Schedule & Results, 2016-17 Pelham Regional, 2016-2017 (International Silver Stick)

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016
Btm Pool A18:00 AMVale 1 Thorold Blackhawks0-7Pelham Panthers
PW Pool A28:00 AMWainflee Fort Erie Meteors2-1Pelham Panthers
PW Pool B48:15 AMVale 2 Welland Tigers3-2Thorold Blackhawks
Btm Pool A59:15 AMVale 1 Burlington Eagles1-4St. Mary's Rock
Btm Pool B69:15 AMWainflee Welland Tigers3-2Fort Erie Meteors
PW Pool A99:30 AMMain Tillsonburg Tornadoes3-2Grimsby Kings
Mid Pool B1010:30 AMVale 1 Pelham Panthers2-6Glanbrook Rangers
Btm Pool B1110:30 AMWainflee Dorchester Dragons3-3Tillsonburg Tornadoes
Atm Pool B1210:30 AMPelham Oakville Rangers6-0Pelham Panthers
PW Pool B1410:40 AMMain Cambridge Hawks1-0St. Mary's Rock
Mid Pool B1511:45 AMVale 1 Dorchester Dragons1-3Tillsonburg Tornadoes
Atm Pool B1611:45 AMPelham Tillsonburg Tornadoes4-2St. Mary's Rock
Atm Pool A1712:00 PMVale 2 Thorold Blackhawks0-10Cambridge Hawks
Mid Pool A181:00 PMVale 1 Welland Tigers3-1St. Mary's Rock
Mid Pool A191:00 PMPelham Caledonia Thunder2-5Thorold Blackhawks
Atm Pool A201:15 PMVale 2 Caledonia Thunder3-4Welland Tigers
PW Pool A253:00 PMPelham Tillsonburg Tornadoes2-3Pelham Panthers
PW Pool B263:15 PMMain Cambridge Hawks2-1Welland Tigers
Atm Pool B273:30 PMVale 1 Pelham Panthers3-9Tillsonburg Tornadoes
PW Pool A283:45 PMVale 2 Grimsby Kings0-2Fort Erie Meteors
Atm Pool B294:00 PMWainflee Oakville Rangers1-4St. Mary's Rock
PW Pool B304:15 PMPelham Thorold Blackhawks2-4St. Mary's Rock
Mid Pool B314:30 PMMain Tillsonburg Tornadoes5-1Pelham Panthers
Btm Pool B324:45 PMVale 1 Dorchester Dragons1-2Welland Tigers
Atm Pool A335:00 PMVale 2 Thorold Blackhawks7-5Caledonia Thunder
Btm Pool A345:15 PMWainflee St. Mary's Rock9-0Thorold Blackhawks
Mid Pool B355:30 PMPelham Glanbrook Rangers0-6Dorchester Dragons
Btm Pool B366:00 PMVale 1 Fort Erie Meteors1-3Tillsonburg Tornadoes
Atm Pool A376:15 PMVale 2 Cambridge Hawks7-1Welland Tigers
Btm Pool A386:30 PMWainflee Pelham Panthers5-3Burlington Eagles
Mid Pool A396:45 PMPelham St. Mary's Rock2-2Caledonia Thunder
Mid Pool A408:00 PMPelham Thorold Blackhawks5-3Welland Tigers
Wednesday, December 28, 2016
Atm Pool A438:00 AMPelham Welland Tigers3-1Thorold Blackhawks
Atm Pool A459:15 AMVale 1 Cambridge Hawks9-0Caledonia Thunder
Atm Pool B479:15 AMPelham St. Mary's Rock2-1Pelham Panthers
Mid Pool A489:30 AMMain Caledonia Thunder1-0Welland Tigers
Atm Pool B499:30 AMVale 2 Tillsonburg Tornadoes2-4Oakville Rangers
Mid Pool B5010:30 AMVale 1 Glanbrook Rangers3-5Tillsonburg Tornadoes
PW Pool B5110:30 AMWainflee St. Mary's Rock1-4Welland Tigers
Mid Pool B5210:30 AMPelham Dorchester Dragons4-1Pelham Panthers
Mid Pool A5310:40 AMMain St. Mary's Rock4-3Thorold Blackhawks
PW Pool A5410:45 AMVale 2 Pelham Panthers1-4Grimsby Kings
Btm Pool A5511:45 AMVale 1 Thorold Blackhawks1-6Burlington Eagles
PW Pool A5611:45 AMWainflee Fort Erie Meteors1-2Tillsonburg Tornadoes
Btm Pool B5711:45 AMPelham Tillsonburg Tornadoes2-2Welland Tigers
PW Pool B5812:00 PMVale 2 Thorold Blackhawks2-5Cambridge Hawks
Btm Pool B591:00 PMVale 1 Fort Erie Meteors3-5Dorchester Dragons
Btm Pool A601:00 PMPelham St. Mary's Rock3-3Pelham Panthers
Mdgt Champ633:20 PMMain Glanbrook Rangers1-2St. Mary's Rock
Atom Champ643:50 PMVale 1 St. Mary's Rock4-1Welland Tigers
Atom Champ654:00 PMPelham Thorold Blackhawks6-2Tillsonburg Tornadoes
Mdgt Champ664:50 PMMain Caledonia Thunder3-2Dorchester Dragons
PW Champ675:10 PMVale 1 Grimsby Kings1-5Welland Tigers
PW Champ685:20 PMPelham St. Mary's Rock6-0Fort Erie Meteors
Btm Champ696:50 PMPelham Burlington Eagles3-1Tillsonburg Tornadoes
Btm Champ708:15 PMPelham Dorchester Dragons1-0Pelham Panthers
Thursday, December 29, 2016
PW Champ718:00 AMPelham Welland Tigers6-1Tillsonburg Tornadoes
PW Champ749:15 AMPelham St. Mary's Rock1-5Cambridge Hawks
Atom Champ759:15 AMVale 1 Thorold Blackhawks1-8Cambridge Hawks
Atom Champ769:30 AMVale 2 St. Mary's Rock4-2Oakville Rangers
Mdgt Champ7710:30 AMPelham St. Mary's Rock3-6Tillsonburg Tornadoes
Btm Champ7810:30 AMVale 1 Burlington Eagles0-1St. Mary's Rock
Btm Champ7910:45 AMVale 2 Dorchester Dragons0-4Welland Tigers
Mdgt Champ8011:45 AMPelham Caledonia Thunder6-3Thorold Blackhawks
Atom Champ823:00 PMPelham St. Mary's Rock1-2Cambridge Hawks
PW Champ834:30 PMPelham Cambridge Hawks1-2Welland Tigers
Btm Champ846:00 PMPelham Welland Tigers1-2St. Mary's Rock
Mdgt Champ857:30 PMPelham Caledonia Thunder3-2Tillsonburg Tornadoes
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