Schedule & Results, 2016-17 Woodstock Regional, 2016-2017 (International Silver Stick)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, October 21, 2016
MA Pool A15:00 PMGreen St. Thomas Stars5-2Woodstock Jr Navy Vets
MA Pool A25:15 PMRed Grimsby Kings0-2Essex Ravens
MA Pool B36:10 PMGreen Burlington Eagles7-1Woolwich Wildcats
MA Pool B46:25 PMRed London Jr Mustangs Purple2-1Erie North Shore Storm
MP Pool C57:20 PMGreen Woodstock Jr Navy Vets2-3St. Thomas Stars
MP Pool C67:35 PMRed Erie North Shore Storm0-1East Gwillimbury Eagles
MP Pool D78:30 PMGreen Innisfil Winterhawks2-5Hespeler Shamrocks
MP Pool D88:45 PMRed Oakville Rangers0-2London Jr Mustangs Purple
Saturday, October 22, 2016
MA Pool A99:00 AMGreen Woodstock Jr Navy Vets1-2Essex Ravens
MA Pool A109:15 AMRed St. Thomas Stars4-2Grimsby Kings
MA Pool B1110:10 AMGreen Woolwich Wildcats5-0Erie North Shore Storm
MA Pool B1210:25 AMRed Burlington Eagles4-1London Jr Mustangs Purple
MP Pool C1311:20 AMGreen St. Thomas Stars4-2East Gwillimbury Eagles
MP Pool C1411:35 AMRed Woodstock Jr Navy Vets0-3Erie North Shore Storm
MP Pool D1512:30 PMGreen London Jr Mustangs Purple2-3Hespeler Shamrocks
MP Pool D1612:45 PMRed Oakville Rangers3-4Innisfil Winterhawks
MA Pool A171:40 PMGreen Essex Ravens4-3St. Thomas Stars
MA Pool A181:55 PMRed Woodstock Jr Navy Vets2-1Grimsby Kings
MA Pool B192:50 PMGreen London Jr Mustangs Purple1-4Woolwich Wildcats
MA Pool B203:05 PMRed Erie North Shore Storm0-5Burlington Eagles
MP Pool C214:00 PMGreen East Gwillimbury Eagles2-1Woodstock Jr Navy Vets
MP Pool C224:15 PMRed St. Thomas Stars3-2Erie North Shore Storm
MP Pool D235:10 PMGreen Innisfil Winterhawks5-2London Jr Mustangs Purple
MP Pool D245:25 PMRed Hespeler Shamrocks3-3Oakville Rangers
Sunday, October 23, 2016
MA Semi259:15 AMRed Woolwich Wildcats0-6Essex Ravens
MA Semi2610:25 AMRed St. Thomas Stars8-1Burlington Eagles
MP Semi2711:35 AMRed Innisfil Winterhawks4-3St. Thomas Stars
MP Semi2812:45 PMRed East Gwillimbury Eagles3-1Hespeler Shamrocks
MA Champ291:55 PMRed St. Thomas Stars2-3Essex Ravens
MP Champ303:05 PMRed East Gwillimbury Eagles0-2Innisfil Winterhawks
Friday, November 4, 2016
MB Pool A15:00 PMGreen Oakville Rangers0-3Milton Winterhawks
MB Pool A25:15 PMRed Woodstock Jr Navy Vets1-0Stratford Warriors
MB Pool B36:10 PMGreen Burlington Eagles2-3Brantford 99ers
MB Pool B46:25 PMRed Woolwich Wildcats4-2Erie North Shore Storm
MM Pool C57:30 PMGreen St. Thomas Stars2-3Burlington Eagles
MM Pool C67:45 PMRed Welland Tigers1-6Brantford 99ers
MM Pool D78:50 PMGreen Oakville Rangers2-2Waterloo Wolves
MM Pool D89:05 PMRed Innisfil Winterhawks5-4Woodstock Jr Navy Vets
Saturday, November 5, 2016
MB Pool A99:00 AMGreen Woodstock Jr Navy Vets3-2Oakville Rangers
MB Pool A109:15 AMRed Stratford Warriors3-0Milton Winterhawks
MB Pool B1110:10 AMGreen Erie North Shore Storm1-8Brantford 99ers
MB Pool B1210:25 AMRed Woolwich Wildcats3-2Burlington Eagles
MM Pool C1311:30 AMGreen Brantford 99ers6-4Burlington Eagles
MM Pool C1411:45 AMRed Welland Tigers3-1St. Thomas Stars
MM Pool D1512:50 PMGreen Woodstock Jr Navy Vets3-2Waterloo Wolves
MM Pool D161:05 PMRed Innisfil Winterhawks3-1Oakville Rangers
MB Pool A172:20 PMGreen Milton Winterhawks2-4Woodstock Jr Navy Vets
MB Pool A182:35 PMRed Stratford Warriors4-1Oakville Rangers
MB Pool B193:30 PMGreen Burlington Eagles5-3Erie North Shore Storm
MB Pool B203:45 PMRed Brantford 99ers3-3Woolwich Wildcats
MM Pool C214:50 PMGreen Brantford 99ers5-2St. Thomas Stars
MM Pool C225:05 PMRed Burlington Eagles4-1Welland Tigers
MM Pool D236:10 PMGreen Oakville Rangers3-0Woodstock Jr Navy Vets
MM Pool D246:25 PMRed Waterloo Wolves2-6Innisfil Winterhawks
Sunday, November 6, 2016
MB Semi259:15 AMRed Woolwich Wildcats1-2Woodstock Jr Navy Vets
MB Semi2610:25 AMRed Stratford Warriors2-4Brantford 99ers
MM Semi2711:45 AMRed Oakville Rangers2-4Brantford 99ers
MM Semi281:05 PMRed Burlington Eagles2-3Innisfil Winterhawks
MB Champ292:35 PMRed Brantford 99ers1-4Woodstock Jr Navy Vets
MM Cham303:45 PMRed Innisfil Winterhawks4-2Brantford 99ers
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