U15 AA, Divisions, Sudbury Regional, Northern Region, 2021-2022, Canadian Regionals (International Silver Stick)

This Tournament is part of the 2021-2022 season, which is not set as the current season.
Group Details
U15 AA
Group 1
TeamWLTPtsGFGADiffGF %Game 1Game 2Game 3
201575+20.5833-2 (W)3-2 (W)1-1 (T)
102463+30.6674-1 (W)1-1 (T)1-1 (T)
120269-30.4004-1 (L)3-2 (L)3-2 (W)
021157-20.4173-2 (L)1-1 (T)3-2 (L)
Group 2
TeamWLTPtsGFGADiffGF %Game 1Game 2Game 3
3006123+90.8001-2 (W)1-7 (W)3-1 (W)
1113910-10.4744-4 (T)4-3 (W)3-1 (L)
0122713-60.3504-4 (T)1-7 (L)2-2 (T)
021168-20.4291-2 (L)4-3 (L)2-2 (T)
Quarter Finals
Sat, Dec 04
Semi Final
Sun, Dec 05
Sun, Dec 05
Full Schedule
Venue(s) In This Schedule
  • CS#1 - Countryside Pad #1, 235 Countryside Drive, Sudbury, ON
  • CS#2 - Countryside Pad#2, 235 Countryside Drive, Sudbury, ON