2022-2023 Western Girls Regional, Western Girls Regional, Girls (International Silver Stick)

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  1. Teams interested in competing in the tournament must complete the following form. We will begin accepting teams on July 24. If you need an earlier notification, please email the tournament director and we respond as soon as possible. Tournament registration closes on September 30, 2022. 
Team Information
  1. "Colorado 14ers", etc
  2. "Aspen Hockey Association",etc
Contact Information
  1. This will be the Main contact for all correspondence.
  2. Example: [email protected] Your submission will be sent to this address.
  3. Mobile number preferred
  4. Mobile Number Preferred
  1. Tournament registration fees are as follows

    Age Division  Cost
     10U  $1400 USD
     12U  $1400 USD
     14U  $1700 USD
     16U  $1800 USD
     19U   $1800 USD

    Teams will be billed for tournament registration after confirmed admission.
    Payments can be made with Check, Credit Card, or PayPal. 

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