Schedule & Results, 2016-17 Las Vegas Regional, 2016-2017 (International Silver Stick)

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Friday, November 25, 2016
MGT 16 RR17:00 AMSouth Flagstaff Northstars0-4Anaheim Jr. Ducks
MGT 16 RR27:15 AMNorth Golden State Elite Eagles6-2Jr Coyotes Chandler
MGT 16 RR38:45 AMSouth Jr Sun Devils5-1Valencia Jr. Flyers
MGT 16 RR49:00 AMNorth Nevada Storm3-4California Heat
MGT 16 RR510:30 AMSouth Utah Golden Eagles3-5California Wave 2
MGT 18 RR110:45 AMNorth California Wave 13-0Alaska Oilers
MGT 18 RR212:15 PMSouth Valencia Jr. Flyers0-6Flagstaff Northstars
MGT 18 RR312:30 PMNorth California Wave 21-5Golden State Elite Eagles
MGT 16 RR62:00 PMSouth Anaheim Jr. Ducks1-5Valencia Jr. Flyers
MGT 16 RR72:15 PMNorth Flagstaff Northstars0-5Jr Sun Devils
MGT 16 RR83:45 PMSouth Golden State Elite Eagles0-4California Wave 2
MGT 16 RR94:00 PMNorth Jr Coyotes Chandler3-3Nevada Storm
MGT 18 RR45:30 PMSouth California Wave 16-2Valencia Jr. Flyers
MGT 18 RR55:45 PMNorth Alaska Oilers3-4California Wave 2
MGT 18 RR67:30 PMNorth Golden State Elite Eagles7-1Flagstaff Northstars
MGT 16 RR109:15 PMNorth California Heat3-4Utah Golden Eagles
Saturday, November 26, 2016
MGT 18 RR77:15 AMNorth Alaska Oilers4-1Valencia Jr. Flyers
MGT 18 RR88:00 AMSouth Golden State Elite Eagles6-2California Wave 1
MGT 18 RR99:00 AMNorth Flagstaff Northstars1-10California Wave 2
MGT 16 RR119:45 AMSouth Jr Sun Devils0-2Anaheim Jr. Ducks
MGT 16 RR1210:45 AMNorth California Wave 22-0Nevada Storm
MGT 16 RR1311:30 AMSouth California Heat5-5Golden State Elite Eagles
MGT 16 RR1412:30 PMNorth Utah Golden Eagles5-0Jr Coyotes Chandler
MGT 16 RR152:15 PMNorth Valencia Jr. Flyers8-3Flagstaff Northstars
MGT18-SEMI104:00 PMNorth Alaska Oilers0-6Golden State Elite Eagles
MGT18-SEMI115:45 PMNorth California Wave 13-5California Wave 2
MGT16-CON167:30 PMNorth California Heat6-3Jr Coyotes Chandler
MGT16-CON179:15 PMNorth Nevada Storm5-1Flagstaff Northstars
Sunday, November 27, 2016
MGT16-SEMI187:45 AMNorth Utah Golden Eagles1-6California Wave 2
MGT16-SEMI198:00 AMSouth Valencia Jr. Flyers2-3Jr Sun Devils
MGT18-CON129:30 AMNorth Valencia Jr. Flyers1-4Flagstaff Northstars
MGT16-CON209:45 AMSouth Golden State Elite Eagles2-3Anaheim Jr. Ducks
MGT 18- CH1311:15 AMNorth California Wave 22-11Golden State Elite Eagles
MGT 16 -Ch211:30 PMNorth Jr Sun Devils2-3California Wave 2
Friday, December 9, 2016
PW-RR16:00 AMSouth Jr. Coyotes 04 Chandler2-6San Diego Saints
PW-RR26:15 AMNorth OCHC 4-0Outliers Hockey Academy U12
PW-RR37:30 AMSouth San Diego Jr. Gulls4-8Jr. Coyotes 04 Hammett
PW-RR47:45 AMNorth California Wave 23-1Nevada Storm
BTM-RR19:00 AMSouth Valencia Jr. Flyers7-2Outliers Hockey Academy 14U 03
BTM-RR29:15 AMNorth Mission AZ Ice3-5Santa Clara Blackhawks
PW-RR510:30 AMSouth Alaska All Stars 053-3San Jose Jr. Sharks
BTM-RR310:45 AMNorth San Diego Saints0-8Anaheim Jr. Ducks AA1
BTM-RR412:00 PMSouth Jr. Coyotes 03 Willcoxson0-3California Wave 03
BTM-RR512:15 PMNorth Jr. Coyotes 02 Chandler2-10Nevada Storm
BTM-RR61:30 PMSouth LA Jr. Kings1-8Idaho Jr. Steelheads
PW-RR61:45 PMNorth Nevada Storm2-3San Diego Jr. Gulls
PW-RR71:45 PMSobe Outliers Hockey Academy U122-5Jr. Coyotes 04 Chandler
PW-RR83:00 PMSouth California Wave 21-1Jr. Coyotes 04 Hammett
BTM-RR73:15 PMSobe Outliers Hockey Academy 14U 031-5Mission AZ Ice
PW-RR93:15 PMNorth San Diego Saints4-2San Jose Jr. Sharks
PW-RR104:30 PMSouth Alaska All Stars 053-2OCHC
BTM-RR84:45 PMNorth Santa Clara Blackhawks9-3Valencia Jr. Flyers
BTM-RR96:00 PMSouth San Diego Saints4-1Jr. Coyotes 02 Chandler
BTM-RR106:15 PMNorth Anaheim Jr. Ducks AA14-1Nevada Storm
BTM-RR117:45 PMNorth California Wave 033-1LA Jr. Kings
BTM-RR129:15 PMNorth Idaho Jr. Steelheads12-0Jr. Coyotes 03 Willcoxson
Saturday, December 10, 2016
PW-RR117:00 AMSouth San Diego Jr. Gulls7-1Alaska All Stars 05
PW-RR127:15 AMNorth Jr. Coyotes 04 Hammett4-3OCHC
PW-RR138:30 AMSouth Outliers Hockey Academy U120-5San Jose Jr. Sharks
PW-RR148:45 AMNorth Nevada Storm0-7San Diego Saints
PW-RR1510:00 AMSouth Jr. Coyotes 04 Chandler0-4California Wave 2
BTM-RR1310:15 AMNorth Idaho Jr. Steelheads5-1California Wave 03
BTM-RR1411:30 AMSouth Outliers Hockey Academy 14U 031-8Santa Clara Blackhawks
BTM-RR1511:45 AMNorth Jr. Coyotes 02 Chandler1-12Anaheim Jr. Ducks AA1
BTM-RR161:00 PMSouth Mission AZ Ice3-3Valencia Jr. Flyers
BTM-RR171:15 PMNorth Nevada Storm3-1San Diego Saints
BTM-RR182:45 PMNorth Jr. Coyotes 03 Willcoxson3-2LA Jr. Kings
PW-SEMI164:00 PMSouth Jr. Coyotes 04 Hammett3-1California Wave 2
PW-SEMI174:15 PMNorth San Diego Jr. Gulls0-4San Diego Saints
BTM-SEMI198:00 PMNorth Idaho Jr. Steelheads8-1Nevada Storm
BTM-SEMI208:15 PMSouth Anaheim Jr. Ducks AA12-0Santa Clara Blackhawks
Sunday, December 11, 2016
PW-CON187:00 AMSouth Jr. Coyotes 04 Chandler2-4Alaska All Stars 05
PW-CON197:15 AMNorth Outliers Hockey Academy U124-4Nevada Storm
PW-CON208:30 AMSouth OCHC 2-1San Jose Jr. Sharks
BTM-CON218:45 AMNorth California Wave 035-1Mission AZ Ice
BTM-CON2210:00 AMSouth Jr. Coyotes 03 Willcoxson1-5Outliers Hockey Academy 14U 03
BTM-CON2310:15 AMNorth Valencia Jr. Flyers1-2San Diego Saints
BTM-CON2411:30 AMSouth LA Jr. Kings2-5Jr. Coyotes 02 Chandler
PWAA-CH2111:45 AMNorth San Diego Saints3-0Jr. Coyotes 04 Hammett
BTMAA-CH251:30 PMNorth Anaheim Jr. Ducks AA12-4Idaho Jr. Steelheads
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