U12 Pool A, U12 A, Divisions, Owen Sound Regional, South Western Region, 2022-2023, Canadian Regionals (International Silver Stick)

This Tournament is part of the 2022-2023 season, which is not set as the current season.
Division Details
U12 A (Nov 04-Nov 06)
U12 Pool A
TeamWLTPtsGFGADiffGF %Game 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game 6
60012399+300.8134-3 (W)13-1 (W)0-10 (W)1-4 (W)2-5 (W)2-3 (W)
42083111+200.7380-15 (W)6-0 (W)4-1 (L)1-3 (W)4-3 (W)2-3 (L)
31172714+130.6593-1 (W)4-4 (T)4-13 (W)4-1 (W)4-3 (L)X
13131516-10.4844-3 (L)4-4 (T)0-5 (W)1-3 (L)2-5 (L)X
1302713-60.3503-1 (L)5-1 (W)0-5 (L)1-4 (L)XX
13021533-180.31313-1 (L)6-0 (L)4-13 (L)10-1 (W)XX
0400240-380.0480-15 (L)5-1 (L)0-10 (L)10-1 (L)XX
Fri, Nov 04
Sat, Nov 05
Sun, Nov 06