Schedule & Results, 2016-17 Wellesley/St. Clement Regional, 2016-2017 (International Silver Stick)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Thursday, December 8, 2016
A Division1A6:05 PMST C Tillsonburg Tornadoes4-0Ayr Flames
B Division2A6:05 PMWE Ingersoll Express1-7Mitchell Meteors
A Division1P7:15 PMST C Paris Wolfpack1-1Listowel Cyclones
B Division2P7:15 PMWE Mitchell Meteors1-3Tillsonburg Tornadoes
A Division1B8:25 PMST C Listowel Cyclones0-4Ayr Flames
B Division2B8:25 PMWE Mitchell Meteors1-3Tavistock Titans
A Division1M9:35 PMST C Listowel Cyclones2-5Ayr Flames
B Division2M9:35 PMWE South Bruce Blades3-1Tavistock Titans
Friday, December 9, 2016
A Division3A8:05 AMST C Lambeth Lancers6-6Lincoln Blades
B Division4A8:05 AMWE Niagara on the Lake Wolves0-8Midland Centennials
A Division3P9:15 AMST C Stirling Blues1-5Lincoln Blades
B Division4P9:15 AMWE Napanee Stars1-0Kincardine Kinucks
A Division3B10:25 AMST C Lincoln Blades4-1Halton Hills Thunder
B Division4B10:25 AMWE Caledon Hawks2-1Centre Wellington Fusion
A Division3M11:35 AMST C Mount Brydges Cougars2-0Caledonia Thunder
B Division4M11:35 AMWE Ingersoll Express3-3Norwich Knighthawks
A Division5A12:45 PMST C Ayr Flames0-2Lambeth Lancers
B Division6A12:45 PMWE Mitchell Meteors5-2Niagara on the Lake Wolves
A Division5P1:55 PMST C Listowel Cyclones2-2Stirling Blues
B Division6P1:55 PMWE Tillsonburg Tornadoes1-4Napanee Stars
A Division5B3:05 PMST C Ayr Flames1-4Lincoln Blades
B Division6B3:05 PMWE Tavistock Titans3-1Caledon Hawks
A Division5M4:15 PMST C Ayr Flames1-2Mount Brydges Cougars
B Division6M4:15 PMWE Tavistock Titans0-0Ingersoll Express
A Division7A5:25 PMST C Lincoln Blades3-6Tillsonburg Tornadoes
B Division8A5:25 PMWE Midland Centennials5-1Ingersoll Express
A Division7P6:35 PMST C Lincoln Blades3-6Paris Wolfpack
B Division8P6:35 PMWE Kincardine Kinucks2-3Mitchell Meteors
A Division7B7:45 PMST C Halton Hills Thunder3-1Listowel Cyclones
B Division8B7:45 PMWE Centre Wellington Fusion2-3Mitchell Meteors
A Division7M8:55 PMST C Caledonia Thunder2-3Listowel Cyclones
B Division8M8:55 PMWE Norwich Knighthawks1-3South Bruce Blades
Saturday, December 10, 2016
B Division10A8:05 AMWE Midland Centennials4-4Mitchell Meteors
A Division9A8:05 AMST C Lincoln Blades4-0Ayr Flames
B Division10P9:15 AMWE Kincardine Kinucks1-1Tillsonburg Tornadoes
A Division9P9:15 AMST C Lincoln Blades5-0Listowel Cyclones
B Division10B10:25 AMWE Centre Wellington Fusion2-5Tavistock Titans
A Division9B10:25 AMST C Halton Hills Thunder0-2Ayr Flames
B Division10M11:35 AMWE Norwich Knighthawks0-4Tavistock Titans
A Division9M11:35 AMST C Caledonia Thunder1-1Ayr Flames
A Division11A12:45 PMST C Lambeth Lancers3-3Tillsonburg Tornadoes
B Division12A12:45 PMWE Niagara on the Lake Wolves1-0Ingersoll Express
A Division11P1:55 PMST C Stirling Blues3-4Paris Wolfpack
B Division12P1:55 PMWE Napanee Stars3-4Mitchell Meteors
A Division11B3:05 PMST C Lincoln Blades2-0Listowel Cyclones
B Division11B3:05 PMWE Caledon Hawks1-3Mitchell Meteors
A Division11M4:15 PMST C Mount Brydges Cougars3-1Listowel Cyclones
B Division12M4:15 PMWE Ingersoll Express0-1South Bruce Blades
Semi-final13A5:25 PMST C Mitchell Meteors1-3Tillsonburg Tornadoes
Semi-final14A5:25 PMWE Lambeth Lancers3-2Midland Centennials
Semi-final13P6:35 PMST C Napanee Stars6-3Paris Wolfpack
Semi-final14P6:35 PMWE Lincoln Blades1-3Mitchell Meteors
Semi-final13B7:45 PMST C Mitchell Meteors3-1Lincoln Blades
Semi-final14B7:45 PMWE Ayr Flames0-1Tavistock Titans
Semi-final13M8:55 PMST C Tavistock Titans0-2Mount Brydges Cougars
Semi-final14M8:55 PMWE Ayr Flames4-3South Bruce Blades
Sunday, December 11, 2016
Final15A11:05 AMST C Lambeth Lancers2-3Tillsonburg Tornadoes
Final15P12:35 PMST C Mitchell Meteors1-4Napanee Stars
Final15B2:05 PMST C Tavistock Titans2-1Mitchell Meteors
Final15M4:05 PMST C Ayr Flames0-2Mount Brydges Cougars
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