Tournament Rules, 2016-17 West Chester Regional, Mid-Atlantic Region, 2016-2017, American Regionals (International Silver Stick)

This Tournament is part of the 2016-2017 season, which is not set as the current season.
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Tournament Rules

Silver Stick Official tournament rules are posted at the Ice Line Rink for each level.

 Game Times -

  • All games will consist of two 12-minute   periods   and   a 15 minute third period.
  • There will be no overtime in round robin games.
  • There will be ten minute sudden death overtime in all quarter final, semifinal and championship games. In the event no team scores after 10 minutes, we will go to a 5 man shootout and continue with additional 5 man shootouts until a winner is determined.
  • All games will be played to completion.
  • The clock will run during the third period of any game where the goal differential is 6 or more.   The clock will only stop for goals, injuries, or to set penalties. Stop time will resume in the third period only if the goal spread becomes two or less.
  • All teams must   be prepared to start 15 minutes before their scheduled game time.

- Rules -

  • USA Hockey rules will govern all tournament play.
  • All eligible players must be listed on their team’s USA Hockey T-1 Roster and on their team’s first Game Score sheet.
  • Each team will play a 3 game preliminary round robin.


- Penalties -

  • Minor penalties will be 2 minutes each.
  • This is a USA Hockey sanctioned tournament. All USA Hockey rules for penalties shall apply.
  • Any player receiving FOUR penalties in one game will be ejected from the remainder of that game. USA Hockey rule is five penalties but carries an additional game suspension.
  • Game Misconducts will result in a one game suspension.
  • Fighting will not be tolerated and will result in that player being suspended from the tournament! In the event a fight is instigated by a player from a team not advancing to the playoff round, the tournament chairman may review and possibly overturn the tournament suspension. However, even if the tournament suspension is overturned, all players involved in the fight will still be required to sit the next game as specified by USA Hockey.
  • Match penalties will result in expulsion from the tournament

- Playoff Seeding From Round Robin Play -

  • These are the standard Rules for teams advancing to the Playoff rounds. Please check the rules posted at Ice Line for the EXACT amount of teams advancing at each age level.
  • The top Teams will advance to either the Quarter Finals or in divisions with lesser amount of teams directly to Semi Finals.

- Tie breaker will be as follows:
(NOTE: Any forfeits shall count as a 1-0 score for use in tiebreakers)

  • Winner of the Head to Head game played between the two tied teams. This tie breaker does not apply if three teams are tied.
  • Best goal total quotient. Total goals scored divided by total goals against using ALL games played in round robin. The team with the greatest quotient advances.
  • Lowest goals against.
  • Least number of penalties assessed. Each penalty shall count as one team penalty.

Final Playoff seating’s will be based upon total points received in the round robin. Best total goal quotient will be used for all tied teams to determine their seeding.