Schedule & Results, 2016-17 Sudbury Regional, 2016-2017 (International Silver Stick)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Thursday, December 1, 2016
Nov A-D215:00 PMCSC #1 Nickel City Bears 2-1Nickel City Devils
Nov AA26:00 PMCSC #1 Nickel City Jr. Sons 4-1Copper Cliff Redmen
MAA37:00 PMCSC #1 Copper Cliff Redmen 2-5Nickel City Devils
MAA48:00 PMCSC #1 SMHA Atomc Snipers 2-4Nickel City Flyers
BAA59:00 PMCSC #1 Nickel City Jr. Sons 1-2Sudbury Wolves
MMAA-D2 (XOVER)610:20 PMCSC #1 Copper Cliff Redmen 1-1Nickel City Jr. Sons
Friday, December 2, 2016
BAA77:45 AMCSC #2 North York Knights 5-2Kanata Blazers
MMAA-D2 (XOVER)198:00 AMCSC #1 Sault Root River 3-0Toronto Royals
Nov A-D1318:00 AMMCCL SMHA Select 7's 2-6Nickel City North Stars
MPAA458:00 AMGar Copper Cliff Redmen 1-4Nickel City Jr. Sons
AT AA598:00 AMCar Soo Jr. Greyhounds 1-2Copper Cliff Redmen
AT AA748:00 AMWalden Mississauga Terriers 5-0Nickel City Jr. Sons
Nov AA329:00 AMMCCL Soo Peewee Selects 7-0Sudbury Wolves
PWAA469:00 AMGar Markham Waxers 5-6Ottawa Valley Silver Seven
MAAA-D1609:00 AMCar TNT Tornados 0-8Ottawa Sting
ATA-D1759:00 AMWalden Kanata Blazers 1-0Nickel City North Stars
BA89:05 AMCSC #2 Cochrane Blues 2-5Centre Wellington Fusion
MMAA-D2 (XOVER)209:20 AMCSC #1 Stouffville Clippers 2-1Georgina Blaze
Nov AA3310:00 AMMCCL Copper Cliff Redmen 6-0North Bay Trappers
PWAA4710:00 AMGar Sudbury Wolves 1-2Nickel City Jr. Sons
MAAA-D16110:00 AMCar Sudbury Wolves 0-7Timmins North Stars
ATA-D27610:00 AMWalden Nickel City Crushers 3-1West Nipissing Sting
BA910:25 AMCSC #2 Nickel City North Stars 14-0West Nipissing Sting
MBA-D12110:40 AMCSC #1 Nickel City Flyers 2-6Nobleking Knights
Nov A-D23411:00 AMMCCL Blind River Thunder 2-1Rubio Jr. Gold Kings
PWA-D1 (XOVER)4811:00 AMGar Nickel City North Stars 2-2Nickel City Bruins
MAAA-D26211:00 AMCar Nickel City Jr. Sons 1-6Copper Cliff Redmen
ATA-D17711:00 AMWalden Manitoulin Panthers 2-0Sudbury Wolves
MBAA1011:45 AMCSC #2 Ottawa Valley Silver Seven 1-3Ottawa Sting
MBA-D12212:00 PMCSC #1 Aurora Tigers 4-1Nickel City Westside Warriors
Nov A-D13512:00 PMMCCL Kapuskasing Icehawks 2-3West Nipissing Sting
PWA-D2 (XOVER)4912:00 PMGar Nickel City Flyers 0-8Huntsville Otters
MAAA-D26312:00 PMCar Gloucester Rangers 4-1Soo Jr. Greyhounds
ATA-D27812:00 PMWalden Kapuskasing Icehawks 3-1Nobleking Knights
MBAA361:00 PMMCCL Gloucester Rangers 7-0Greater Toronto Capitals
PWA-D2 (XOVER)501:00 PMGar West Nipissing Sting 9-0Sudbury Wolves
MAA641:00 PMCar Nickel City Flyers 1-7Nickel City Devils
MAA791:00 PMWalden Copper Cliff Redmen 6-1SMHA Atomc Snipers
BAA111:05 PMCSC #2 Sudbury Wolves 1-2Sports Gold Rush
MBA-D2231:20 PMCSC #1 East Gwillimbury Eagles 2-6Orillia Terriers
MPAA512:00 PMGar Barrie Colts 2-0TNT Tornados
AT AA652:00 PMCar Sudbury Wolves 3-0Copper Cliff Redmen
Nov AA802:00 PMWalden Soo Peewee Selects 0-0Nickel City Jr. Sons
MBAA372:20 PMMCCL Soo Jr. Tornado Selects 4-2North Bay Trappers
BAA122:25 PMCSC #2 North York Knights 0-0Nickel City Jr. Sons
MBA-D2242:40 PMCSC #1 Copper Cliff Redmen 2-8Mississippi Thunder Kings
MPAA523:00 PMGar Nickel City Jr. Sons 2-0West Ferris Trappers
AT AA663:00 PMCar Nickel City Jr. Sons 4-1Soo Jr. Greyhounds
Nov AA813:00 PMWalden Sudbury Wolves 7-1North Bay Trappers
Nov A-D2383:40 PMMCCL Rubio Jr. Gold Kings 2-1Nickel City Bears
MBAA133:45 PMCSC #2 Upper Ottawa Valley Aces 2-2Nickel City Jr. Sons
MBAA254:00 PMCSC #1 Copper Cliff Redmen 1-4Scarborough Young Bruins
PWAA534:00 PMGar Nickel City Jr. Sons 3-1West Ferris Trappers
ATA-D2674:00 PMCar West Nipissing Sting 0-2Nobleking Knights
ATA-D1824:00 PMWalden Nickel City North Stars 5-2Manitoulin Panthers
Nov A-D1394:40 PMMCCL West Nipissing Sting 3-1SMHA Select 7's
PWAA545:00 PMGar Markham Waxers 3-2Sudbury Wolves
MAAA-D2685:00 PMCar Gloucester Rangers 8-1Copper Cliff Redmen
ATA-D1835:00 PMWalden Kanata Blazers 7-0Sudbury Wolves
MBAA145:05 PMCSC #2 Mississauga Terriers 2-0Ottawa Valley Silver Seven
MMAA-D1 (XOVER)265:20 PMCSC #1 Toronto Royals 1-3Stouffville Clippers
Nov A-D2405:40 PMMCCL Nickel City Devils 3-3Blind River Thunder
PWA-D2 (XOVER)556:00 PMGar Nickel City Bruins 1-1Huntsville Otters
AT AA696:00 PMCar Sudbury Wolves 1-4Mississauga Terriers
MAAA-D1846:00 PMWalden Ottawa Sting 7-1Sudbury Wolves
BA156:25 PMCSC #2 West Nipissing Sting 0-16Cochrane Blues
MMAA-D2 (XOVER)276:40 PMCSC #1 Sault Root River 1-4Nickel City Jr. Sons
Nov A-D1416:40 PMMCCL Nickel City North Stars 0-7Kapuskasing Icehawks
PWA-D1 (XOVER)567:00 PMGar Sudbury Wolves 4-2Nickel City Flyers
MAAA-D1707:00 PMCar TNT Tornados 3-3Timmins North Stars
MAAA-D2857:00 PMWalden Soo Jr. Greyhounds 5-1Nickel City Jr. Sons
MPAA427:40 PMMCCL West Ferris Trappers 0-8Barrie Colts
BA167:45 PMCSC #2 Centre Wellington Fusion 6-1Nickel City North Stars
MMAA-D1 (XOVER)288:00 PMCSC #1 Georgina Blaze 3-2Copper Cliff Redmen
PWAA578:00 PMGar West Ferris Trappers 1-9Ottawa Valley Silver Seven
ATA-D2718:00 PMCar Nickel City Crushers 1-1Kapuskasing Icehawks
PWA-D2 (XOVER)868:00 PMWalden West Nipissing Sting 5-3Nickel City North Stars
MPAA438:40 PMMCCL TNT Tornados 9-0Copper Cliff Redmen
MBA-D2589:00 PMGar Copper Cliff Redmen 0-10East Gwillimbury Eagles
MBA-D1729:00 PMCar Nickel City Westside Warriors 4-0Nickel City Flyers
MBA-D1879:00 PMWalden Nobleking Knights 3-1Aurora Tigers
MBAA179:05 PMCSC #2 Nickel City Jr. Sons 9-3Greater Toronto Capitals
BAA299:20 PMCSC #1 Kanata Blazers 3-2Sports Gold Rush
MBAA449:40 PMMCCL North Bay Trappers 0-6Ottawa Sting
MBA-D27310:20 PMCar Mississippi Thunder Kings 3-4Orillia Terriers
MBAA8810:20 PMWalden Scarborough Young Bruins 7-2Soo Jr. Tornado Selects
MBAA1810:25 PMCSC #2 Gloucester Rangers 2-2Upper Ottawa Valley Aces
MBAA3010:40 PMCSC #1 Copper Cliff Redmen 5-2Mississauga Terriers
Saturday, December 3, 2016
MMAA-D1 (XOVER)897:45 AMCSC #2 Nickel City Jr. Sons 3-3Stouffville Clippers
BAA1008:00 AMCSC #1 Sports Gold Rush 2-2North York Knights
Nov A-D21118:00 AMMCCL Nickel City Devils 0-2Rubio Jr. Gold Kings
PWAA1248:00 AMGar Ottawa Valley Silver Seven 5-1Nickel City Jr. Sons
AT AA1388:00 AMCar Nickel City Jr. Sons 6-1Copper Cliff Redmen
Nov AA1528:00 AMWalden Copper Cliff Redmen 0-10Soo Peewee Selects
Nov A-D11129:00 AMMCCL SMHA Select 7's 1-7Kapuskasing Icehawks
PWAA1259:00 AMGar West Ferris Trappers 1-3Markham Waxers
AT AA1399:00 AMCar Mississauga Terriers 6-0Soo Jr. Greyhounds
Nov AA1539:00 AMWalden North Bay Trappers 1-9Nickel City Jr. Sons
MMAA-D2 (XOVER)909:05 AMCSC #2 Copper Cliff Redmen 4-1Toronto Royals
BAA1019:20 AMCSC #1 Nickel City Jr. Sons 0-1Kanata Blazers
Nov A-D211310:00 AMMCCL Blind River Thunder 0-3Nickel City Bears
MPAA12610:00 AMGar Nickel City Jr. Sons 1-6Barrie Colts
MAAA-D214010:00 AMCar Copper Cliff Redmen 1-1Soo Jr. Greyhounds
MAA15410:00 AMWalden Nickel City Devils 11-1SMHA Atomc Snipers
MMAA-D1 (XOVER)9110:25 AMCSC #2 Georgina Blaze 4-2Sault Root River
MBAA10210:40 AMCSC #1 Soo Jr. Tornado Selects 1-2Ottawa Valley Silver Seven
Nov A-D111411:00 AMMCCL Nickel City North Stars 1-2West Nipissing Sting
MPAA12711:00 AMGar West Ferris Trappers 0-10TNT Tornados
MAAA-D214111:00 AMCar Nickel City Jr. Sons 1-5Gloucester Rangers
MAA15511:00 AMWalden Nickel City Flyers 3-3Copper Cliff Redmen
MBAA9211:45 AMCSC #2 Ottawa Sting 3-0Nickel City Jr. Sons
MBAA10312:00 PMCSC #1 North Bay Trappers 1-4Gloucester Rangers
ATA-D211512:00 PMMCCL Nobleking Knights 0-3Nickel City Crushers
PWAA12812:00 PMGar Ottawa Valley Silver Seven 11-2Sudbury Wolves
MAAA-D114212:00 PMCar Timmins North Stars 1-6Ottawa Sting
PWA-D1 (XOVER)15612:00 PMWalden Sudbury Wolves 1-8Nickel City Bruins
ATA-D11161:00 PMMCCL Sudbury Wolves 0-8Nickel City North Stars
PWAA1291:00 PMGar Nickel City Jr. Sons 0-3Markham Waxers
MAAA-D11431:00 PMCar Sudbury Wolves 1-4TNT Tornados
PWA-D1 (XOVER)1571:00 PMWalden Huntsville Otters 1-2West Nipissing Sting
MBAA931:05 PMCSC #2 Greater Toronto Capitals 2-6Mississauga Terriers
MBAA1041:20 PMCSC #1 Upper Ottawa Valley Aces 3-1Copper Cliff Redmen
Nov AA1172:00 PMMCCL Nickel City Jr. Sons 2-0Sudbury Wolves
AT AA1302:00 PMGar Soo Jr. Greyhounds 0-1Sudbury Wolves
ATA-D21442:00 PMCar West Nipissing Sting 0-3Kapuskasing Icehawks
PWA-D1 (XOVER)1582:00 PMWalden Nickel City North Stars 8-0Nickel City Flyers
BAA942:25 PMCSC #2 Kanata Blazers 2-2Sudbury Wolves
BAA1052:40 PMCSC #1 Sports Gold Rush 2-0Nickel City Jr. Sons
Nov AA1183:00 PMMCCL North Bay Trappers 0-11Soo Peewee Selects
MPAA1313:00 PMGar Copper Cliff Redmen 0-3West Ferris Trappers
ATA-D11453:00 PMCar Manitoulin Panthers 1-7Kanata Blazers
MBA-D11593:00 PMWalden Nickel City Westside Warriors 0-3Nobleking Knights
BA953:45 PMCSC #2 Nickel City North Stars 2-10Cochrane Blues
MBAA1064:00 PMCSC #1 Scarborough Young Bruins 1-3Ottawa Sting
NA-Champ1194:00 PMMCCL Nickel City Bears 6-2West Nipissing Sting
AT AA1324:00 PMGar Copper Cliff Redmen 0-8Mississauga Terriers
MBA-D21464:00 PMCar Orillia Terriers 9-1Copper Cliff Redmen
MAAA-Champ1604:20 PMWalden 3-0
NA-Champ1205:00 PMMCCL Kapuskasing Icehawks 2-1Rubio Jr. Gold Kings
PWAA1335:00 PMGar Sudbury Wolves 1-3West Ferris Trappers
MBA-D1965:05 PMCSC #2 Aurora Tigers 6-4Nickel City Flyers
BA1075:20 PMCSC #1 West Nipissing Sting 0-14Centre Wellington Fusion
MBA-D21475:20 PMCar East Gwillimbury Eagles 4-3Mississippi Thunder Kings
MAAA-Champ1615:20 PMWalden 0-4
MBAA1216:00 PMMCCL Ottawa Valley Silver Seven 12-0North Bay Trappers
MBAA1346:00 PMGar Mississauga Terriers 3-0Upper Ottawa Valley Aces
ATA-Champ1626:20 PMWalden Nickel City Crushers 0-2Kanata Blazers
MBAA976:25 PMCSC #2 Nickel City Jr. Sons 5-1Soo Jr. Tornado Selects
MBAA1086:40 PMCSC #1 Greater Toronto Capitals 5-3Copper Cliff Redmen
AT AA1486:40 PMCar Sudbury Wolves 1-2Nickel City Jr. Sons
MPAA1357:00 PMGar Nickel City Jr. Sons 0-8TNT Tornados
Nov AA1227:20 PMMCCL Sudbury Wolves 2-4Copper Cliff Redmen
ATA-Champ1637:20 PMWalden Nickel City North Stars 3-1Kapuskasing Icehawks
MAA-Champ1497:40 PMCar SMHA Atomc Snipers 0-9Nickel City Devils
MMAA-Champ987:45 PMCSC #2 Sault Root River 4-3Copper Cliff Redmen
MBAA1098:00 PMCSC #1 Gloucester Rangers 5-2Scarborough Young Bruins
MAA-Champ1368:00 PMGar Nickel City Flyers 6-1Copper Cliff Redmen
PWA-Champ1238:20 PMMCCL Nickel City Flyers 0-9Nickel City Bruins
PWA-Champ1648:20 PMWalden Sudbury Wolves 1-4Nickel City North Stars
MPAA1508:40 PMCar Barrie Colts 11-0Copper Cliff Redmen
MBA-Champ1379:00 PMGar East Gwillimbury Eagles 4-3Nobleking Knights
MMAA-Champ999:05 PMCSC #2 Toronto Royals 1-4Nickel City Jr. Sons
BAA1109:20 PMCSC #1 Sudbury Wolves 1-1North York Knights
MBA-Champ1519:40 PMCar Aurora Tigers 1-0Orillia Terriers
Sunday, December 4, 2016
MBAA-Champ1708:00 AMCSC #1 Mississauga Terriers 1-4Gloucester Rangers
PWA-Champ1768:00 AMMCCL Nickel City Bruins 3-0West Nipissing Sting
PWA-Champ1818:00 AMCar Nickel City North Stars 2-4Huntsville Otters
MBAA-Champ1658:15 AMCSC #2 Nickel City Jr. Sons 1-2Ottawa Sting
NA-Champ1779:00 AMMCCL Nickel City Bears 0-4Kapuskasing Icehawks
MAA-Champ1829:00 AMCar Nickel City Flyers 0-9Nickel City Devils
BA-Champ1719:20 AMCSC #1 Nickel City North Stars 1-4Cochrane Blues
BA-Champ1669:35 AMCSC #2 West Nipissing Sting 1-15Centre Wellington Fusion
Nov AA17810:00 AMMCCL Nickel City Jr. Sons 1-0Soo Peewee Selects
MAAA-Champ18310:00 AMCar Soo Jr. Greyhounds 3-1Gloucester Rangers
MMAA-Champ17210:40 AMCSC #1 Nickel City Jr. Sons 3-0Georgina Blaze
MMAA-Champ16710:55 AMCSC #2 Sault Root River 1-0Stouffville Clippers
PWAA-Champ17911:00 AMMCCL Markham Waxers 3-1Ottawa Valley Silver Seven
ATAA-Champ18411:00 AMCar Nickel City Jr. Sons 1-2Mississauga Terriers
BAA-Champ17312:00 PMCSC #1 Sports Gold Rush 0-3Kanata Blazers
MPAA-Champ18012:00 PMMCCL TNT Tornados 1-3Barrie Colts
ATA-Champ18512:00 PMCar Nickel City North Stars 3-2Kanata Blazers
MBA-Champ16812:15 PMCSC #2 Aurora Tigers 5-2East Gwillimbury Eagles
BA-Champ1741:00 PMCSC #1 Cochrane Blues 1-3Centre Wellington Fusion
PWA-Champ1861:00 PMCar Nickel City Bruins 3-5Huntsville Otters
MBAA-Champ1691:35 PMCSC #2 Gloucester Rangers 3-2Ottawa Sting
MMAA-Champ1752:20 PMCSC #1 Sault Root River 2-0Nickel City Jr. Sons
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