Schedule & Results, 2016-17 Dayton Regional, 2016-2017 (International Silver Stick)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, December 9, 2016
Squirt AA12:00 PMKRC Cleveland Lumberjacks6-2Jr. Fuel
Squirt AA22:30 PMSPR Toledo Cherokee2-7Saginaw Jr. Spirit
Squirt AA32:30 PMHobart Sylvania North Stars2-3Mt. Lebanon Hornets
B-Red13:15 PMKRC Jr. Fuel0-11Toledo Cherokee
B-White23:45 PMHobart Cleveland Barons0-7South Hills Panthers
B-Blue33:45 PMSM Sylvania North Stars 020-6Pittsburgh Predators
Pee Wee AA14:45 PMKRC Artic Foxes6-0Michigan Ice Hawks
Pee Wee AA25:30 PMSPR Columbus Capitals2-0Mt. Lebanon Hornets
Midget AA15:45 PMHobart Northern Kentucky Norse4-9Dayton Stealth
Squirt AA46:30 PMSM Jr. Fuel0-4Joliet Jaguars
Squirt AA56:30 PMSM Sylvania North Stars0-4Saginaw Jr. Spirit
Squirt AA67:15 PMHobart Toledo Cherokee5-3Mt. Lebanon Hornets
Midget A18:00 PMSM Metro Jets6-0Miami
B-Red48:30 PMHobart Toledo Cherokee8-1Cleveland Sharks
B-White59:30 PMSM South Hills Panthers6-1Sylvania North Stars 03
B-Blue69:40 PMSPR Pittsburgh Predators8-1Gilmour Gladiators
Saturday, December 10, 2016
B-Red78:00 AMKRC Cleveland Sharks3-2Jr. Fuel
Squirt AA78:00 AMSM Joliet Jaguars2-5Cleveland Lumberjacks
Mite A Blu18:30 AMHobart 7-0
Mite A Red28:30 AMHobart 1-8
Pee Wee AA39:15 AMSM Mt. Lebanon Hornets6-1Artic Foxes
Midget AA29:30 AMKRC Dayton Stealth4-4Bloomington Thunder
Mite A Blu39:30 AMHobart 11-7
Mite A Red49:30 AMHobart 8-7
Mite AA110:30 AMHobart Cincinnati Swords AA0-7Dayton Stealth AA
Mite AA210:30 AMHobart FT. Wayne Komets AA0-7CCYHL Jackets AA
B-White810:30 AMSM Sylvania North Stars 033-1Cleveland Barons
Midget A211:00 AMKRC Dayton Stealth1-8Metro Jets
Mite A Blu511:30 AMHobart 1-8
Mite A Red611:30 AMHobart 6-1
Pee Wee AA411:45 AMSM Michigan Ice Hawks1-1Columbus Capitals
Mite A Blu712:30 PMHobart 3-10
Mite A Red812:30 PMHobart 1-8
B-Blue912:30 PMKRC Gilmour Gladiators3-5Sylvania North Stars 02
Mite AA31:30 PMHobart Cincinnati Swords AA4-7FT. Wayne Komets AA
Mite AA41:30 PMHobart Dayton Stealth AA3-10CCYHL Jackets AA
Midget AA32:00 PMKRC Bloomington Thunder0-0Northern Kentucky Norse
Mite A Red102:30 PMHobart Findlay Jr. Trojans11-4Cincinnati Swords
Squit AA f82:30 PMSM Jr. Fuel6-4Sylvania North Stars
Mite A Blu92:30 PMHobart 12-9
Midget A33:30 PMKRC Miami 6-2Dayton Stealth
Squit AA f93:45 PMSM Mt. Lebanon Hornets3-1Saginaw Jr. Spirit
Squit AA f104:15 PMHobart Joliet Jaguars2-3Cleveland Lumberjacks
Bantam Fin105:00 PMSPR Cleveland Barons1-5Gilmour Gladiators
Bantam Fin115:30 PMHobart Jr. Fuel1-7Sylvania North Stars 02
Pee Wee AA56:00 PMKRC Artic Foxes3-2Columbus Capitals
Pee Wee AA66:30 PMSPR Michigan Ice Hawks5-2Mt. Lebanon Hornets
Squit AA f117:15 PMKRC Jr. Fuel1-5Toledo Cherokee
Bantam Fin128:00 PMSPR Sylvania North Stars 031-7Cleveland Sharks
Midget A F48:30 PMKRC 2-6
Sunday, December 11, 2016
Mite A Fin117:30 AMHobart Ft. Wayne Komets8-1Dayton Stealth
Mite A Fin127:30 AMHobart Knoxville Jr. Ice Bears15-9Newark Generals
Bantam Fin138:00 AMSPR 0-7Toledo Cherokee
Bantam Fin148:00 AMSM Pittsburgh Predators3-1South Hills Panthers
Midget AA 48:00 AMKRC 4-1
Mite A Fin138:30 AMHobart Findlay Jr. Trojans2-9CCYHA Jackets
Mite A Fin148:30 AMHobart IHWC 5-4Troy Bruins
Squit AA f129:30 AMKRC Cleveland Lumberjacks3-2Mt. Lebanon Hornets
Mite A Fin159:30 AMHobart Cincinnati Swords7-14Northern Kentucky Norse
Mite AA59:30 AMHobart FT. Wayne Komets AA4-6Dayton Stealth AA
PeeWee Fin79:45 AMSM Columbus Capitals1-2Artic Foxes
Mite A Fin1610:30 AMHobart Newark Generals8-1Dayton Stealth
Mite AA610:30 AMHobart CCYHL Jackets AA9-2Cincinnati Swords AA
Midget A F511:00 AMKRC Miami 4-2Metro Jets
Mite A Fin1711:30 AMHobart Troy Bruins10-3Findlay Jr. Trojans
Mite A Fin1811:30 AMHobart Northern Kentucky Norse9-4Ft. Wayne Komets
Mite A Fin1912:30 PMHobart Cincinnati Swords1-8Knoxville Jr. Ice Bears
Mite AA Fi712:30 PMHobart Cincinnati Swords AA6-6FT. Wayne Komets AA
Midget AA 51:00 PMKRC Northern Kentucky Norse0-4Dayton Stealth
Mite A Fin201:30 PMHobart IHWC 1-8CCYHA Jackets
Mite AA Fi81:30 PMHobart Dayton Stealth AA4-9CCYHL Jackets AA
Bantam Fin153:00 PMHobart Pittsburgh Predators0-6Toledo Cherokee
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