Rules, Mooretown Finals, 2022-2023, Final (International Silver Stick)

This Tournament is part of the 2022-2023 season, which is not set as the current season.



Mooretown U21 Silver Stick wishes to inform you of the rules of our tournament. Classifications are arrived at through the co-operation of the O.M.H.A. and other governing bodies. The tournament is sanctioned by the O.M.H.A., The International Silver Stick, and will be played under their rules.

In addition, the following rules will also be in effect:

1.      No postponements of any scheduled game will be made. If you don’t show up, you could face disqualification.

2.      O.M.H.A. regulations state that the only proof of players’ eligibility is an approved players card.  All leagues use the electronic registration process. Please ensure that all your documentation is APPROVED by your Registrar (OMHA, GTHL, etc.) and available for review before your first game. This includes any AP Lists you may want to use during the tournament.  Please Note: if the approved documentation/roster cannot be produced before the game…the player or team official will not participate (no exceptions).

3.      All teams will shake hands prior to their game.

4.      At the end of each game, the teams are reminded to remain at their benches until directed by the on-ice officials.

5.      Any player and/or team official who receives a fighting penalty, match penalty or gross misconduct will be suspended for the remainder of the tournament. Any player/team official who receives a game misconduct will receive a one-game tournament suspension.

6.      All games will consist of 3 fifteen-minute periods. Ice resurfacing will be every 2 periods unless otherwise noted. One 30 Second Timeout will be allowed to each team in the Championship Games Only.

7.      The Tournament Director or his Delegate has the authority to end a game at any given time.

8.      Mercy Rule: The time clock will go to running time for the duration of the game should any team gain a 5 goal advantage in the 3rd period

9.      Minor penalties will be 3 minutes, majors will be 7 minutes and misconducts will be 12 minutes during running time.

10.  The Tournament Committee reserves the right to make decisions regarding any interpretations of these rules, and all decisions will be final.

11.  By signing/submitting the attached Waiver form, the team releases, M.M.H.A., Silver Stick Tournament officials, International Silver Stick Association Inc., and Arena Management from any liability for any injury or accident going to and from the tournament or during the tournament.

12.  Parents and players are NOT allowed in the tournament office at any time.

13.  All teams must have “Permission to Particpate” or "Travel Permit" from their League (OMHA, GTHL, Etc) signed and approved by the Director or Designate (per OMHA Reg 4.4i)

~ Rick Harris, Tournament Director