Schedule & Results, 2016-17 South Huron Regional, 2016-2017 (International Silver Stick)

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Friday, November 25, 2016
Pool AM18:30 AMSTA Strathroy Jr Rockets 3-1Petrolia Oilers
Pool AM28:30 AMSHRC Lambton Shores Predators 3-4Mooretown Jr Flags
Pool BM38:30 AMHEN South Kent Lightning 1-5Mount Brydges Cougars
Pool AB19:35 AMSTA Lambeth Lancers 1-3Ilderton Jets
Pool AB29:35 AMSHRC Petrolia Oilers 1-3Strathroy Jr Rockets
Pool BM49:35 AMHEN Goderich Sailors 3-2Wallaceburg Lakers
Pool AA210:40 AMSTA Strathroy Jr Rockets 1-1Wallaceburg Lakers
Pool AB310:40 AMHEN South Kent Lightning 2-1Tavistock Titans
Pool AP110:40 AMSHRC BCH Ice Dogs 1-6Lambeth Lancers
Pool AP211:45 AMHEN Mount Brydges Cougars 1-4South Huron Sabres
Pool BP311:45 AMSTA Ilderton Jets 4-2Mooretown Jr Flags
Pool BP411:45 AMSHRC Petrolia Oilers 0-11Strathroy Jr Rockets
Pool AA112:50 PMHEN Ilderton Jets 1-1Petrolia Oilers
Pool BA312:50 PMSHRC Mount Brydges Cougars 6-0Mooretown Jr Flags
Pool AB412:50 PMSTA Ilderton Jets 4-1Douro Dukes
Pool BA41:55 PMHEN South Huron Sabres 0-5Napanee Stars
Pool AM51:55 PMSTA Strathroy Jr Rockets 1-0Mooretown Jr Flags
Pool AM61:55 PMSHRC Petrolia Oilers 4-2Lambton Shores Predators
Pool AB53:00 PMSHRC Strathroy Jr Rockets 6-2Lambeth Lancers
Pool BM73:00 PMSTA Wallaceburg Lakers 3-2South Kent Lightning
Pool BM83:00 PMHEN Mount Brydges Cougars 5-0Goderich Sailors
Pool AA74:05 PMSTA Petrolia Oilers 1-6Wallaceburg Lakers
Pool AB64:05 PMHEN Tavistock Titans 3-1Petrolia Oilers
Pool AB74:05 PMSHRC Douro Dukes 1-0South Kent Lightning
Pool BA65:10 PMSTA Mount Brydges Cougars 11-2South Huron Sabres
Pool AP55:10 PMHEN Mount Brydges Cougars 12-1BCH Ice Dogs
Pool BP75:10 PMSHRC Petrolia Oilers 2-4Ilderton Jets
Pool BA56:15 PMSTA Mooretown Jr Flags 1-9Napanee Stars
Pool AP66:15 PMSHRC South Huron Sabres 2-3Lambeth Lancers
Pool BP86:15 PMHEN Strathroy Jr Rockets 4-3Mooretown Jr Flags
Saturday, November 26, 2016
Pool AA88:30 AMSHRC Strathroy Jr Rockets 5-1Ilderton Jets
Pool AB88:30 AMSTA Strathroy Jr Rockets 4-2Ilderton Jets
Pool AM109:35 AMSHRC Lambton Shores Predators 2-3Strathroy Jr Rockets
Pool AM99:35 AMSTA Mooretown Jr Flags 6-0Petrolia Oilers
Pool BM1110:40 AMSHRC Wallaceburg Lakers 0-7Mount Brydges Cougars
Pool BM1210:40 AMSTA South Kent Lightning 0-2Goderich Sailors
Pool AB1011:45 AMSTA Tavistock Titans 5-2Douro Dukes
Pool AB911:45 AMSHRC South Kent Lightning 0-4Lambeth Lancers
Pool BA1212:50 PMSTA Napanee Stars 1-3Mount Brydges Cougars
Pool AP1012:50 PMSHRC BCH Ice Dogs 1-3South Huron Sabres
Pool AB111:55 PMSHRC Ilderton Jets 1-1Petrolia Oilers
Pool AP91:55 PMSTA Lambeth Lancers 4-2Mount Brydges Cougars
Pool BP113:00 PMSHRC Ilderton Jets 1-9Strathroy Jr Rockets
Pool BP123:00 PMSTA Mooretown Jr Flags 4-0Petrolia Oilers
Pool AA104:05 PMSTA Petrolia Oilers 4-0Strathroy Jr Rockets
Pool AA94:05 PMSHRC Wallaceburg Lakers 2-3Ilderton Jets
Pool BA115:10 PMSHRC South Huron Sabres 2-2Mooretown Jr Flags
Pool AB125:10 PMSTA Douro Dukes 0-3Strathroy Jr Rockets
Pool AB136:15 PMSTA Lambeth Lancers 1-4Tavistock Titans
Pool AB147:30 PMSTA Petrolia Oilers 1-1South Kent Lightning
Sunday, November 27, 2016
Atom SFA138:00 AMSTA Strathroy Jr Rockets 0-2Mount Brydges Cougars
Atom SFA148:00 AMSHRC Napanee Stars 4-1Wallaceburg Lakers
PeeWee SFP139:15 AMSTA South Huron Sabres 1-5Strathroy Jr Rockets
PeeWee SFP149:15 AMSHRC Ilderton Jets 1-4Lambeth Lancers
Bantam SFB1510:30 AMSHRC South Kent Lightning 0-6Strathroy Jr Rockets
Bantam SFB1610:30 AMSTA Ilderton Jets 3-1Tavistock Titans
Midget SFM1311:45 AMSTA Mooretown Jr Flags 0-1Mount Brydges Cougars
Midget SFM1411:45 AMSHRC Goderich Sailors 1-2Strathroy Jr Rockets
Atom FinA151:00 PMSHRC Napanee Stars 1-2Mount Brydges Cougars
PeeWee FinP152:30 PMSHRC Lambeth Lancers 1-2Strathroy Jr Rockets
Bantam FinB174:00 PMSHRC Ilderton Jets 2-1Strathroy Jr Rockets
Midget FinM155:30 PMSHRC Strathroy Jr Rockets 2-0Mount Brydges Cougars
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