Schedule & Results, 2016-17 Chatham Regional, 2016-2017 (International Silver Stick)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, December 9, 2016
AAE-A18:00 AMER Tecumseh Eagles3-5Kent Cobras
MAAA-A (XOVER)28:00 AMMEM North York Knights8-2Windsor Jr. Spitfires
MPWAA-B (XOVER)38:00 AMTC Belle River Jr. Canadiens0-4Vaughan Rangers
PWAE-A48:00 AMTIL Windsor Jr. Spitfires1-6West London Hawks
AAE-A59:05 AMER West London Hawks0-2Oakridge Aeros
MAAA-B (XOVER)69:05 AMMEM Kent Cobras0-6York Toros
MPWAA-A (XOVER)79:15 AMTC North York Knights3-0Kent Cobras
PWAE-A89:15 AMTIL Lasalle Sabres4-0North London Nationals
BAE-A1010:10 AMMEM Sarnia Jr. Sting3-3Kent Cobras
PWAE-B910:10 AMER Sarnia Jr. Sting4-2Kent Cobras
MMAA-A1110:30 AMTC London Junior Knights8-2Kent Cobras
BAE-B1210:30 AMTIL North London Nationals5-1Windsor Jr. Spitfires
PWAE-B1311:25 AMER London Bandits7-0Erie Northshore Storm
MBAA-A (XOVER)1411:35 AMMEM York Mills 3-3Kent Cobras
BAE-B1511:55 AMTIL Centre Wellington Fusion2-2Ancaster Avalanche
MMAA-A1612:00 PMTC Windsor Jr. Spitfires2-9Mississauga Terriers
AAE-A1712:40 PMER West London Hawks5-4Tecumseh Eagles
MBAA-B (XOVER)181:00 PMMEM Humber Valley Sharks3-2Oakville Rangers
PWAE-A191:20 PMTIL West London Hawks2-0Milton Winterhawks
MPWAA-A (XOVER)201:30 PMTC Vaughan Rangers3-1Kent Cobras
AAE-A211:45 PMER Oakridge Aeros1-1Kent Cobras
MBAA-A (XOVER)222:25 PMMEM North Toronto 2-5Mississauga North Stars
PWAE-A232:35 PMTIL North London Nationals5-1Windsor Jr. Spitfires
MPWAA-A (XOVER)242:45 PMTC London Jr. Knights White3-1Belle River Jr. Canadiens
PWAE-B252:50 PMER Kent Cobras1-7London Bandits
MAAA-B (XOVER)263:50 PMMEM Windsor Jr. Spitfires3-7York Toros
AAE-B273:50 PMTIL Windsor Jr. Spitfires1-3Lasalle Sabres
MPWAA-A (XOVER)284:00 PMTC North York Knights3-0Humberview Huskies
AAE-B294:05 PMER New Hamburg Huskies1-4Woolwich Wildcats
MAAA-B (XOVER)304:55 PMMEM Oakville Rangers1-2Northumberland Nighthawks
PWAE-A314:55 PMTIL West London Hawks5-1Lasalle Sabres
PWAE-B325:10 PMER Erie Northshore Storm0-6Sarnia Jr. Sting
MMAA-B335:15 PMTC Mississauga Jets2-4Toronto Aces
MAAA-A (XOVER)346:00 PMMEM North York Knights6-1Kent Cobras
PWAE-A356:10 PMTIL Milton Winterhawks2-2Windsor Jr. Spitfires
PWAE-B366:25 PMER London Bandits11-0Fort Erie Jr. Meteors
MMAA-A376:45 PMTC Kent Cobras2-3Windsor Jr. Spitfires
BAE-A387:05 PMMEM Kent Cobras2-3Orangeville Flyers
BAE-A397:25 PMTIL Sarnia Jr. Sting2-5Lasalle Sabres
MMAA-B408:15 PMTC Stoney Creek Warriors5-1Mississauga Ice Warriors
BAE-B418:30 PMMEM Ancaster Avalanche7-0Windsor Jr. Spitfires
Saturday, December 10, 2016
PWAE-B428:00 AMER Fort Erie Jr. Meteors1-6Sarnia Jr. Sting
PWAE-B438:00 AMMEM Erie Northshore Storm1-2Kent Cobras
MBAA-B (XOVER)448:00 AMTC Humber Valley Sharks2-2North Toronto
PWAE-A458:00 AMTIL Windsor Jr. Spitfires2-4Lasalle Sabres
PWAE-A469:15 AMER North London Nationals4-3West London Hawks
MPWAA-B (XOVER)479:15 AMMEM Humberview Huskies0-6Vaughan Rangers
MAAA-B (XOVER)489:15 AMTIL Oakville Rangers2-3North York Knights
MBAA-B (XOVER)499:25 AMTC Mississauga North Stars3-2York Mills
MAAA-A (XOVER)5010:20 AMTIL Northumberland Nighthawks4-1Kent Cobras
MPWAA-B (XOVER)5110:30 AMER Belle River Jr. Canadiens1-4North York Knights
MBAA-A (XOVER)5210:30 AMMEM Oakville Rangers1-1Kent Cobras
MMAA-A5310:50 AMTC Windsor Jr. Spitfires2-4London Junior Knights
BAE-A5411:25 AMTIL Orangeville Flyers4-3Lasalle Sabres
AAE-B5511:45 AMER Woolwich Wildcats2-0Windsor Jr. Spitfires
MPWAA-B (XOVER)5611:55 AMMEM Kent Cobras2-1London Jr. Knights White
MMAA-B5712:20 PMTC Mississauga Ice Warriors3-2Toronto Aces
AAE-B5812:50 PMER Lasalle Sabres1-3New Hamburg Huskies
BAE-B5912:50 PMTIL Ancaster Avalanche1-3North London Nationals
MMAA-A601:10 PMMEM Mississauga Terriers6-3Kent Cobras
MBAA-A (XOVER)611:50 PMTC York Mills 3-1Humber Valley Sharks
AAE-A621:55 PMER Oakridge Aeros4-1Tecumseh Eagles
BAE-B632:15 PMTIL Windsor Jr. Spitfires1-5Centre Wellington Fusion
MMAA-B642:40 PMMEM Stoney Creek Warriors2-3Mississauga Jets
AAE-A653:00 PMER Kent Cobras3-2West London Hawks
MBAA-A (XOVER)663:15 PMTC Oakville Rangers1-1Mississauga North Stars
BAE-A673:40 PMTIL Lasalle Sabres2-1Kent Cobras
PWAE-A684:05 PMER Lasalle Sabres0-4Milton Winterhawks
PWAE-B694:10 PMMEM Kent Cobras6-1Fort Erie Jr. Meteors
MBAA-B (XOVER)704:40 PMTC Kent Cobras1-3North Toronto
MAAA-A (XOVER)715:05 PMTIL York Toros3-0Oakville Rangers
AAE-B725:20 PMER Woolwich Wildcats6-3Lasalle Sabres
MPWAA-B (XOVER)735:25 PMMEM Humberview Huskies0-2London Jr. Knights White
MMAA-A746:05 PMTC Mississauga Terriers2-3London Junior Knights
MAAA-B (XOVER)756:10 PMTIL Windsor Jr. Spitfires0-5Northumberland Nighthawks
AAE-B766:25 PMER New Hamburg Huskies2-1Windsor Jr. Spitfires
PWAE-B776:40 PMMEM Sarnia Jr. Sting2-3London Bandits
BAE-A787:15 PMTIL Orangeville Flyers2-2Sarnia Jr. Sting
PWAE-A797:30 PMER Milton Winterhawks1-4North London Nationals
MMAA-B807:35 PMTC Toronto Aces7-2Stoney Creek Warriors
PWAE-B817:55 PMMEM Fort Erie Jr. Meteors1-2Erie Northshore Storm
BAE-B828:40 PMTIL Centre Wellington Fusion3-2North London Nationals
MMAA-B839:05 PMTC Mississauga Ice Warriors0-1Mississauga Jets
Sunday, December 11, 2016
AAE-PO848:00 AMER New Hamburg Huskies3-5Oakridge Aeros
PWAE-PO858:00 AMMEM Sarnia Jr. Sting3-5North London Nationals
MBAA-PO868:00 AMTC North Toronto 1-3York Mills
AAE-PO879:05 AMER Kent Cobras1-5Woolwich Wildcats
PWAE-PO889:15 AMMEM West London Hawks1-2London Bandits
MBAA-A899:25 AMTC Humber Valley Sharks0-1Mississauga North Stars
MPWAA-PO9010:10 AMER Belle River Jr. Canadiens3-4Vaughan Rangers
MPWAA-PO9110:30 AMMEM Kent Cobras1-3North York Knights
MMAA-PO9210:50 AMTC Mississauga Jets5-2London Junior Knights
MAAA-PO9311:25 AMER Oakville Rangers2-3York Toros
BAE-PO9411:45 AMMEM North London Nationals2-5Orangeville Flyers
MMAA-PO9512:20 PMTC Mississauga Terriers1-2Toronto Aces
MAAA-PO9612:30 PMER Windsor Jr. Spitfires2-3Northumberland Nighthawks
BAE-PO971:10 PMMEM Lasalle Sabres1-3Centre Wellington Fusion
AAE-PO981:35 PMER Oakridge Aeros6-0Woolwich Wildcats
MPWAA-PO991:50 PMTC North York Knights2-0Vaughan Rangers
PWAE-PO1002:35 PMMEM North London Nationals4-8London Bandits
MAAA-PO1013:00 PMER York Toros1-2Northumberland Nighthawks
MBAA-PO1023:05 PMTC York Mills 3-1Mississauga North Stars
BAE-PO1034:00 PMMEM Orangeville Flyers0-7Centre Wellington Fusion
MMAA-PO1044:30 PMTC Mississauga Jets0-1Toronto Aces
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