Wingham Regional 2022 Registration Form, Wingham Regional, South Western Region, Canadian Regionals (International Silver Stick)

Print Wingham Regional 2022 Registration Form
This is the team registration form for the 2022 Wingham Regional Silver Stick Tournament(s). NOTE that there is a second form for your team roster that must be submitted. It does not need to be done when submitting the registration form, but must be sent in once your roster is set. This will be used in our program. Sanction Numbers: U18 - 11177 U11 - 11178
Team Information
Fill out your team information in the fields provided.
  1. Only cell numbers. No land lines.
  2. Please be very specific on team categories.
  3. Enter the home jersey colour
  4. Enter the visitor jersey colour
  5. Example: [email protected] Your submission will be sent to this address.
  1. Thank you for your entry. You are registered in the 2022 Wingham Regional Silver Stick tournament.  This is your acknowledgement of entry, but it is not guaranteed until we have received your payment. 
    Fees for this year are $925 for all teams.
    There will be no gates fees charged for spectators.
    Please pay by e-transfer by emailing [email protected]
    You agree to the Tournament Rules that will be posted and you must provide an approved OMHA roster prior to your first game.
    Also, you need to submit the Roster Form and supply your team's roster (minimum of 10 players) as soon as your team is selected.  This will be used in our program.
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