Tournament Rules, South Florida Regional, South Eastern Region, American Regionals (International Silver Stick)

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All 2022-2023 USA Hockey Rules and Regulations Apply 


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1. Games will consist of three 12 minute stop time periods. Running time will only be used in the third period if there is a minimum SIX goal differential. 

2. RUNNING TIME: Once running time commences for a game, the duration of the game will be played under the running time format.  Stop time will only resume if the goal differential becomes 5 or less.  The clock will be stopped for injuries.  During the occurrence of running time, penalty times will not be adjusted.  

3. WARM-UPS and BREAKS: Teams will be permitted a 3 minute warm-up period prior to each game and a one minute break between periods. The ice will not be resurfaced between periods. 
4. TIME OUTS: There will be one 60 second time out allowed per team, per game in all games played. 
5. Games will not end in a tie. Round robin games ending tied at the end of regulation will go directly to 3 player shootout. If not decided after 3 shooters it will go to a ‘sudden death’ shootout.  In the occurrence that the shootout stays tied, teams may not use the same shooter twice until the team, with the lower number of players on the roster, starts over again (at that point both teams may use their 1st shooter again). The standings shall be determined on the basis of (3) points for a regulation win, (2) points for a shootout win and (1) point for a shootout loss. No points will be awarded for a regulation loss. 

6. Teams must be dressed and ready to play minimum of (15) minutes prior to their regularly scheduled game time. First scheduled games of the day and championships games are exempt from this rule. If the ice is available, the scheduled game will start early. One goal will be assessed against the offending team for every (2) minutes that the clock runs while the team is unavailable to start the game at that time. 

  1. Head to Head – Does not apply if 3 teams are tied 

  1. Most Wins (Regulation) 

  1. Fewest goals against 

  1. Fewest penalty minutes 

  1. Coin Toss  

8.  Championship Games. In the event a game is tied at the end of 3 periods, a five minute, 3 v 3, stop time sudden death overtime period will be played.  During this period, the first team to score wins. During this period, the first team to score wins.  

If after the overtime no team has won the game, a shootout will occur.  The shootout will consist of 3 players from each team.  In the event it is still tied after the first three shooters, a sudden death shootout will occur, and each team will provide 1 shooter who has not yet participated in the shootout. Teams may not use the same shooter twice until the team, with the lower number of players on the roster, starts over again (at that point both teams may use their 1st shooter again). 

9. Section Four (4), Penalties, of the USA Hockey Official Playing Rules shall govern the assessment of penalties. At the conclusion of each game, the coach of each team shall be responsible for reviewing the score sheet (front and back) to determine whether any player or team official has been suspended or disqualified from participating in any future game and for communicating with the Grievance Committee with respect to any suspension or disqualification over which the Grievance Committee has discretionary authority.  

10.  Each team is required to provide a penalty box attendant for each game played.   USA Hockey rules apply. 

11.  Locker Rooms must be inspected by Panthers IceDen staff prior to a team checking out of a locker room, and all trash picked up by the team at the end of each use.  

12.  Zero tolerance rules are strictly enforced for all coaches, players, parents and spectators. 

13.  ROSTERS:  NO double rostering in the same division.  In the event that a player is rostered on teams in two divisions and there is an overlap on start times, the aforementioned player will not be able to dress and go on the ice for the second team if the second team’s game has already commenced.  Official rosters must be submitted by teams at time of registration and must be on file with tournament directors prior to the start of the tournament.  Teams will not be allowed on the ice to play without an official roster. 

14.  There will be NO protests whatsoever.  Only in the event of player eligibility shall the tournament director be given the authority to make any game changing decision. 

15. In a 6 team division, the teams with the 4 best records advance. 

-In a 4 team division, each team will play each other in the round robin. After the round robin the team with the best record, plays the team with the 4th best record in a semi final game. 2 and 3 will play in the other Semi Final. 

-In a 3 team division, the 2 best records after the round robin will face of in a Final game