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