Schedule & Results, 2016-17 Owen Sound Regional, 2016-2017 (International Silver Stick)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, November 4, 2016
MinAPool Aa110:00 AMSLCC New Hamburg Huskies2-0Centre Wellington Fusion
MinAPool Aa210:00 AMBAY Innisfil Winterhawks9-2Owen Sound Jr. Attack
MinAPool Aa310:00 AMRRC-W Oakridge Aeros2-3Brampton 45's
MinPPool Amp310:00 AMRRC-E Woolwich Wildcats2-3Centre Wellington Fusion
MinBPool Amb-a611:15 AMRRC-W Amherstburg Stars2-0New Hamburg Huskies
MinPPool Amp111:15 AMBAY Barrie Colts4-0Owen Sound Jr. Attack
MinPPool Amp211:15 AMSLCC Waterloo Wolves1-1Halton Hills Thunder
MinBPool Bmb-b411:30 AMRRC-E Burlington Bulldogs2-4Bradford Bulldogs
MinBPool Amb-a412:30 PMBAY Owen Sound Jr. Attack1-5Barrie Colts
MiMAPool Amm-a212:30 PMRRC-W Hespeler Shamrocks0-2Bradford Bulldogs
Pool Bmm-b212:30 PMSLCC New Hamburg Huskies5-2Centre Wellington Fusion
MinBPool Bmb-b612:45 PMRRC-E Halton Hills Thunder2-1Centre Wellington Fusion
MiMAPool Amm-a11:45 PMBAY Halton Hills Thunder4-1Owen Sound Jr. Attack
Pool Bmm-b11:45 PMSLCC Uxbridge Stars5-0Barrie Colts
MinPPool Amp71:45 PMRRC-W Brantford 99'ers3-3Woolwich Wildcats
MinAPool Aa62:00 PMRRC-E Brampton 45's1-10Innisfil Winterhawks
MinAPool Aa43:00 PMRRC-W Centre Wellington Fusion7-2Orangeville Flyers
MinAPool Aa53:00 PMBAY Owen Sound Jr. Attack0-2New Hamburg Huskies
MinBPool Amb-a34:15 PMRRC-W Barrie Colts6-3New Hamburg Huskies
MinPPool Amp64:15 PMBAY Halton Hills Thunder0-1Barrie Colts
MinPPool Amp54:30 PMRRC-E Centre Wellington Fusion2-2Waterloo Wolves
MinBPool Bmb-b15:30 PMRRC-W Centre Wellington Fusion3-2Burlington Bulldogs
Pool Bmm-b65:30 PMBAY Barrie Colts0-2New Hamburg Huskies
MinBPool Bmb-b25:45 PMRRC-E Halton Hills Thunder3-1Bradford Bulldogs
MiMAPool Amm-a56:45 PMRRC-W Bradford Bulldogs5-0Owen Sound Jr. Attack
MinPPool Amp46:45 PMBAY Owen Sound Jr. Attack2-4Brantford 99'ers
MinAPool Aa77:00 PMRRC-E Orangeville Flyers5-4Oakridge Aeros
MinBPool Amb-a58:00 PMRRC-W Owen Sound Jr. Attack3-0Amherstburg Stars
MiMAPool Amm-a68:00 PMBAY Hespeler Shamrocks1-1Halton Hills Thunder
Pool Bmm-b58:15 PMRRC-E Centre Wellington Fusion1-2Uxbridge Stars
Saturday, November 5, 2016
MinAPool Aa88:00 AMBAY Owen Sound Jr. Attack1-3Centre Wellington Fusion
MinPPool Amp108:00 AMRRC-E Brantford 99'ers1-2Centre Wellington Fusion
MinAPool Aa98:15 AMRRC-W Innisfil Winterhawks3-1New Hamburg Huskies
MinAPool Aa108:30 AMMCC Orangeville Flyers3-1Brampton 45's
MinPPool Amp119:15 AMBAY Woolwich Wildcats1-1Halton Hills Thunder
MiMAPool Amm-a39:30 AMRRC-W Owen Sound Jr. Attack0-6Hespeler Shamrocks
MinBPool Bmb-b59:45 AMMCC Burlington Bulldogs5-2Halton Hills Thunder
MinBPool Amb-a110:30 AMBAY New Hamburg Huskies1-4Owen Sound Jr. Attack
MinBPool Bmb-b310:30 AMRRC-E Bradford Bulldogs1-1Centre Wellington Fusion
MinPPool Amp910:45 AMRRC-W Waterloo Wolves3-1Barrie Colts
MinBPool Amb-a211:00 AMMCC Amherstburg Stars4-6Barrie Colts
MiMAPool Amm-a411:45 AMRRC-E Bradford Bulldogs3-1Halton Hills Thunder
Pool Bmm-b411:45 AMBAY Centre Wellington Fusion1-1Barrie Colts
Pool Bmm-b312:00 PMRRC-W Uxbridge Stars0-0New Hamburg Huskies
MinAPool Aa1412:15 PMMCC New Hamburg Huskies4-0Oakridge Aeros
MinPPool Amp121:00 PMBAY Centre Wellington Fusion1-0Owen Sound Jr. Attack
MinAPool Aa121:15 PMRRC-W Brampton 45's1-6Centre Wellington Fusion
MinAPool Aa131:30 PMMCC Orangeville Flyers1-11Innisfil Winterhawks
mb-qrtrb-qf12:15 PMBAY Burlington Bulldogs1-4Barrie Colts
MinPPool Amp132:15 PMRRC-E Brantford 99'ers2-1Waterloo Wolves
MinPPool Amp142:30 PMRRC-W Barrie Colts3-3Woolwich Wildcats
MinAPool Aa113:30 PMBAY Oakridge Aeros0-5Owen Sound Jr. Attack
mb-qrtrb-qf33:30 PMMCC Amherstburg Stars1-2Centre Wellington Fusion
mb-qrtrb-qf43:30 PMRRC-E Bradford Bulldogs5-1Owen Sound Jr. Attack
mb-qrtrb-qf23:45 PMRRC-W New Hamburg Huskies1-2Halton Hills Thunder
mm-qfmm-qf14:45 PMRRC-E Owen Sound Jr. Attack1-6Uxbridge Stars
MinPPool Amp84:45 PMMCC Owen Sound Jr. Attack1-4Halton Hills Thunder
mm-qfmm-qf45:00 PMRRC-W Halton Hills Thunder2-3New Hamburg Huskies
mm-qfmm-qf26:00 PMRRC-E Barrie Colts0-3Bradford Bulldogs
mm-qfmm-qf36:15 PMRRC-W Centre Wellington Fusion3-0Hespeler Shamrocks
Sunday, November 6, 2016
MinASemia-sf18:00 AMRRC-W Orangeville Flyers1-5Innisfil Winterhawks
MinASemia-sf28:00 AMRRC-E Centre Wellington Fusion3-2New Hamburg Huskies
MinBSemib-sf28:00 AMBAY Centre Wellington Fusion2-3Halton Hills Thunder
MinPSemimp-sf19:15 AMRRC-E Halton Hills Thunder0-2Centre Wellington Fusion
MinBSemib-sf19:30 AMBAY Bradford Bulldogs0-2Barrie Colts
MinPSemimp-sf29:30 AMRRC-W Brantford 99'ers0-4Barrie Colts
MiMASemim-sf110:30 AMRRC-E Centre Wellington Fusion1-5Uxbridge Stars
MiMASemim-sf210:45 AMRRC-W New Hamburg Huskies3-2Bradford Bulldogs
MinAFinala-f11:00 AMBAY Centre Wellington Fusion1-5Innisfil Winterhawks
MinPFinalmp-f12:30 PMBAY Barrie Colts4-2Centre Wellington Fusion
Finalb-f2:00 PMBAY Halton Hills Thunder2-3Barrie Colts
MiMAFinalmm-f3:30 PMBAY New Hamburg Huskies0-1Uxbridge Stars
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