Schedule & Results, Sarnia Finals, 2015-2016, Final (International Silver Stick)

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Friday, January 15, 2016
Atom A18:00 AMCWB North Jersey Avalanche6-4Fort Wayne Komets
Atom A118:00 AMCWR Barrie Colts4-3Milton Winterhawks
Atom A218:00 AMComp 1 Strathroy Rockets1-3Long Island Gulls
Atom A278:00 AMComp 2 Grand Rapids Griffins4-2Pelham Panthers
Atom A368:00 AMSAR Arlington Capitals2-4Krivo Hockey School
Atom A468:00 AMPE Hespeler Shamrocks2-3St. Mary's Rock
Atom A568:00 AMPET Huntsville Otters3-3Palm Beach Breakers
Atom AA 129:15 AMCWR Nickel City Sons2-3Don Mills Mustangs
Atom AA 29:15 AMCWB Detroit Compuware AA4-3Northbrook Bluehawks
Atom AA 229:15 AMComp 1 Delco Phantoms3-0Pittsburgh Predators
Atom AA 289:15 AMComp 2 St. Clair Shores Saints0-5North York Knights
Atom AA 379:15 AMSAR Central Conneticut Capitals0-5Flint Jr. Firebirds
Atom AA 479:15 AMPE Peterborough Petes3-5Oakville Rangers
Atom A579:15 AMPET Sarnia Jr. Sting0-5San Jose Jr. Sharks
Atom AAA1310:30 AMCWR Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs1-6Toronto Marlboros
Atom AAA2310:30 AMComp 1 Detroit Compuware AAA2-2Markham Waxers
Atom AAA2910:30 AMComp 2 Halton Hurricaines3-2London Jr. Knights
Atom AAA310:30 AMCWB Quinte Red Devils0-4Kitchener Rangers
Atom AAA3810:30 AMSAR Anaheim Junior Ducks6-1Lambton Junior Sting
Atom AA 4810:30 AMPE Montgomery Blue Devils5-1Tampa Bay Scorpions
Atom AA 5810:30 AMPET Oakland Jr. Grizzlies AA0-4Milton* Winterhawks AA
M/AAA (XOVER)1411:45 AMCWR Tampa Bay Scorpions3-2Ajax Pickering Raiders
M/AAA (XOVER)2411:45 AMComp 1 North Central Predators3-4London Jr. Knights
M/AAA (XOVER)3011:45 AMComp 2 Richmond Hill Coyotes4-2Windsor Spitfires
Atom AAA3911:45 AMSAR Detroit Belle Tire4-1Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
M/AAA (XOVER)411:45 AMCWB Shattuck St. Marys SSM3-0Sault Ste. Marie Indians
Atom A4911:45 AMPE Fort Wayne Komets0-12Barrie Colts
Atom A5911:45 AMPET Milton Winterhawks9-4North Jersey Avalanche
Atom A151:15 PMCWR San Jose Jr. Sharks8-4Huntsville Otters
Atom A251:15 PMComp 1 Palm Beach Breakers5-4Sarnia Jr. Sting
Atom A311:15 PMComp 2 St. Mary's Rock4-3Arlington Capitals
Atom A401:15 PMSAR Krivo Hockey School6-1Hespeler Shamrocks
Atom AA 51:15 PMCWB Northbrook Bluehawks2-1Nickel City Sons
Atom A501:15 PMPE Pelham Panthers4-4Strathroy Rockets
Atom A601:15 PMPET Long Island Gulls5-3Grand Rapids Griffins
Atom AA 162:30 PMCWR Pittsburgh Predators4-3St. Clair Shores Saints
Atom AA 262:30 PMComp 1 North York Knights6-4Delco Phantoms
Atom AA 322:30 PMComp 2 Flint Jr. Firebirds1-4Peterborough Petes
Atom AA 412:30 PMSAR Milton* Winterhawks AA5-4Montgomery Blue Devils
Atom AA 512:30 PMPE Tampa Bay Scorpions1-5Oakland Jr. Grizzlies AA
Atom AA 62:30 PMCWB Don Mills Mustangs7-2Detroit Compuware AA
Atom AA 612:30 PMPET Oakville Rangers6-1Central Conneticut Capitals
Atom AAA423:15 PMSAR London Jr. Knights2-2Anaheim Junior Ducks
Atom AAA173:45 PMCWR Toronto Marlboros3-1Detroit Compuware AAA
Atom AAA333:45 PMComp 2 Markham Waxers1-1Halton Hurricaines
Atom AAA523:45 PMPE Lambton Junior Sting2-7Detroit Belle Tire
Atom AAA623:45 PMPET Elgin Middlesex Chiefs3-3Quinte Red Devils
Atom AAA73:45 PMCWB Kitchener Rangers4-1Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
M/AAA (XOVER)185:00 PMCWR Ajax Pickering Raiders5-1North Central Predators
M/AAA (XOVER)345:00 PMComp 2 London Jr. Knights1-5Richmond Hill Coyotes
M/AAA (XOVER)435:00 PMSAR Windsor Spitfires3-4Shattuck St. Marys SSM
Midget A 535:00 PMPE Sarnia Jr. Sting2-7Hespeler Shamrocks Mid
Midget A 635:00 PMPET Erindale Spitfires2-4Quinte West Hawks
M/AAA (XOVER)85:00 PMCWB Sault Ste. Marie Indians1-1Tampa Bay Scorpions
Midget AA 196:30 PMCWR Mississauga Sr. Jets2-3Ajax Knights
Midget A 356:30 PMComp 2 Thorold Blackhawks4-2Arvada Hockey
Midget A 446:30 PMSAR Caledon Hawks Mid A6-2Leigh Valley Phantoms
Midget A 546:30 PMPE North London Nationals5-1Haverford Hawks
Midget AA 96:30 PMCWB Mid State Mustangs3-4Oakland Jr. Grizzlies
Midget AA 108:00 PMCWB York Devils1-4St. Clair Shores Saints
Midget AA 208:00 PMCWR Toronto Aeros5-1Northumberland Nighthawks
Midget AA 458:00 PMSAR Mississauga* Jr. Jets1-1Boulder Monarchs
Midget AA 558:00 PMPE Flint* Jr. Firebirds Mid AA1-3Caledon Hawks Mid AA
Saturday, January 16, 2016
Midget A 1047:00 AMSAR Arvada Hockey2-6Sarnia Jr. Sting
Midget A 1137:00 AMPE Leigh Valley Phantoms1-4Thorold Blackhawks
Midget A 1227:00 AMPET Hespeler Shamrocks Mid1-5Erindale Spitfires
Atom AAA647:00 AMCWB Quinte Red Devils6-1Lambton Junior Sting
Atom AAA747:00 AMCWR Halton Hurricaines2-6Toronto Marlboros
Atom AAA847:00 AMComp 1 Anaheim Junior Ducks6-2Markham Waxers
Midget A 947:00 AMComp 2 Haverford Hawks2-5Caledon Hawks Mid A
Atom AAA658:15 AMCWB Detroit Belle Tire4-2London Jr. Knights
Atom AAA758:15 AMCWR Detroit Compuware AAA0-2Kitchener Rangers
Atom AAA858:15 AMComp 1 Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs2-1Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
Midget AA 1058:30 AMSAR Ajax Knights4-0Mid State Mustangs
Midget AA 1148:30 AMPE Oakland Jr. Grizzlies3-1Mississauga Sr. Jets
Midget A 1238:30 AMPET Quinte West Hawks5-1North London Nationals
Midget AA 958:30 AMComp 2 St. Clair Shores Saints0-2Toronto Aeros
Midget AA 669:30 AMCWB Northumberland Nighthawks2-2York Devils
Midget AA 769:30 AMCWR Boulder Monarchs6-7Flint* Jr. Firebirds Mid AA
Midget AA 869:30 AMComp 1 Caledon Hawks Mid AA6-3Mississauga* Jr. Jets
Atom A10610:00 AMSAR Barrie Colts3-2North Jersey Avalanche
Atom A11510:00 AMPE Pelham Panthers1-7Long Island Gulls
Atom A12410:00 AMPET St. Mary's Rock0-1Krivo Hockey School
Atom A9610:00 AMComp 2 Milton Winterhawks9-1Fort Wayne Komets
M/AAA (XOVER)6711:00 AMCWB Shattuck St. Marys SSM4-4London Jr. Knights
M/AAA (XOVER)7711:00 AMCWR Richmond Hill Coyotes3-1Ajax Pickering Raiders
M/AAA (XOVER)8711:00 AMComp 1 North Central Predators1-6Sault Ste. Marie Indians
Atom A10711:15 AMSAR Sarnia Jr. Sting1-1Huntsville Otters
Atom A11611:15 AMPE San Jose Jr. Sharks6-0Palm Beach Breakers
Atom A12511:15 AMPET Hespeler Shamrocks3-2Arlington Capitals
Atom A9711:15 AMComp 2 Grand Rapids Griffins0-4Strathroy Rockets
M/AAA (XOVER)6812:30 PMCWB Tampa Bay Scorpions6-0Windsor Spitfires
Atom AA 7812:30 PMCWR Don Mills Mustangs5-1Northbrook Bluehawks
Atom AA 8812:30 PMComp 1 Oakland Jr. Grizzlies AA1-6Montgomery Blue Devils
Atom AA 10812:45 PMSAR St. Clair Shores Saints2-2Delco Phantoms
Atom AA 11712:45 PMPE Oakville Rangers5-2Flint Jr. Firebirds
Atom AA 12612:45 PMPET North York Knights4-0Pittsburgh Predators
Atom AA 981:00 PMComp 2 Peterborough Petes6-1Central Conneticut Capitals
Atom AAA1092:00 PMSAR Lambton Junior Sting2-2Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
Atom AA 1182:00 PMPE Milton* Winterhawks AA6-1Tampa Bay Scorpions
Atom AA 1272:00 PMPET Nickel City Sons1-3Detroit Compuware AA
Atom AAA692:00 PMCWB Kitchener Rangers3-1Halton Hurricaines
Atom AAA792:00 PMCWR Toronto Marlboros2-1Anaheim Junior Ducks
Atom AAA892:00 PMComp 1 Markham Waxers3-8Detroit Belle Tire
Atom AAA992:15 PMComp 2 London Jr. Knights1-1Quinte Red Devils
Midget A 1103:15 PMSAR Erindale Spitfires5-1Arvada Hockey
Atom AAA1193:15 PMPE Elgin Middlesex Chiefs6-2Detroit Compuware AAA
Midget AA 1283:15 PMPET Ajax Knights0-3Oakland Jr. Grizzlies
Midget A 703:15 PMCWB North London Nationals5-3Hespeler Shamrocks Mid
Midget A 803:15 PMCWR Caledon Hawks Mid A3-0Quinte West Hawks
Midget A 903:15 PMComp 1 Thorold Blackhawks5-0Haverford Hawks
Midget A 1003:30 PMComp 2 Sarnia Jr. Sting4-1Leigh Valley Phantoms
Midget AA 1114:45 PMSAR Northumberland Nighthawks4-10St. Clair Shores Saints
Midget AA 1204:45 PMPE Mississauga Sr. Jets5-2Mid State Mustangs
Midget AA 1294:45 PMPET Caledon Hawks Mid AA5-1Boulder Monarchs
Atom A714:45 PMCWB Palm Beach Breakers0-8San Jose Jr. Sharks
Atom A814:45 PMCWR Strathroy Rockets2-7Krivo Hockey School
Atom A914:45 PMComp 1 St. Mary's Rock2-3Long Island Gulls
Atom A1015:00 PMComp 2 Milton Winterhawks1-6Barrie Colts
Midget AA 1126:15 PMSAR Toronto Aeros3-1York Devils
Midget AA 1216:15 PMPE Flint* Jr. Firebirds Mid AA6-2Mississauga* Jr. Jets
Atom AA1026:30 PMComp 2 Montgomery Blue Devils6-4Oakville Rangers
Atom AA726:30 PMCWB Delco Phantoms0-5North York Knights
Atom AA826:30 PMCWR Detroit Compuware AA5-4Milton* Winterhawks AA
Atom AA926:30 PMComp 1 Peterborough Petes4-5Don Mills Mustangs
M/AAA (XOVER)1038:00 PMComp 2 Windsor Spitfires1-3North Central Predators
M/AAA (XOVER)738:00 PMCWB Sault Ste. Marie Indians0-2Richmond Hill Coyotes
M/AAA (XOVER)838:00 PMCWR Ajax Pickering Raiders3-2Shattuck St. Marys SSM
M/AAA (XOVER)938:00 PMComp 1 London Jr. Knights2-4Tampa Bay Scorpions
Sunday, January 17, 2016
Midget A1367:00 AMComp 1 Quinte West Hawks2-5Thorold Blackhawks
Midget A1397:00 AMComp 2 Erindale Spitfires2-4Caledon Hawks Mid A
Atom A1307:30 AMCWB Barrie Colts3-2San Jose Jr. Sharks
Atom A1337:30 AMCWR Long Island Gulls3-4Krivo Hockey School
Midget AAA1378:30 AMComp 1 Ajax Pickering Raiders0-4Richmond Hill Coyotes
Midget AAA1408:30 AMComp 2 Shattuck St. Marys SSM3-0Tampa Bay Scorpions
Atom AA1319:00 AMCWB Detroit Compuware AA2-4North York Knights
Atom AA1349:00 AMCWR Montgomery Blue Devils3-2Don Mills Mustangs
Midget AA13810:00 AMComp 1 St. Clair Shores Saints5-3Toronto Aeros
Midget AA14110:00 AMComp 2 Oakland Jr. Grizzlies2-3Caledon Hawks Mid AA
Atom AAA13210:30 AMCWB Anaheim Junior Ducks4-0Kitchener Rangers
Atom AAA13510:30 AMCWR Detroit Belle Tire0-7Toronto Marlboros
Midget A14212:00 PMCWB Caledon Hawks Mid A8-1Thorold Blackhawks
Atom A14512:00 PMCWR Barrie Colts3-4Krivo Hockey School
Midget AAA1461:30 PMCWR Shattuck St. Marys SSM3-1Richmond Hill Coyotes
Atom AA1432:00 PMCWB Montgomery Blue Devils5-4North York Knights
Midget AA1443:30 PMCWB St. Clair Shores Saints3-4Caledon Hawks Mid AA
Atom AAA1473:30 PMCWR Anaheim Junior Ducks1-8Toronto Marlboros
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