Schedule & Results, 2016-17 Kincardine Regional, 2016-2017 (International Silver Stick)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Tuesday, December 27, 2016
Bantam CB19:00 AMDC Shallow lake Lakers0-5Wingham Ironman
Group 2N19:00 AMRHC Saugeen Shores Storm5-2Kincardine Kinucks
Group 1P19:00 AMTSA West Grey Warriors6-0Minto Mad Dogs
Group 2N210:00 AMRHC Mitchell Meteors4-6Hanover Falcons
Bantam CB210:10 AMDC Blyth/Brussels Crusaders2-3West Grey Warriors
Group 2P210:10 AMTSA Shallow Lake Lakers1-0Flesherton Golden Hawks
Novice CN311:00 AMRHC Wingham Ironman2-2Wallace
Bantam CB311:20 AMDC Minto Mad Dogs6-0Creemore Valley Hawks
PW-BP311:20 AMTSA Hanover Falcons1-3Listowel Cyclones
Novice CN412:00 PMRHC Shallow Lake Lakers8-4Georgian Shores
Group 2B412:30 PMDC Kincardine Kinucks5-2BCH Ice Dogs
Group 1P412:30 PMTSA South Bruce Blades11-0Central Perth
Group 2N51:15 PMRHC Saugeen Shores Storm9-4Hanover Falcons
Group 2B51:45 PMDC South Huron Sabres5-4Mitchell Meteors
Group 2P51:45 PMTSA Drayton Defenders2-1Shallow Lake Lakers
Group 2N62:15 PMRHC Kincardine Kinucks8-1Mitchell Meteors
Bantam CB62:55 PMDC Wingham Ironman1-4Blyth/Brussels Crusaders
PW-BP62:55 PMTSA Listowel Cyclones3-0Mitchell Meteors
Novice CN73:15 PMRHC Wallace 2-3Shallow Lake Lakers
Bantam CB74:05 PMDC Shallow lake Lakers1-4Creemore Valley Hawks
Group 1P74:05 PMTSA Central Perth 3-5Minto Mad Dogs
Novice CN84:15 PMRHC Georgian Shores 6-3Wingham Ironman
Bantam CB85:15 PMDC Minto Mad Dogs1-2West Grey Warriors
Group 1P85:15 PMTSA South Bruce Blades2-1West Grey Warriors
Group 1N95:30 PMRHC Listowel Cyclones1-1Mount forest Rams
Group 2B96:30 PMDC Mitchell Meteors0-4Kincardine Kinucks
Group 2P96:30 PMTSA Flesherton Golden Hawks2-5Drayton Defenders
PW-BP107:40 PMTSA Mitchell Meteors3-1Hanover Falcons
Group 2B107:45 PMDC BCH Ice Dogs2-2South Huron Sabres
Wednesday, December 28, 2016
Bantam CB119:00 AMDC Blyth/Brussels Crusaders2-0Minto Mad Dogs
Novice CN109:00 AMRHC Wallace 3-5Blyth/Brussels Crusaders
PW-BP119:00 AMTSA BCH Ice Dogs0-5Kincardine Kinucks
Group 1N1110:00 AMRHC Listowel Cyclones2-1Tavistock Titans
Group 1P1210:10 AMDC South Bruce Blades2-0Minto Mad Dogs
Group 3P1310:10 AMTSA Wingham Ironman5-3Blyth/Brussels Crusaders
Group 1N1211:00 AMRHC Mount forest Rams4-0Elmvale Coyotes
BANT-BB1211:20 AMDC Mount forest Rams0-8Listowel Cyclones
Group 3P1411:20 AMTSA Hagersville 5-4Delhi Rockets
BANT-BB1312:30 PMDC Twin Centre Stars3-1Tavistock Titans
Group 2P1512:30 PMTSA Port Dover Pirates5-0Flesherton Golden Hawks
Novice CN131:15 PMRHC Hagersville 1-1Wingham Ironman
Bantam CB141:45 PMDC West Grey Warriors7-0Shallow lake Lakers
PW-BP161:45 PMTSA Kincardine Kinucks5-0Tavistock Titans
Group 1N142:15 PMRHC Tavistock Titans3-3Mount forest Rams
Bantam CB152:55 PMDC Creemore Valley Hawks1-1Wingham Ironman
PW-BP172:55 PMTSA South Huron Sabres5-2BCH Ice Dogs
Group 1N153:15 PMRHC Elmvale Coyotes0-5Listowel Cyclones
BANT-BB164:05 PMDC Listowel Cyclones3-7Twin Centre Stars
Group 3P184:05 PMTSA Blyth/Brussels Crusaders2-4Delhi Rockets
Group 2N164:15 PMRHC Hanover Falcons4-3Kincardine Kinucks
BANT-BB175:15 PMDC Tavistock Titans2-1Mount forest Rams
Group 3P195:15 PMTSA Hagersville 5-1Wingham Ironman
Novice CN175:30 PMRHC Hagersville 4-6Blyth/Brussels Crusaders
Group 2P206:30 PMTSA Port Dover Pirates3-1Drayton Defenders
Group 1P216:30 PMRHC West Grey Warriors6-0Central Perth
PW-BP227:40 PMTSA Tavistock Titans1-4South Huron Sabres
Thursday, December 29, 2016
Group 3P239:00 AMTSA Delhi Rockets2-6Wingham Ironman
Novice CN1810:00 AMRHC Blyth/Brussels Crusaders4-4Shallow Lake Lakers
Group 2B1810:10 AMDC South Huron Sabres1-4Kincardine Kinucks
Group 2P2410:10 AMTSA Shallow Lake Lakers2-5Port Dover Pirates
Novice CN1911:00 AMRHC Georgian Shores 8-7Hagersville
Group 2B1911:20 AMDC BCH Ice Dogs1-3Mitchell Meteors
Group 3P2511:20 AMTSA Hagersville 3-1Blyth/Brussels Crusaders
Group 1N2012:00 PMRHC Tavistock Titans6-2Elmvale Coyotes
BANT-BB2012:30 PMDC Tavistock Titans2-0Listowel Cyclones
PW-BP2612:30 PMTSA Hanover Falcons1-3Mitchell Meteors
Group 2N211:15 PMRHC Mitchell Meteors2-6Saugeen Shores Storm
BANT-BB211:45 PMDC Twin Centre Stars6-0Mount forest Rams
PW-BP271:45 PMTSA BCH Ice Dogs1-3South Huron Sabres
0N222:15 PMRHC Wingham Ironman1-4Shallow Lake Lakers
ChampionshB222:55 PMDC Creemore Valley Hawks1-6West Grey Warriors
PW-BP282:55 PMTSA Tavistock Titans2-1Listowel Cyclones
0N233:15 PMRHC Georgian Shores 4-5Blyth/Brussels Crusaders
ChampionshB234:05 PMDC Wingham Ironman1-2Blyth/Brussels Crusaders
ChampionshP294:05 PMTSA West Grey Warriors3-2South Bruce Blades
CHAMPSN244:15 PMRHC Hanover Falcons3-2Listowel Cyclones
CHAMP BB245:15 PMDC Tavistock Titans1-3Kincardine Kinucks
ChampionshP295:15 PMTSA Hagersville 3-2Port Dover Pirates
CHAMPSN255:30 PMRHC Mount forest Rams0-7Saugeen Shores Storm
CHAMP BB256:30 PMDC South Huron Sabres0-3Twin Centre Stars
CHAMP PP316:30 PMTSA Mitchell Meteors3-2Kincardine Kinucks
CHAMP PP327:40 PMTSA Tavistock Titans1-4South Huron Sabres
Friday, December 30, 2016
0N269:00 AMDC Blyth/Brussels Crusaders5-3Shallow Lake Lakers
CHAMPSN2710:30 AMDC Saugeen Shores Storm2-3Hanover Falcons
ChampionshP3312:00 PMDC Hagersville 1-3West Grey Warriors
PW-BP341:30 PMDC South Huron Sabres5-6Mitchell Meteors
ChampionshB263:00 PMDC Blyth/Brussels Crusaders3-2West Grey Warriors
CHAMP BB274:45 PMDC Twin Centre Stars5-1Kincardine Kinucks
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